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  • Mosaïstes, céramistes, peintres
    Pages personnelles sur des artistes peintres, mosaïstes. Biographies, photos (amateurs) d'oeuvres.

  • Community Puppenfantasien
    Für Webseiten mit dem Thema: Puppen, Elfen, Feen, DrachenFantasiefiguren und ähnliches aus Modelliermasse geformt.

  • Art Crawl at Dragon*Con
    Dragon*Con attracts so many awesome artists that they can't all fit in that big ballroom! That is why we are introducing the ART CRAWL! The ART CRAWL is a chance for Dragon*Con attendees to meet great artists and see their art in a more intimate setting. Built upon the same premise as a studio crawl, (Where visitors go from studio to studio to meet artists and see their wares), Dragon*Con guests will be led from one participating artist's room in the Marriott Marquis to the next! This is the online extension for participating artists.

  • Water Fae Mystics
    (Community under construction!) For those who are obsessed with horses and mystical fantasy!

  • Fandomware
    Fandomware is fan created scifi and fantasy art and writing. This community is for sites where fans can share and store their work.

  • The Optical Illusions Community
    Who doesn't love a good optical illusion to really freak out the mind! For those who get a real kick out of optical illusions and are always looking for the next cool one, this community is totally for you!
    We've got it all here - Optical Illusions Photos, Art, Books, and information about Optical Illusions. Use this community to really Trick of the mind thanks to Cool Optical Illusions that you won't find anywhere else!

  • . g l o s s .
    gloss : a coat of shine...{;}{;}{;}. g l o s s . is a community for literary creators. {;}{;}The purpose of this community is to gather sites across the web that shine long after you've ventured elsewhere, sites that have high quality literary content (prose, poetry, short stories, journals etc.). Innovative design, beautiful imagery, better than average layout and HTML is a big plus, but the content has to be equally intriguing. {;}

  • The Glass Artists Community
    This is a unique place for glass artists. If you sandblast, etch or engrave, blow hot glass, fuse glass,or paint glass, this is the community for you. We also have stained glass artists that are very original and comtemporary in their approach to working with this medium. This is a real art form to be admired by the general public. Please do not submit sites that could be considered

  • Faespirits glamour Pool
    This community is dedicated to anything creative. If it's glamour inspicommunity you can find it here.

  • vivid.souls
    A community for artists with flair

  • Generation Avatar
    This community will be composed of websites that have cartoon dolls on them, links to other palaces, places to download the palace client and palace server, adoptions of cartoon dolls, and various other web pages of the same nature :)

  • Community Fairy
    For the magical, mystical, dreamy, wishful, here comes a community for you!

  • The Art of Robert Bateman Community
    For every Bateman Enthusiast out there! If you love his work, or even just a few pieces, this community is for you!

  • ¡El Arte Ataca!
    Ataque de artistas plásticos y poetas iberoamericanos. Sólo lo bizarro, lo creativo, lo peripatéticamente profundo, lo doloroso y hasta lo hermoso pueden estar aquí. Somos {;}exigentes, así que si no lo aceptamos no se enoje. *Sites em português são bemvindos e necessários*

  • Vasshi's Mystical Minds
    Mystical minds entry~Come and Join~

  • Dutchess's & Dukes Of The Lake
    This group was made by The Ladies and Lords of the Lakes, to give Youths between the ages of 13 thru 18, that have an interest in Fantasy and Medieval times, a safe place to get to know other youths of their own age.{;}{;}

  • Friendship
    Ein Freundschaftscommunity für alle, die Globes, Adoptionen, Quilts, Poesie und Musik lieben. A community of friendship for all who love globes, quilts, poetry, adoptions.

  • Bright Thinkers Community
    Bright thinkers WEbcommunity

  • Symmetry
    Graphics based webmaster site.

  • Ojamajo Doremi en español
    un community para páginas en español de ojamajo doremi (magical doremi)

  • i.am.a.WESTLIFE.fan
    A community for westlife fans. Not just for westlife websites, but also for everything else!

  • Shattered Dreams
    A community where dark web sites filled with art and poetry combine

  • Lizard Alien League
    A community about fantasy creatures, aliens, and your very own art and writtings.

  • Littlespryte Community
    A fantasy site where imagination runs rampant. Anime and Sci fi welcome as well. No pokemon please. Artwork, Artist how-to's, webpage guardian creator, adoptions, and more. All members please update your community fragments and make sure that the fragment is easily accessable on your site!!!

