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  • The Lj Icon Artist Community
    Welcome to The LJ Icon Artist Community! This is the longest running community for the most talented icon artists and communities on LiveJournal.com. Please pay all the icon artists respect for their artwork and follow the rules of their individual journals and communities.

  • Tea's StoryBook Dolls
    Tea's Unique StoryBook Dolls created from my heart with Love.

  • Romeo och Julia - Creative Theme
    En grupp för alla som är kreativa och gör egen grafik, skriver dikter eller visualiserar en underbar framtid. Vill du vara med i mailinglistan måste du gå till hemsidan och anmäla dig själv. Där hittar du fler loggor åt ringen också: http://vetteljus.org/dikt

  • In The Eye Of The Beholder
    In The Eye Of The Beholder is for anyone who follows graphic tutorials. Be it pixels, selections, or vector tutorials this is the community for you. You do not need to be 100% original to join.

  • Circle Of Style
    A community for those who create free graphics (theme sets, calling cards, globes,tiles, backgrounds,screensavers, wallpaper,tubes, brushes etc)for download. Commercial sites accepted as long as you offer freebies too. Come join the fun of this already well established group! We have a wide variety of sites and lots of friends. You will be happy you joined us.

  • I cried a Million Tears
    This is a place for those who have suffered to join together

  • Pixel Artists That Rock!
    Welcome! All members here create their OWN graphics! All kinds of pixel art, dolls especially! If you have a site where you do your own work, love to share your creations with other peeps and would like to bcommunity traffic to your site then this is the place to be!! Hugs all around! and Happy Dolling!

  • HnS Keepsakes Community
    For friendship and fun, Keepsakes are little gifts you share with your friends! *S*

  • Audrone's Websites
    The community is only for my websites to manage them and to see all in one community. Nobody can join this community.

  • Artistic Stylings Community - Old
    Welcome to the Artistic Stylings Community! While our focus is on graphics, animation and poetry/writing, we welcome and encourage anyone who has a creative, art-related site to submit it for inclusion in the Artistic Stylings Community It is our goal to compile and promote a group of fun, friendly, copyright-aware sites that show, through example, that graphic artists and animators can adhere to copyright laws without sacrificing creativity and FUN! Do you have a site/online community like this?... Then come on and submit YOUR site today!

  • Angel Graphics Round The Web
    This community is a community for angel graphic sites. The site must have some information about angels,but mostly offer angel graphics such as made in Poser,Paintshop Pro, Adobe Photoshop, and other programs. Your site should offer graphics, such as but not limited to angel websets, tubes, pictures, screensavers, wallpaper, templates or any other angel graphics. Sites can be personal or commercial. The key is your site must offer free angel graphics. Let's join the free angel graphic sites around the web. This will help all angel lovers to easily find free angel stuff.

  • Country Graphic Makers
    Welcome to the "Original Country Graphic Makers Sitecommunity". This community is for original mousedrawn country graphic artist's sites only. We do have a few rules, so please read and understand them before submitting your site to the community.

  • Arts and Painters
    This is a community specially made to gather all the painters or artist with a website that display their works and would like to share their arts to others.

  • PSP showcase
    If you have a website that offers PSP tags, tubes, tutorials, or shows off any of your work made using PSP, then joing our community.

  • Cyber Critterz Adoptions
    This new community is a collection of all the cyber pet adoption agencies on the net. If you adopt out dragons, faeries, dolls, cookies, bouncies, unicorns, dogs, cats, etc. and your website is family friendly, please join up!

  • Eclectic Web Goddesses
    Eclectic Web Goddesses .... Do you have a Website that is Graphic Based (PSP,Tubes,Tutorials)? Are you a Woman that is Diverse and Tolerant of others, lifestyles,religion and personal tastes? Then join us as Eclectic Web Goddesses.

  • I'm a Pixel Gurl
    This community is for Gurls who enjoy making pixels. You do not need to be a member of PixelGurl to add your site.

  • PHERCER's Community
    my friends and blogs community...also links to the world of IT's

  • 40 Something Katie Collectors
    A community established for all 40 Something Katie Collectors - Premades and Adoptions. All sites are Family Friendly.

  • Paint Shop Pro Graphics
    This community is for Paint Shop Pro users who offer Free PSP resources.

  • Pixies Playground
    This community is for members of the Pixies Playground Forum. You must be a member of Pixies Playground to join :)

  • CuddleCreek
    We showcase graphic artists, tutorial writers, country graphics, adoptables, pixel and tole psp tubes, line art, poser, country crafts, and scrapbooking.This community is for G Rated sites only, if your site is not G rated it will not be approved.

