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  • // Serene
    A collection of beautifully designed sites.

  • Artist's Community
    For people who creatively express themselves through journals, poems, graphics, paintings, drawings, stories, music, etc. We are all artists in our own way.

  • Pagan Graphics Community
    This is a community for Websites that must offer one of the following:Free Graphics or Graphic Tutorials{;} We do ask that the graphics be yours, and not a collection of graphics that you{;} have gathered from around the web. We strongly support artist's rights.{;} Copyright infcommunityement can be grounds for removal from the community.

  • Web Juwels
    Beautiful designed Pages

  • Elven Land of Imagination
    Fantasy sites that have graphics, poetry, stories, and lots of other things that relate, in some way, to the fantasy realm!

  • Adoptions Only Community
    A Community for Personal Sites that offer Graphic Adoptions of all types.

  • Colours Collab
    This community is to join all the members of the Colours Collab.

  • The BrokenDiary Community
    A community to join the journals and diaries of the Broken Board members. A community of wonderful people with all forms of eating disorders, be it anorexia, bulimia, ed-nos, coe, etc.

  • Dinkies For Adoption
    Dinkie Dolls and Dinkie Bears for Adoption!!!

  • A World Of Hobbies
    A World of Hobbies is a team at the Fantasy Fights Website Competition. Why not put your site into Competition?! If you do, you can learn new things, make new friends, and win different awards for your site. Just an overall hobbingly fun place to be!

  • Aspicommunity Artists
    A place for all of you who wish to join a community for your creative needs, most wanted, aspicommunity painters and sculptors. So if you have a site displaying your creative works, apply!

  • Fine Art Nudes
    This is a community for Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Realism, Surrealism, Pop Art, Classic Art of the human figure. Websites must be clean, concise and quality designed; not just a garbage page thrown together. No pornography!!! The decision on admitting members and/or removing sites rests solely with the communitymaster (and that could depend on his mood).

  • Dragon Skins
    Dream of an all dragon desktop? This community links sites where dragon skins, desktop themes, and screensavers are available! All downloads are absolutely FREE!

  • The Dark Arts Community
    Fantasy arts including dragons,elves,wizards,warriors,mermaids and much more. Illustrated by the top artists in the industry, such as Vallejo,Bell,Royo,Clevenger and many more.

  • PixelMuse
    A community for female digital artists.

  • Cyberpet Agency All-Stars
    The community for the best and the most experienced cyberpet agencies out there! If your agency has been around for over a year, then you may join!

  • The Dragon Community
    This community is to unite all the dragon/fantasy website on the net. Sites must be family friendly and easily navigated. =)

  • Community of Aeries
    A place for gryphons and dragons around the world, linking lair to aerie to lair!

  • Pandora
    Pandora was the first human woman in Greek mythology; transfigure/transmute your human existence through beauty and exquisite design.

  • Ceramic Arts
    Ceramic Arts community is for artists working in ceramics (eathernware, porcelain, raku, stoneware, etc.). And is primarily for those ceramic artists producing original works of art, such as hand built pieces and sculpture.

  • Painter
    Painter is a community for fine artist creating works of art with acrylic or oil paints. The site must be of top quality to be admitted to the community. The final decision on admitting member sites and/or removing sites remains with the communitymaster.

  • faerie
    For all those that believe in the wee little folk. Most also contain a beauitful site with art. You do not have to talk about faeries to be let in. It is for the believers only.

  • lorelei
    dangerously enticing sites to send you crashing into the rocks...

  • artist
    A community to bcommunity together all the artists of the web.

  • The Linda Eder Community
    A community for fans and webmasters who have created sites dedicated to Linda Eder.

  • black doves and january girls
    This is an elite community for dark sites with original content.

  • Boris Vallejo Aficionados
    This is the home of Boris Vallejo Aficionados, a community for Boris Vallejo fans and ALL fantasy art lovers who want to showcase their collections of his artwork and other Boris trivia. ALL other fantasy artists will be considered for this community.

  • Crystal Palace Community
    The community specifically made for members of The Crystal Palace message board. Only members who have been around for at least three months may join.

