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  • Bookaholic Blogcommunity
    For all the incurable book addicts out there who love to share what they are reading.

  • BooksANDBlogs
    A passion for books, book reviews and blogging about it all.....

  • Romance Reading Community
    Romance Reading Community is designed to link those homepages and websites which deal with the pleasures of reading (or writing) Romance Novels. Romance is by far the most popular of fiction genres with many millions of readers worldwide. Travel this community to visit sites that celebrate the love of reading Romance!

  • PEN-DRAGON Poetry and Fantasy Sites
    This PEN-DRAGON Community is a collection of web sites dedicated to poetry, literature, writing, resources, art, and fantasy. Under new management** currently closed to new members. Check back later Sorry for any inconvience.

  • The Readers Community
    This Community is designed for sites which include reviews of books, book collections, reading lists, sites about a favorite author or genre of literature (except pornography, obviously) Compulsive readers unite!

  • Poetry Cafe
    Poetry Cafe is a community for painters, poets, writers, sculptors, and other visionaries that create in the reflection of poetry and prose. Echoed in the beautiful words of the visual poet, Picasso, "A painting is a lie that tells the truth" is the Poetry Cafe's basic motto. We strive to seek the truth in our poetic expressions. We celebrate that passionate struggle by connecting and shacommunity our creations and exeriences with eachother.

  • Good Books NetRing
    The "Good Books NetRing" is for any websites about books, including book writers, publishers, literary reviews, bibliographies and reading lists of books, and merchants catalogs and sales lists. If you have a webpage about books, join today. If you have more than one, you may add all of them.

  • Lovers of Romance
    The Lovers of Romance Community was created to bcommunity together lovers of romance novels. Whether you're a READER, WRITER, AGENT, PUBLISHER or just an all around LOVER of the ROMANCE genre, you are invited to join!

  • Romance Readers and Writers
    Romance Readers and Writers is for those who love Romance Novels. Readers, writers, and publishers are welcome to join.

  • The Ultimate Romance Community
    This is the romance reader and writer community. Sites for readers and authors will be featured. If there is romance, it will be here!

  • Internet Writers' Guild
    This community is for those who have web published art, literature and online series and to promote their work to the internet community at large. If you have this kind of website, you should join!

  • For The Love Of Fae Community
    For the Love of Fae Community was founded by wee fae whose love and respect for all beings should shine through immediately. Fairy, mythical, magikal, fantasy, legend/lore sites are welcome. (Wiccan sites are welcome.) No LIVE JOURNALS or message board submissions please. Your page does not have to be about fairies, but you MUST believe in them *S* No lover of the fae will be turned away as long as you follow the guidelines.

  • Bards of Fortune
    This is a community for the Bards of Fortune Literature Sites.{;}If your site contains, Poetry, Short Stories, Diaries, Autobiography, Biographies, {;}Expressions on Books,Reports of Medical Problems with Family Members..... Tribute or Memorials{;}or anything that could be classed as Self Expression or Literature...{;}Please consider joining the competition....

  • Fiction Bloggers
    The Community for people who Blog or run a Live Journal, and who write fiction (fan or original).

  • The Writings from The Heart
    This community is for anyone who showcases their writings on their site. This can be in the form of poetry, short stories, journals, thoughts and anything in between. There is no age limit for this community and it will give you a chance to show off your awesome literary talent.

  • ParisBlog
    Communauté des diaristes vivant à Paris ou en banlieue.

  • Fireflies & Lamplight Poetry Community
    A community for poetry writers and artists.

  • Web Writers Union
    Web Writers Union is an informal union of genre fiction writers on the web. Our aim is the exchange of ideas, work habits, resources mutual support for mutual advancement and good wishes. Membership is open to writers of genre fiction on the Internet, whether published or unpublished, professional or amateur. Please visit our home site.

  • The Writers' Block
    A community for sites devoted to literature, writing & publishing. Any site devoted to creative expression is welcome!