  • Gothic_Invasion
    A Place to call home for sites of Gothic Nature. ( No Pornographic sites please. )

  • Littles Addict Site Community
    A great place linking all the Littles addicts together!

  • @Mundo Pixel Community
    Community dedicado a paginas de Diseño Gráfico,como Tutoriales Psp,Tutoriales Ps, Video tutoriales,Recursos, Tubes, Paginas Amigas, Pixels. etcc ...

  • The Chamber
    The Chamber consists of many different sites that will showcase many different things. Each site has a unique personality and a wide variety of things to offer. If you should have adult content on your site, it must be clearly marked so children do not go there. No hate sites allowed. All credit must be given. Check us out!!!

  • sweet-Ilona
    | htlm codes | pixels | award winning | plugboard | gifs | clocks |

  • Katie N Pals
    This community is for Katie & Pals collectors and shoppes who carry them.

  • Proud Nana Collector
    This community is for all of you that collect Nana graphics!! What are Nana graphics you ask? Cute granny style graphics for all you grandmas and grandmas to be!!

  • FedericoPisano Grafico designer
    Grafica, illustrazione, fumetto

  • PSP Tutorials
    Photo shop Graphics designing

  • Enchanted Designs
    Welcome to Enchanted Designs Community. All members of this community must create their own graphics or tubes. The purpose of this community is to link together other sites that have original and unique art work and graphics.

  • Pippin Graphic © Academy Design
    Pippin Graphic © Academy has been online since 2000 and have a few Paint Shop Pro Tutorials online but also have a PSP University where you can learn how to use the programs functions from basic to advanced, it is nice to get to know your program isn't it? The lessons will be in which Paint Shop Pro version you have. It is not a place where you learn how to follow written tutorials but if you like so it will be posible but it is also where you learn technique and other things like that. There is as well courses in how to write a tutorial if it is of your desire. Pippin Graphic © Academy has

  • Donna's Graphic Designzs
    A place where you can find anything related to Paint Shop Pro. Tutorials, Scrap Kits, Blog Layouts, Templates.

  • Holiday SurpriZe Parade
    Hop on board the Holiday Surprize Parade, collect goodies from some wonderful and generous websites.

  • USING Effective Graphic Designs for Better Online Education


    Technology indeed manifests as a strong aspect of the modern society significantly promoting their fact-paced development. Because of this, it is only logical to use this strength of the people to address their most concerning problem which is the increasing demand for quality education. By applying the advantages of technology for the people’s benefit in the course of virtual school, society can ensure that the younger generations and those coming next can have their rightful access to relevant informations and knowledge and adequate training to promote their personal development thus fueling the global advancement of the society from this present on to the future.


    What more has technology offered the progressing development of virtual schools at present? Better presentations and lessons as well as interactive learning through the use of high tech graphic designs is one of the most recent developments on Information Technology that has been noted of giving great help to those in need of online education assistance.


    Why the application of graphic designs in learning? It has been researched by experts that learning through graphical presentations have helped many students who were having the hard time recognizing or understanding characters written in text. Besides that, the interactive design of the graphic presentations used in virtual school set-ups are noted for their capability of encouraging learning from the students. Apparently the more graphically enhanced the presentations appeared, the less bored the students felt. Online instructors even comment on the fact that graphical design presentations hosted through their virtual academy made instructing the students easier to handle. The said educators even observed that the graphical presentations that are posted in their areas of teaching naturally create a source of conversation among the students that they assist through online education.


    Using Graphic Designs as Artful Presentations in Academic Virtual Sites


    At the present, the contemporary society has offered many and different forms and characteristics of exemplification and abstraction of the humanistic aspect of the society in the form of what is generally known as art. The said manifestations of the artistic nature of the people is viewed by many to be of no value as they do not coincide or agree with the principal guidelines of artistic consideration. On the other hand, other groups in the society claim the other way around. This difference in the interpretation and view regarding the artistic value of the emotional and concrete manifestations of the abstracted values of the people produces conflict of opinions in the art aspect of the humanity.


    Artists consider different aspects of the present art form in relation to the dominant social values and cultures each discussed sufficiently and intrinsically in the book. By this analysis and with incorporation of different ideas from other art critic, the artists have developed a concept describing the present mediums and manifestations of the humanistic aspect of the present society to be within the classification of art in their own definition of artistic representation and expression. In virtual schools, graphic designs are considered as artistic presentations of human knowledge that makes students rather interested with their subjects.