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  • The League of Renaissance Merchants
    The League of Renaissance Merchants is a community for artists, craftsmen and merchants who participate in Medieval or Renaissance faires, SCA events or Living History events; provide period costumes, accessories, etc., to event participants and patrons, or sell products created by pariticapants in these events. Membership in this community in no way implies any endorsement or liability on the part of the Communitymaster or CommunitySurf. You deal with these merchants at your own risk!

  • Jonathon Earl Bowser Goddess Of Art Community
    This community is for anyone who uses Jonathon Earl Browsers Art or graphics on their webpages or is a fan of his fantastic artistic talent. Women and Gentlemen are welcome!

  • The Fractal Artists' Community
    This group is open to fractal artists who understand that the emphasis is on the second word: artist. Fractals may have mathematics at their core, but the end result is, indeed art, and only limited by the breadth of the artist’s vision. Just as no two completed fractals are just alike, neither are fractal artists, their vision or their tools. We welcome diffecommunity styles and artists who don’t necessarily play by the rules or get caught up in silly, dogmatic beliefs regarding art and fractals. You do not have to post process any of your fractals to join this Community. That’s not what th

  • The Fellowship of Dragons
    This community is perfect for dragon lovers and fantasy lovers alike! If you are an artist, a writer, or an avid fantasy lover please do submit your website. We like to accept websites containing lots of content. Please be advised that a community code is no longer necassary to be a member of the Fellowship of Dragons Community. Enjoy!

  • Artists On The Web
    Community for Graphic and Website Designers. Exchange tips and idea's.

  • Swinging & Twirling Sites
    A community of sites dedicated to the art of Swinging,Spinning and Twirling

  • Mystical Art Community
    A collection of websites by artists who create mystical art, inspired by magic and myth, fauna and flora, Celtic, Egyptian and other ancient art, faeries, angels and everything else that enchants us!

  • The Customized Fashiondoll Community
    This community is for people who love to customize all types of fashion dolls, as well as fashion doll family members. Originally est. in Nov. of 1998 at a different site, it has now moved here to communitysurf. Join the ever growing group!

  • Jessica Galbreth Enchanted Art
    ~*~ If you are a fan of the beautiful enchanted art work of Jessica Galbreth, then this is the community for you!! ~*~

  • Artists Of The Web
    This community is for artists, sculptors and other members of the fine art community. The Community Management reserves the right to refuse or remove any site that is deemed to be nonconforming to the guidelines of the Community (subject to change from time to time).

  • A Collection of Amateur Artists
    Recognition for contemporay artists. Our collective includes artists expressive in many mediums - from traditional to computer-rendered 3D art.

  • The Original Rainbow Dragon Community
    The Rainbow Dragon Community is a magical collection of websites for fantasy and fantasy art enthusiasts. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please visit our Community Home Page - http://rainbow-dragon.50webs.com - before applying to join this community. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This community is under new management as of **8th July 2004**

  • Jonathon Earl Bowser Community
    A community created just for the fans and admirers of Jonathon Earl Bowser's artwork: Mythology, Fantasy, Goddess of Nature, and Landscape paintings. Any sites with his art and/or graphics on them are welcome to join.

  • The MandalaCommunity
    This is The Mandala Community for your search of Mandalas on the web.

  • Magical Sculpted Fantasy
    Sorry, I have closed this community to new members.

  • The Unique Cyberpet Community
    A community for the adoption sites of unique cyberpets. Cyberpets must be of your own work and be found only at your site.

  • Dibujantes On-Line
    Community para webs dedicadas al dibujo a dibujantes dedicados a webs.

  • FaerieWylde
    The FaerieWylde community is for faerie artists to show off their work and share their faerie visions with others. It is limited to FaerieWylde Forum members only - everyone else will not accepted in this community! It is an artist's community - that means that sites here may please you or amaze you, stimulate or astound you, but there will always be something wonderful to see!{;}

  • AN ERA GONE BY Community
    This is a Victorian Community, open to all, which consists of an large variety of lovely graphics, tubes, and fellowship

  • Images & Words
    This community is for anyone who does creative writing or fine art imagining of any kind (photography, painting, digital, etc.). Your site must have images (artistic) and/ or words to join this community. Must be artistic in some way!