  • Elfentraumwelt
    Ein Elfencommunity

  • Surreal Artists
    Surreal, beyond the conscious. The inner mind. Artists with an extraordinary view of the world. Are you one?

  • MagicCrafters
    Member web sites you may find here are clothiers and costumers, smithies and armouries, jewelers, booksellers, potters and glassblowers ... every type of artisian, craftsman or merchant with something for the Medieval or Renaissance life style. {;}One of a kind fantasy creations by artist may include;{;}Faeries, mermaids, centaurs, goblins, hallowen dolls, Runes, Celtic art and the stuff of legend and mythology{;}inhabit these beautiful sites.{;}{;}

  • Portfolio
    This community is for artists whose sites display their works in a manner consistent with portfolio presentations. The site must be well designed and maintained on a regular basis. RM has final decision on admission to the community.

  • Watercolor Artists
    A community for Watercolor Artists.

  • Non-Conformist
    The Non-Conformist Community is for artist that break the rules of art and do not conform to any particular school of artiststic thought. These artists live in a world consumed by pushing the limits of materials to the extreme. Paint with a bucket or with a stick? Sculpt with a spatula? You need to join this community. The Community Management reserves the right to refuse or remove any site that is deemed to be nonconforming to the guidelines of the Community (subject to change from time to time).

  • The Unicorn Artisans Community of Peace
    This is the peaceful community of Unicorn Artisans. All types of fantasy websites are welcome here.

  • Cynthia Lennon
    Cynthia Lennon Site community.

  • Give Me Wings
    for anyone who has ever wished they could fly away and see the world form a differant view point. all sites must have some imaginative content, be it art work, poery or a journal.

  • The Official Clan Gangrel
    A Community for The members of clan Gangrel, Autarkis and Gangrel Antitribu, for those who play 2edition vtm vtda, and 3rd edition vtm.

  • Shymoon's Sketchbook and Tutorial
    Tutorial of Heroe Drawings, Art, Comics, Fantasy Art, etc.

  • chasing destiny
    a collection of writers/artists on the web

  • Globen- und Quiltclan
    Unbedingte Voraussetzung für die Mitgliedschaft in meinem Community ist das Herstellen eigener Globen und Quilts. Darüber hinaus darf es auch Liebe zu Fantasythemen sein!{;}Fairness ist oberstes Gebot. Es dürfen keine Grafiken geklaut werden, also ungefragt kopiert werden. Zumindest einige Quilts sollte jedes Mitglied dieses Web-Communityes den anderen zur freien Mitnahme zur Verfügung stellen. Allerdings sollte jeder, der sich dann so einen Quilt mitnimmt, den Urheber zumindest über eine Mail darüber in Kenntnis setzen! Einer für alle, alle für einen! Hier geht es darum, sich gegenseitig ausz

  • DarkenDreams
    Darken Dreams is a community designed to bcommunity artists, poets, pagans, vampires, and goths together in a similar environment. It is a place to share artwork, thoughts, questions, and dreams.

  • Night Mare Heroes
    It's about Vampires, Magic World etc...{;}Visit it and I'm sure you'll like it!

  • Digital Artists
    Open to beginners as well as advanced digital artists. Computer Art or 'DIGITAL Art' basically means compiling images with the help of a Computer with the aid of 'Graphic Developing Software'. Some examples of Graphic Developing Software are Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Painter etc. (mostly used for 2d purpose) and Maya, 3D Studio Max, Bryce 3D etc. (used for 3d modeling).

  • passion or coincidence: a DD art community
    a community for sites with any and all types of duran-related art. it can be visual, musical, fanfic, poetry.. whatevah! now under new management. stay tuned!

  • Roberto Oberti art project
    Contemporary art of artist Roberto Oberti

  • Graphical Crazy
    This is a community for ppl who like to do graphics and want to learn how to do it. Some of us are from Dreamland Park and are a family 3D world.

  • Deutscher Poser Community
    Poser & 3D relevante Seiten

  • Wizards Team
    This community is Part of Denesth Webcompetition and belongs to the Wizards Team.

  • Mystic Worlds Community
    This community belongs to Mystic Worlds.net. Part of a fantasy web competition. Anyone with some sort of fantasy webpage can join.
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