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  • Homeschooling Blogs
    This community is for people who educate their children at home and also have a blog or journal regularly updated and where you at least sometimes mention your homeschooling. :) I don't care what you call it or how you do it. This community is so we can find each other more easily.

  • Waldorf-Inspired Homeschoolers
    This community was created in May 2007. We hope that as it grows, it can serve as a tool to connect families who have chosen to homeschool using Waldorf-inspired methods, either exclusively or in conjunction with other educational methods (unschooling, Charlotte Mason, etc.,) so that we may support and inspire each other.

  • A is for Apple Childcare Community
    This community is for home daycare websites and related sites.

  • Community of Student Resources
    Sites in this community offer educational resources for students of all ages. Its purpose is to offer students and the parents of young students the resources they need for enhancing their education in the form of homework help, research materials, or educational services. If your site encourages learning or offers academic subject matter which students can benefit from, consider joining the community and invite them to share your resources.

  • Real Learning Blogs
    These are the blogs of members of the 4Real forum, providing family-to-family support for Catholic parent educators and friends who emphasize Living Books as they design or adapt curriculum to meet their family needs. Our blogs focus on homeschooling, celebrating the liturgical year, large families, nature study, cooking, babies, and more!

  • Chubbie Cubbie's Preschool & Curriculum
    This community is for sites pertaining to families, parenting, early childhood education, and child care. It is also for sites designed by or for young children.

  • Prevention & Safety Education Community
    a community geared towards all levels of prevention and safety education including fire prevention, health, first aid, disease prevention

  • Little Ones Community
    A community dedicated to Child Care providers & the companies that benefit us.Must be family friendly & user friendly.

  • Community of Academia
    This community is for sites offecommunity information viewers can learn or benefit from by its eclectic mixture of Educational Learning Resources, Teacher Resources, Faculty Pages, School-Related Sites, and Student Organizations (i.e., honor societies, fraternities, etc.) In addition, any sites offecommunity educationally appropriate subjects (i.e., math, science, history, social sciences, music, arts, etc.) are always welcome here. Come and wander the halls of Academia, the community will guide your way.

  • Ancient Celtic Hearts
    For people of Celtic Heritage who cherish the Ancient Heart within them !

  • les assistants
    Un cercle Web pour les sites personnels des assistants linguistiques - anciens et actuels - en France. Partagez vos éxperiences!{;}{;}A community for language assistants - former and current - in France. Share your experiences!

  • Professional Astrology Web-Community
    SORRY. THIS RING IS NOT ACCEPTING NEW MEMBERSHIPS AT THIS TIME. Purpose is to support professional consulting astrologers, web sites offecommunity appreciable astrological content, schools offecommunity structured instructional programs, recognized professional astrology organizations, astrology clubs and organized membership groups, astrology publishers and book sellers. Professional Astrology Web-Community will offer those seriously interested in Astrology a guide to the best of everything the internet has to offer about the science-art Astrology.

  • Edublog Community
    This community is a community of teachers, technologists, librarians, and others who are interested in integrating weblogs into their classroom.

  • Homeschooling/Unschooling Families and Friends
    A community connecting homeschooling/unschooling families and friends around the world.

  • Oh My Glasses!
    A community for people weacommunity glasses and running a blog

  • Home Education UK Community
    A Community for sites related to Home education in the United Kingdom

  • IB Weblogger Community
    This community is for past and present IB students who keep weblogs and online journals.

  • Living with A.D.D.
    Learn about ADD{;}Share your personal ADD stories

  • Waldorf Inspired Homeschool - Southern Hemisphere
    A blog community for homeschoolers inspired by Waldorf living in the Southern Hemishere of Planet Earth!

  • Classical Astrologer
    This community is designed for scholars and practitioners of Classical and Traditional Astrology. Member Sites contain significant information or other services, as well as business contact information.

  • A Family Affair
    A community to link sites that are family friendly. Sites that are parenting oriented, kid oriented, arts/crafts or anything else to do with family are welcome to join

    Salam! & Welcome to the GIKIANS community. This community is intended for personal webpages of current GIKI students, alumni, teachers, lab assistants, or anyone else who is/has been attached with the Institute in any way :)

  • AFS Community
    This community connects official AFS sites: partner sites, chapter sites.

  • Footprints to the Future
    This Community Surf is for Child Care Providers to link their site to other Child Care Provider Sites.

  • The Teaching Community
    A community for daycare and school teachers to join together! Show off your classroom, give your teaching tips! To teach is to touch the heart of another.

  • Tout sur la Jongle
    L'anneau des sites de jonglerie francophone

  • Homeschool Connection
    Homeschool Support, Links to sites about homeschooling

  • Computer Park University
    CP University offers a great selection of free tutorials that you can use to improve your website! Learn HTML, forms, frames, tables, how to make graphics, and other great stuff, all for free!

  • Multilingual Families
    This Community connects all multilingual people who are raising their children in more than one language. Additionally all sites that deal with multilingualism or could be of help to multilingual parents raising their children in more than one language{;}

  • MichiganCares
    MichiganCares is a list of Michigan childcare providers that belong to the Yahoo group MichiganCares.