  • Musette's Faery Grove
    This community is for all fantasy lovers. It is dedicated to the love of the fae and all things that are mystical by nature. Please join us and share your passion. VERY IMPORTANT::The page where your community is placed must be the page you sign up with otherwise the community checker cannot find your community and your site will be deleted. Thanks for complying with this. We check our community regularly so that is running smoothly.

  • Sagan Om Ringen & Fantasy Design
    En grupp för alla som gillar fantasy och sagor. När du går med i ringen går du också med i gruppen. Du kan göra det själv på hemsidan, där du också hittar fler loggor: http://vetteljus.org/sagan

  • Art from the Heart
    Art from the Heart Community is for anyone who likes to express their feelings by creating art: poems, stories, songs or song lyrics, images, paintings etc. Age doesn't matter and even though the community is especially for amateur artists, everyone is welcome - as long as you all enjoy what you do and your art comes from your heart.

  • the Original Art community
    International community for all kind of artists who create *original* art (Note: although fanart is allowed this is NOT a fanart community in general!)

  • Bellydance
    Community for pages that display bellydancers, with useful information on bellydancing and on bellydance groups, performances and resources.

  • Shadowscape: The Community for Fans of Stephanie Pui-Mun Law
    Are you a fan of the incredible artwork of Stephanie Pui-Mun Law? Her artwork has been used in books, card games and can be found all of the Net. Stephanie is one of the increasingly few artists that allows people to use her art on their websites, as long as credit and a link is provide. I think this is another reason she is so well loved! This community is for all of those that love her art, and want others to love it too! You don't have to have any of Stephanie's art featured on your site, but as long as you have a love for her exquisite art, then you are welcome to join the community!

  • i heart faeries
    The name discribes it's self, It's for the lover of the fae, faery, faeries, fairy, whatever you wanna call them! =)

  • Pixel Painting Addicts
    This community is for those with the love of Pixel Painting. Whether you pixel paint yourself or collect pixel art of others, I invite you to join and proudly display your Pixel Painting Addiction.

  • Drawing Community
    A community for artists working primarily with drawing mediums (charcoal, pastels, pencil) and/or in the graphic arts (intaglio, relief, and related prints). Also, sellers of prints and drawings are welcome to join. The aim of this community is to bcommunity together artists, collectors, and galleries, interested in quality drawings and prints from all over the world.

  • VerpacktesFleisch Community (tm)
    The VP Community (tm) seeks to link like-minded freaks: let us suck the juice from the plain janes and dewaynes of the Internet and turn them in the direction of public exposure, the banquet where once there was the vending MACHINE.

  • PoserProsCommunity
    The Community for Poser related sites, with tutorials, downloads, art and much more!

  • Mystical Castle of Torriann
    Fantasy Sites, filled with magic, fokelore, Images, Fairys, Unicorns and alot of fun!

  • Quests Of Avalon
    Fantasy sites that want to have a family safe,fun time.

  • World Of Dollz
    The World Of Dollz @ The Fantasy Fights.{;}Show off your dollz sites and get noticed. Come and find your dreams at Fantasy Fights !

  • The Country Buzz
    The Country Buzz is a community for all things country. Come and find country and prim graphics, crafts, stationery, quilts, and more. All Country and Prim business or personal sites welcome. Come and join The Country Buzz.

  • FineArtPhoto Community
    This is the community for the FineArtPhoto elist. However, any photographer is free to join. Please visit the homepage for more information.

  • Sensual Touch
    A community open to anyone with a confidance and desire to express themselves sensually. Site must contain something of a sensual 'touch'. Being art, poetry, etc.

  • Quiltfriends
    Ein freundlicher Community für alle Ouilt-Fans

    The cutest sites on the net!

  • Mad About Snowglobes
    This community is for people who love to create/collect snowglobes.

