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  • Blogs Illustrated
    The new art of illustrated blogs, illustration used as a means of blogging, illutrated by the blog owners. They'll be illustrated blogs then! entry now closed. sorry. spam beat us.

  • Children's Illustrator Blog Community
    A community devoted to illustrators for the children's market. Here you will find web journals of established illustrators and get a peek at what goes on behind the drawing board.

  • locoforgocco
    This is the official blog community for the Loco for Gocco street team on Etsy.

  • CommunitySurf:PICTURE-BOOKIES
    The Picture Bookies are a group of professional writer/illustrators dedicated to their chosen field of children's literature. Our goal is to inspire and motivate children to read and love books for life. Membership in the RING is by invitation only.

  • Watercolor Painters
    Community of watercolor painters. Watercolors are water soluble paints used for painting on paper or other suitable materials. In this community, you can show your paintings, get hints on watercolor techniques and motives and talk about your art.

  • The Ins and Outs of Illustration

    Illustrations are pictures that are either drawn, painted or are a photograph which explains the story it is accompanying. The most common of these is the illustrations of books. An illustration can give a visual picture that shows the story and it characters. This give the child a reference to work from and their imagination does the rest. Traditionally illustrators used pen and ink, water colors and oils for their designs. Today a computer is more likely to be used with packages that allow an artist more freedom.

    There is an organization called the SCBWI (Society of children’s book writers & illustrators) that was formed in 1971. The company is a form of network that exchanges ideas and information on a central hub between the writers and illustrators. Direct contact can be made with publishers who find them work. There are thousands of members world wide and it is the largest organization of its type. Its members benefit from arranged conferences that are international and regional that all of its members are welcome to attend. A bi-monthly magazine and news letter is also written and published by SCBWI, in this publication they offer grants and awards for up and coming designers and writers. The SCBWI also holds the Kite Award which is the award given for fiction and non fiction writers as well as the Sid Fleischman Humor Award. The SCBWI offers membership to anyone who has an interest in writing and illustrating and there are two types of memberships available. The full membership is for the professional artists, writers and publishers who have had their work published or commercially produced. The associate membership is open to everyone else. Also some of the illustrators and writers are only able to have an associate membership if their work has been published but is not in the children’s field. When the writer or illustrator signs their contract and can prove that the project is for the children’s field and is going to be publish and or produced then your membership will be upgraded to a full membership. Both associate members and full members pay the same yearly fee of $75 for the first year of membership and then $60 per year after.

    The SCBWI offers five awards per year – The Golden Kite Award, The Sid Fleischman Humor Award, The Sue Alexander Most Promising New Work Award, The Magazine Merit Awards and the Portfolio Award. They also offer grants – The General Work In Progress Grant, The Work In Progress Grant for a Contemporary Novel for Young People, The Work In Progress Nonfiction Research Grant, The Work In Progress Grant for a Work Whose Author Has Never Had a Book Published, The Martha Weston Grant, The Don Freeman Memorial Grant In Aid, The Barbara Karlin Grant and The Kimberly Colen Memorial Grant. These grants can only be applied for once per year, per student and only one grant per year.

    The internet site of the SCBWI also has a discussion board where it includes: Writer’s Corner, Illustrators Corner, Manuscript & Portfolio Exchanged and the Classifies section.