  • Amateur Poets Community
    This Community is by invitation only... Must be a Member of the Amateur Poets Group....

  • Poetry Community
    Community sponsored by CafePoetry.com, a well established poetry web site.

  • TBR Community
    Updated for 2008 we will continue this challenge.

  • Harry Potter Fan Community
    A community for any and all fans of Harry Potter!

  • Platform Nine And Three Quarters
    a community for all who enjoy the true magic of Harry Potter.

  • The Harmony of Souls
    We believe in love, peace, and seeking imperturbability. No matter the color of our skin, whether we choose to call our Deity God or Goddess, or what Country we live in we all share the same goals. To live, to love, to be all that we can be.To be free to make our own choices.We each have a heart We each have a soul and though we certainly are different in many respects, inside, we are the same. Harmony

  • Zoetrope Bloggers
    A community specifically for the writer bloggers from Zoetrope.com.

  • A Community of Ice and Fire
    A community of fan sites devoted to George R. R. Martin's bestselling, award-winning fantasy series, "A Song of Ice and Fire".

  • book fetish
    bibliophiles welcome

  • The Community Of Fantasy Writers
    This community connects fantasy, horror, and science fiction writers all over the net. Stop by and have a look!

  • Author Community
    The Author Community is exclusively for authors/books published in *ROYALTY-PAYING*, book-length fiction or non-fiction. Page may feature book and/or author. At this time the Author Community is not open to self- or vanity-press authors, blogs, or podcasts. In the future, time- and popular opinion-permitting, we may open a new Community exclusively for Author Community member's blogs, etc.

  • Cottingley Glen
    Cottingley Glen is a haven for fae folk. Containing information on art and artists, faerie types, faerie gardens, literature, essays, music composed by or about the fae, faerie, fairy, fey, sidhe tribes that inhabit this realm that we call earth. Join the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Fairies (RSPCF). Join the Cottingley Glen Community. Learn about the real Cottingley Fairies. Keep Believing...

  • Potterific, the BEST Harry Potter sites on the Web
    Do you have a great Harry Potter fan site? Potterific! is about all the terrific Harry Potter fan sites on the web.

  • Kainee's Final Fantasy VII Fanfiction Community
    A Community devoted to fanfiction for Final Fantasy VII.

  • Potterfic Alliance
    Share the love, man.

  • The Writer's Nook
    The Writer's Nook is a huge site with tons of resources for writers of all stripes; this community connects many of those resources as well as site visitors and TWN Community Network members. Originally, this community was only open to the 12k+ members of The Writer's Nook Community Network with writing-related Web sites, but it is now open to any writing-related Web site.

  • Haiku By EveryOne
    A Community Community joining together all those wanting to share, teach and enjoy Haiku, Japanese Poetry and Poetry in general. How-To and Resources for the Beginner and Advanced Haiku-ist and Poet.

  • Time Travel, Paranormal, and Fantasy Romance Community
    A community for that person or author who loves time travel, paranormal, and fantasy story. A community that has authors, lovers, and avid readers alike.

  • harry potter weblogs!
    a community for harry potter lovers that blog! ^_^ if you have a weblog or online journal and love harry and his friends, please come join!

  • Alundain - Los seres de la Luz
    Este anillo agrupa a artistas,poetas,mitólogos,músicos,todos aquellos que poseen luz propia. Para sitios en español, sólo artistas se permiten en inglés. Mundo de hadas,leyendas veltas y griegas,poesías,relatos,ficción,galerías,etc. If you are an artist, are welcome althought your site is in english. Come to join

  • Boy's Love Original Fic Community
    This is the Boy's Love Original Fiction Community! (Boy's Love, AKA shonenai, june, yaoi, slash, male/male stuff) This community is for any sites containing original fiction featucommunity a male/male relationship. A one-stop shop for lovers of original m/m fiction, art and other creative works!

  • National Novel Writing Month
    This is a community for blogs, web sites and journals who participate in National Novel Writing Month.