  • Warp - Ai Yazawa Community
    Il primo community per collegare tutti i siti dedicati ad Ai Yazawa e le sue opere! Sono accettati anche siti che abbiano solo alcune pagine dedicate alla promozione anche di una sola delle opere della mangaka!{;}{;}First Ai Yazawa community, for all websites only o with Yazawa material!

  • Mystical Treasures
    The place where all faeries, dragons, elves and wizards come out to play, many graphics to enjoy.

  • .:. disintegration .:.
    Disintegration is a community for artists and creators of words.{;}We fight against disintegration through our visons, our journals, our memories. Join if you have a website. If it's done tastefully.{;}If it shows you creativity, your battle against oblivion.

  • Some Kind of Magical
    Some Kind of Magical is a community for all fantasy related websites, personal or commercial are accepted. If you love Faeries, Dragons, Witches, Wizards, Centaurs, Merfolk and all the things that are unseen but our hearts tell us are true, than this is the community for you :)

  • Lord of the Communitys Logs
    A community for people who love The Lord of the Communitys and have a weblog

  • Bright's Mystical Garden
    Join the community of all the great fanstasy and mystical creations

  • Elfwood Community
    A community for members of Elfwood (www.elfwood.com)artists or writers personal homepages

  • Toad Stool Farm Art
    The Beautiful Art Work of Jacqueline Collen-Tarrolly

  • Guitarristas Community
    Anillo de Paginas en español de Guitarristas de todo el mundo.

  • Thuggndivaz Community
    This community includes Many sites that are creative, reliable content, Fun, and sites that just wanna make you come back for more. I will not accept any profanity or pornographic sites here because of the younger viewers that visit here. So if you have a website and would like to see more traffic why not join up here!! at Thuggndivaz Community ;o)

  • Fantasy Versus Realism: What Poses a Better Sense of Understanding and Belief?


    Learning involves the utilization of reality. What does the context of reality actually mean? Reality as defined refers to the facts that are present in the society. These so-called facts support the existence of several things in the environment. Through the utilization of the realties in educating a person, an educator is supposed to help the student reject the impractical and visionary aspects of learning. Through this matter of teaching, a student is able to see the importance of what is obviously seen and not what is simply imaginary. Likely, fantasy, in this sense of situation is presented as something that is believed in without actually requiring any evidence. Developed through imagination, fantasy becomes an elemental factor that is believed to also instill something of a knowledgeable beginning for a learner. However, fantasy has much of a contrasting idea in comparison with the use of realism in learning, understanding and believing on things for the present society today.


    Gaining knowledge through this way would naturally help a person understand his being and his environment as well based on constructed foundation of belief. Naturally, learning in a perennial way gives an individual the most important knowledge he has to learn from life. His experiences are generated to become sources of practical understanding, which in turn would help him cope up with life’s challenges due to the fact that he has learned to face he said obstacles through his experiential learning.


    One’s ability to value what he learns follows the process of learning. His capability of applying the knowledge he has gained is the turning point of his learning and the fact that what he has learned could be proved useful in his being and in his life. If his learned lessons from his experiences, his environment and from his educators and mentors as well are all practical and true, the knowledge he gained from those learning could now be utilized for his development as a person as he tries to apply the things he has gained from his sources of useful understanding.


    Education, Teaching and Learning


    Several factors of education explain a person’s pattern of learning. The aspects of philosophy of thinking and learning which merely refers to the thought provoking  a person to have a yearning for learning usually helps an educator determine the progress of  his student with regards to what he is teaching and what his student is able to grasp for learning. The following paragraphs shall discuss the mentioned factors of education and shall clarify some points of consideration concerning the principles of learning involved in education.


    Education may indeed involve a lot of processes of teaching, inculcating knowledge, learning and gaining practical knowledge. It could also involve many ways by which a person is able to learn from his environment, his own experiences and from his educator’s lessons. However, the turning point of all these is the ability of the student to apply what he learned in his everyday life. The fact that he is able to use what he learned determines the value of his learning and thus gives him a better vision for his future. Whether he chooses fantasy or realism to affect his learning, grasping the gist of the subjects that he is most in need of in life is what matters most for a human individual.


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