  • College Blogs of Color
    A community of Blogs for people of color who are in college.

  • The Global School Bus Community
    Global School Bus is an educational resource developed for a worldwide community of teacher, schools and students. Our goal is to support shacommunity of educational resources around the globe.

  • Special Education
    Special education discussion & advocacy.

  • Teacher's Community
    This community will unite teachers' classroom webpages around the world. Any educator with a classroom webpage is welcome to join as are pages that provide educational resources.

  • HomeSchooling 4 Jesus
    This community is a connection of blogs and websites of those who are homeschooling their precious ones by conviction based on scripture. All sites joined by this community must be owned by Christian homeschoolers, or those Christians who have interest in homeschooling. Let's have a safe community. =)

  • Doc Holliday Fan
    This is the web site for The Doc Holliday Society, Inc. and the community for All Doc Holliday fans out their.

  • Southside High School
    Students who graduated in any year from the Southside High School Panthers in Selma, Al.

  • The Louisiana High Schools Community
    The Louisiana High Schools Community

  • Youth Resource: Gay Straight Alliances
    A community for Gay Straight Alliances in high schools.

  • The Graduates Club
    This is the community for students; past and present, who have had the ordeal of being taught web design by Brinsley.

  • Anti-Wheaton Community
    Not Wowed by Wil.

  • Enrich Your Life With Eastern and Western Philosophy
    The community is comprised of sites that deal with themes in Eastern or Western philosophy. Topics could include life, death, cause and effect (karma), change, politics, & relations between human beings and nature. Sites could include prose, poetry, or artwork, too. These traditions contain much wisdom that people sorely need. This community was founded by a former college teacher, who wrote an easy-to-understand guide to Western philosophy, in verse. The Communitymaster also wrote a series of poems on aspects of Buddhist philosophy. Thus, our orientation to philosophical themes is through sim

  • School Bus Central
    Community dedicated to school bus drivers and anyone interested in school buses, school bus safety, driving a school bus and shacommunity experiences in doing so.

  • Indy Moms to Babies and Toddlers
    A place for Moms in Indy to get to gether and discuss parenting issues and simply meet other moms in the Indy are!

  • John Abbott College Web Tech 4 Community
    A community that includes all members of Web Tech 4 program.

  • Alpha Phi
    A community dedicated to the Alpha Phi fraternity.

  • bruin blogcommunity
    A community for all Bruin bloggers!

  • Webfolios: Student Writing on the Web
    This community provides links to student writing on the web.

  • The Music Learning Web
    The Music Learning Community has been created to provide a catalogue of music learning activities on the Internet. The sites selected to be part of the community are appropriate for all ages and levels of musical ability. Selected sites provide activities which allow for practice of musical skills and concepts, or teaching of new musical skills and concepts.{;}

  • One Isn't Always Lonely
    For local and independent fraternities and sororities.

  • The Importance of Education Resources


    The Internet has a great educational prospective that parent must actually reflect on. You must really support your children to visit the educational sites, point them to the websites which publish educational games, children songs and stories. It is very well known that at young ages, the top approach to learn is while playing. Let the children play clever games which make them imagine and learn. Games even make them expand their competition spirit. Educational sites for kids put a lot of significance on games. They persuade children to play. Playing is great, kids have pleasure and learn which is the best strategy ever. Keep in mind that the internet is the greatest resource for learning and experience exchange.


    Kids learn eye hand coordination as well as mental strategy. A few are also educational plus they could learn about the past and civilization like in era of the empire game. Children are like blank slates. It is to the parents and family to load them full of knowledge and awareness. Children would themselves work to expand their skills and focus as they grow and these learning games would help.


    Children's Magazines are wonderful for a kid's education and expanding their interest in a period of time. Internet has long been the ultimate magazine guide for basic and middle-school students, however there are some great sites which are new and expand this ability still further. ChildTopia is a game for the kids. They will take pleasure in taking the chips out, shuffling them as well as re-loading them. The track provides the games a miraculous quality where new letters emerge in the window by moving the chips.


    Children like good learning computer games since they are fascinating and enjoyable. What they actually do not generally realize is that they are smarter every time they play such games. Always make sure that there are lots of good books obtainable for them for reading. Encourage the kids to read the books and can get help with the words they are stuck on. Children puzzles, wooden puzzles, interactive wooden toys, educational games for kids, elementary education games and puzzles could all be found at all the educational stores. When you are with your children be certain to ask them important questions concerning themselves, when they are interested to chat. Children love chatting about themselves and this is a good way to speak to your child, and assist them to learn about their personal capabilities.


    Teachers are expectant to make their individual quizzes for the students and acquire scores by email. Teachers must get their students for some online education and fun. You could also download Fun brain games on your computer so the children can access them whenever they want. There is nothing like a competition to get kids motivated. Some businesses give financial support, as well as one instance is superstore offers of instructive grants for the computers in the schools based on shop dependability points schemes. Online education which combines teaching with fun learning games for kids creates interactive enjoyment and learning. Learning games could assist students focus on language arts, science, math and social studies skills by an enjoyable online curriculum.


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