  • PBS Bookers
    The words from a true bibliophile.

  • winged bookworms
    a community for booklovers

  • The Lover Boys Community
    This community is designed to bcommunity together yaoi and slash fansites. Be it a site devoted to bishounen, shounen-ai, or hardcore yaoi, all are welcome. If you ever saw a movie, or played a videogame, and felt that two male characters in that storyline belonged together, then this community is for you. Sites that feature yuri, or hentai are allowed as long as a strong yaoi or bishounen content is found.

  • Dreamscapes
    Dreamscapes is a community for women writers who maintain a quality web page of original prose, poetry, short stories, free verse etc.

  • Fiction Glorious Fiction
    Welcome to the realm of the author! If your site has fiction, then we want it!

  • Wild Poetry Forum
    Wild Poetry is an interactive online community of poets and writers in all genre's. The Wild Poetry Community is an extension of Wild Poetry Forum. We offer a friendly atmosphere in which to post your own works and the ability to receive and give responses to others . This community is currently open to all web sites that house and encourage creative writing. All pages must carry at least a PG-13 rating to be included.{;}{;}The following types of sites will not be accepted in the Wild Poetry Community: {;}{;}sites containing adult material, {;}sites with links to adult material, {;}sites encou

  • A Tall Ship and a Star
    A community for Star Trek fan fiction. Each member site contains at least 4 gen or het stories from any Star Trek series or based on original ships/crews set in the Star Trek universe. Sites that contain slash in addition to gen and/or het are welcome, as long as slash stories are clearly marked as such.

  • Surrendecommunity To God Christian Poetry community
    An online community devoted to those who write Christian Poetry or have Christian Poetry on their site.

  • Between Two Lovers
    This is a group for people who are truly have been in love or is in love who writes poetry or stories about their feelings with all it's many facetts. {;}{;}At this time we are not accepting new members into the community.

  • Modern Day Literature

    Literature is literally translated as being the written word which for us means books. Fiction and non fiction books, poetry, drama, factual, legal, prose and other types of literature books are available to you in a variety of places. Libraries where you can borrow them, stores where you can buy them and the internet where you can buy them but you can also read them online, this type of book is called an EBook.

    EBooks are the latest craze to hit the internet and many of us through reading EBooks are learning to read again and be reminded how much we enjoy it! EBook is the short name for an Electronic Book which is the computer equivalent of a hard back or paperback book. You don’t have to read EBooks now on just your home computer many mobile phones now have the facilities for you to be able to download the EBooks and read them. Also other devices that are handheld are now on the market. EBooks in general are cheaper than buying a hardback or paperback book. The origins of EBooks can be found in the hardware and technical manuals that were created for specialty areas for a small audience.   Most EBooks are supported by PDF and are only able to be read this way until 2008 when more programs were invented. Until 2008 EBooks were very much an underground market that was highly fractured into several types.  EBooks are often written by novelists who cannot get accepted via the normal publishing routes. By publishing them themselves they are able to get their books viewed by millions of people all over the world. Internet sites all over the web have now sprung up with full catalogues of EBooks for every taste and within 2008 to 2009 big publishers themselves are now producing their books as EBooks as well. The market for EBooks has exploded and they are now the most read types of books in the world. The EBook market is currently worth over $11 Billion a year.

    Some of the benefits of EBooks compared to the traditional print book are that they are able to be searched automatically via the program for certain words through hyperlinks, they also allow highlighting of certain sentences or paragraphs when studying enabling the student to highlight what they need without ruining the book. Each individual EBook reader hand held device can hold a multitude of EBooks which makes the carrying of them much, much lighter than carrying around say 10 or 15 paper printed books. People than have problems with reading can alter the size of the print and the font so that they can read the book easier than a traditional paper printed book. The last page that was read by the reader is automatically given when the reader re-opens the EBook saving time. Some EBook reader hand held devices have an audio program which reads out the text out loud so that those who are hard of sight can still enjoy their favorite stories.

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