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    This community is for class members of Dr. Earhart's English 301 at Texas A&M University only.

  • Peace Through Friendship
    A community created to foster peace through friendship by the written word.

  • I Read Old Books Classics Web Ring
    The I Read Old Books Classics Web Ring is for bloggers who read and blog about classic literature. For a generic definition, we're saying that classics are books that were written more than 50 years ago. If you read old books too, join the ring! The purpose of the I Read Old Books Classics Web Ring is to help readers of classic literature find other bloggers that read and write about classic literature. Classics are hard to define, so we're just using a generic definition of "books more than 50 years old." If you read "old books" and if you blog about them, then we're happy to welcome yo

  • Making a Clear Understanding on How the Study of Humanities Increase Psychological Competencies of a Person


    Every individual in the society has an innate set of ideal humanistic characteristics and logical aspect in them influencing them to act, think and decide about the different social and psychological matter they are faced with in their own lives. Because of this idea, it is thoughtfully perceive in the human society that every person individually will act in their own experiences as individuals adhering to the ideal human characteristics.


    However, on some cases in one’s life experiences, a person tends to think and decide with self-discrepancy of his or her innate ideal nature thus producing a conflict and dissonance in his or her psychological aspect.  This concept commonly rises when a certain individual is psychologically fails to act his or her actual behavior/attitude regarding a certain life experience in accordance to his or her ideal self.


    Every individual have already experienced the psychological dilemma of self-discrepancy at one point in his or her own life. This experience often produces conflict in the personal aspect of that certain person which commonly results to emotions of regret and unwanted results. In addition, the concept of psychological self-discrepancy is also believed to be influenced by the radical and unpredictable forces within the human character often deluding a person ideal self and its psychological components.


    At some point, some individuals may be forced to show the other side of their personality especially when subjected to furious feelings of failure and disappointment. This particular reaction is rather considered as a regular or rather normal reaction of human individuals based on the study of humanities. Through understanding the basic aspects of humanities and the study of human nature, on would surely be able to create a possible conclusion as to how well he is able to deal with his issues and the situations that he needs to face in his daily life.


    As a guideline for dealing with unwanted situations, the study on humanities suggests the use of a self-awareness evaluation that must be implemented to actually determine the difference with one’s ideal self and his natural self. In the said condition, when the individual personally realized his natural attitudes and behaviors, he or she would start to adapt it and adhere to it accepting it as his or her ideal self.


    Thus, to prevent further confusion with the personal behaviors and attitudes, every individual must fully realize and understand their true self and not the personality they ideally look up to. Adhering to something that is not true and natural for that person is characteristically likened to fooling one’s self eventually resulting to further dissonance with that person’s behavior in all aspects.


    To resolve the dilemma of self-discrepancy, individuals must personally realize and fully accept their ideal attitude to prevent any psychologically confusion within themselves regarding their psychological perception of their own personality. With the utilization of humanities understanding of personal development one would be able to make a clear description and adjustments as to how one should actually be able to change their attitudes and thus improve themselves well.