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  • The Romance Studio Community Community
    A community for all the sites and blogs in the TRS community that are for readers, fans, writers, authors, publishers, and other professionals in the romance genre.

  • .♥◦’°’◦.♥ Jessica's World Of Fantasy ♥.◦’°’◦♥.
    .♥◦’°’◦.♥ Speciale Msn Spaces ♥.◦’°’◦♥. .♥◦’°’◦.♥ Special Msn Spaces ♥.◦’°’◦♥.

    A community that links the intriguing 1st pages of original free fully online fiction, ebooks (e-books), short stories, novels and novellas member sites. Romance, science fiction (sci-fi), adventure, crime, mystery, love, ghost stories, horror, humor (humour), comedy and more. Readers: my aim is to provide a constant flow of high quality stories for you to enjoy so please do come back often. Authors: All family friendly authors are welcome but your community code must be placed on the 1st page of your story either just before your story or just after - no exceptions. Your title must be the tit

  • Cerridwen Press Authors
    This community is for all Cerridwen Press authors - writers of romance, mystery, suspense, paranormal, comedy, science fiction, fantasy and horrow. Need we say more? Cerridwen authors cover it all.

  • Richard Armitage
    This Community is for fan sites, forums and information about the English Actor Richard Armitage, star of North and South, The Impressionists and appeacommunity in BBC's Robin Hood as Guy of Gisborne.

  • The Medieval Horde
    The IMVU Medieval and Renaissance Community

  • Secret Gardens Community
    A web competition team for those who love gardens and nature! *S*

  • One Community to rule them all
    A community for sites dedicated to LOTR and/or J.R.R. Tolkien. Fan sites, cliques, fasnlistings, welcome! No hate, nudity or cruelty of any kind, your site must be at least PG-13. Sites will be added at the community owners discretion.

  • Live from New York..... The SNL Fanlists Community
    This community is for those fanlists that are related to Saturday Night Live.

  • Boceto de arte - Anillo
    Anillo de páginas Web de diseño, píxel, dolls, outlines, poemas.

  • Adam Baldwin Community
    A community for websites and fan listings dedicated Adam Baldwin.

  • The Family & Comedy Team
    For Family and Comedy Team mambers of the Triple Ace website competition

  • Portkey
    A community for members of HarryPotter-Boards.com to share their websites. Not a member? Check out www.harrypotter-boards.com.

  • The Drama Team
    The community for those on the drama team and anyone else who would love to join.It's just an extenstion of the Triple Ace Community already..thats' all.. Just adding abit of Drama to it. LOL

  • Movies and Books
    This is a community for movie and book reviews. Let us know what you thought of the last thing you read or watched!

  • Alex O'Loughlin Fansite Community
    Fansites dedicated to this talented Aussie actor.

  • Muscle Pie
    muscle men, male celebrities, actors, movie stars, models, singers, athletes, bodybuilders, hunks, jocks, studs, sexiest men alive - up close personal pictures, bio and blog of the most beautiful men in the world

  • Selena Online
    Everything about the Queen of Tejano Selena Quintanilla Perez!

  • Books and Friends
    If you have a site over your favorite artist or author this is a good community for you. If you have a friendship or family site and you just love to read and/or view beautiful art, this is also a great community for you. Also, if you love faeries, wolves, and/or tigers this would be a good community for you also. I hope you decided to join.

  • Fan Forums
    All fan forums are welcome to join! But ONLY fan FORUMS will be accepted.

  • CommunitySurf: Celebrities
    For celebrity blogs/sites with interesting content.

  • Torchwood 3 Affiliate Community
    Affiliation community for 'Torchwood 3 Roleplaying'

  • Elvira - Mistress of the Dark Net Community
    A community for fans of Elvira Mistress of the Dark.

  • Emma's Community
    100% Emma Watson Community

  • 1st Pages Ghost Story Community
    A community that links the intriguing 1st pages of original free fully online ghost or halloween stories. Ghost or halloweeen fiction, ebooks (e-books), short stories, novels and novellas are all welcome. Readers: my aim is to provide a constant flow of high quality ghost and halloween stories for you to enjoy so please do come back often. Authors: All family friendly authors are welcome but your community code must be placed on the 1st page of your story either just before your story or just after - no exceptions. Your title must be the title of your story, with ghost or halloween as the gen

  • Instant Star Community
    Do you love the canadian series Instant Star? Big fan of Alexz Johnson? Check this community out.

  • Star Trek: Archives' Community

  • Just me

  • KnittingKnutties

  • Sensual Female
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  • From Hollywood..!
    Actor,actress and much more from Hollywood

  • Close Up Magician Table Magician Matt Colman
    Close Up Magician and Table Magician, Matt Colman is one England's top Magicians. His magic is surpassed by very few. With over fifteen years of experience; he's a sure fire success in any situation. As one of the countries leading close up and table magicians, hes developed a style of Magic that not only impresses, amazes and amuses audiences, his magic can make your event. For weddings, corporate events or for you next party. Matt Travels all over the UK and regularly flies out across the world for international events.

  • The Dark Side of Entertainment

    In today’s culture people are obsessed with entertainment and celebrity. They often go out to the cinema to see blockbuster films that star their favorite actor or actresses. Most people’s ambitions are to be celebrities as what they read in magazines and see on the TV leads them to believe that the life of a celebrity is all glamor and fame. What they don’t seem to realize is that there is a dark side to being a celebrity. If you look at the most recent case of Heath Leger you will see a young actor who had the world at his feet but died due to prescription drugs. Many people were devastated at this actor’s untimely death and a beautiful memorial was set up in his name.

    Other actors and celebrities that have died through out the years often hold a common problem; stress of the job. What people don’t see is the amount of hours that a celebrity must put in to their work to be able to produce such amazing films or music. Their lives are often very lonely as the fear of commitment and paranoia about someone reveling all about them makes them very unlikely to date anyone out of their profession. But when they do date someone within their profession they often find it becomes a battle of vanity and who is the more popular, who is the more famous. Celebrity marriages often don’t last past seven years but there have been the odd exceptions and the marriages have lasted a lifetime. These couples keep it “real” and are not pretentious in their relationships, nor are they tempted of the life of drugs and sordid affairs with “groupies”.

    Also being followed by the press so much and the stories that they make up about them often hurts and sometimes destroys their families. A celebrity’s inner circle is often their inner sanctuary with only a small handful of people that truly know the stars for who they are in the “real” world. This makes their lives very un-normal they are unable to trust anyone including sometimes their own families. Dark secrets or skeletons in their cupboards often haunt them making them unable to form relationships in their new lifestyles. Most celebrities are often propelled into the limelight very quickly and find the transition from their normal family lives to constantly speculated and viewed lifestyles. These lifestyles often start with parties and press interviews that are all good fun and laughter at first. Many celebrities stick together and they are often swept into a world that is filled with alcohol and often drugs. Drugs can be very quickly become addictive and cause momentum problems that are not just health related. They often lead to premature death of the actor or actress. Many actors and actresses have at some point of their career been into a clinic where they have beaten drink, drug or other psychological and emotional problems. Addiction can not always be about drugs or alcohol it can be sexual, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and other depressive problems caused by the isolation becoming a celebrity can bring.