  • too much information
    a community for websites with fairly extensive collections of things to download. desktop themes, wallpapers, winamp skins, sounds... stuff like that. don't join if you only have one thing hidden in a back corner somewhere. :)

  • Community of the Black Dragon
    A community for dragons and those that love them. All sites in this community contain fantasy themes, art, or stories that are predominantly but not exclusive to Dragons. No obscene or adult content will be permitted. Dragons have a strong ethical code! Offensive sites may be eaten!!!

  • Livejournal Icons
    A collection of sites with LJ-type icons. ^^

  • Vintage Pin Ups Galore
    This community is for all people who have some type of vintage style site, whether it be a photography site, pin up site, art history site, personal site, whatever, just vintage and nice!!

  • Artists Of Texas
    Artists and art from the great state of Texas.

  • Velvet Wolf Community
    Wolf or Anthropomorphic (

  • this is voodoo
    a community about people who love tori

  • The Colorsmith Fan Community
    This is a community for fans of fantasy artist Rob Carlos, also known as the Colorsmith. Anyone who has pictures done by Rob on their site, or a fan site dedicated to him, are invited to join.

  • Ascii Artist Campaign
    Since the Ascii Artist Campaign started in 1999, there have been many people who have been generous enough to link back to the main page. I decided to start the 'community' to link those who do 'respect' these artists.

  • Dreamers
    A community for the artist fantastic, the artist experimental, and the artist abstract!

  • Devotion - The Fan Art Community
    A community for fan art sites, part of a collective of sites and members that love fan art.

  • Artists of the Carolinas
    This community is dedicated to all Carolina Artists living in or around the states of North and South Carolina.

  • >> Unbounded <<
    Community for creative and imaginitive visual artists of any medium. Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Fan Art, Anime, Manga and all else that surpasses the boundaries of reality are all welcome! ^_~

  • O.F.F- Original Furry Fantasy
    O.F.F. means Original, Furry, and Fantasy. So this community is designed for those sites containing O.F.F. Sites contains O.F.F comics, animations, mangas, stories, or novels are welcomed to join this community. ^^;

  • Draconic Link
    Draconic Link is the link between the worlds lost dragon tribes. Collect your memories of these beautiful creatures in... the Draconic Link!

  • Boris Vallejo Art Gallery Community
    This community displays the artwork of Boris Vallejo. If you have some of Boris Vallejo's artwork on your site then you are free to join.

  • Mystical Fantasy
    This community is dedicated to Fantasy. Come and share the mystery of these majestic creatures. Step into the mist...

  • Rat Star Arts Community
    This is for all people who love Ericka Baque's gorgeous artwork. If you are a fan, come join us!

  • Circulum Ludi - RPG Community
    Dieser Community ist dazu da, alle die zu vereinen, die besonders RPG, Pen&Paper und jegliche andere Rollenspiele lieben, die in Schrift und Bild gefasst sind. Ob jetzt nun Fantasy, Science Fiction, Abenteuer oder Horror. Ebenso ist Erotic erlaubt zu einem gewissen Grade, ebenso Homoerotik. Jeder findet hier einen Platz, sofern er die Regeln einhält. {;}{;}This community is a place to unite all those, who play RPG, Pen&Paper and love all the other roleplaying-games in storys and pics, wether it is fantasy, science-fiction, adventure or horror. Erotic is permitted to a certain degrees, likewise

  • Furry Mexico
    Artist Community for the furs of Mexico, it includes art of all kinds.

  • Númenorë.net Eclipse
    Númenorë.net is the ultimate online fantasy community offecommunity Web services with interactive regions, realms, forums, chat, games, stores, and more... Come and join us for FREE!

  • Black Roses for Sirius
    Black Roses for Sirius is a community that contains different sites and blogs dedicated to the remembrance of Sirius Black, of the Harry Potter series, and his life of being unwavecommunityly loyal to the Potters and his other closest friends.

  • Defenders of the Sacred Dragon
    A place for people to share,enlighten,teach,respect,support,and cheer for all members.With an interest in fantasy,fairies,dragons,paganism,wicca,midis,graphic images,soundeffects,and a deep respect and love for the animal kingdom !

  • Mystical-Meadows
    Mystical-Meadows NVE Website Competition members, and those who would like to become members in a fun community of internet friends.

  • Le cercle d'Alionos
    Rejoignez Le cercle d'Alionos, cercle de sites d'artistes (peintres, dessinateurs ou encore ecrivains)travailllant sur le theme du fantastique et de l'heroic fantasy!

  • Gestler kingdom
    Welcome to a great fantasy world! The magic is everywhere. All mith, novels, paranormal, magic, artwork, poetry, legends, dragons websites are welcome to join!!! All fantasy Sites MUST JOIN!!! -Enjoy the fantasy-
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