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  • A Better Organized World: Directories



    Directories are one of the most critical indexing process, which is part of our daily existence and part of our every day lives, where for any information search, reaching out to any essential services in our day-to-day chores, or calling up emergency services like fire, police, ambulance; it’s the simple old ‘Directories’ which comes to our rescue and guides us to our conveniences at the time of crisis or ‘SoS’.


    Can we imagine our day’s work without these simple Directories? May be we would shudder in horror that when the boss wants us to reach out to the clients, who are HNIs (high net worth individuals), living in the up-market locality- say, the Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood- bingo the Directories are the only savior, to look for the listings of the millionaires in the telephone directories residing on the most enviable alley; or to look for the registration listings of the Limos or Mercs or Maybachs from the local vehicle registrars’ office or to find out the names of the head honchos of the profitable companies from the directories at the local Chamber of Commerce. So, at every step we need ‘them’, who are inseparable from our lives, and have become the most essentials in our roads to professional success.


    So some intelligent human being had the vision to see the invaluable need of these well structured, contented and informative indices in our day-to-day existence and came out with the brilliant idea of creating a ‘yellow page’ or ‘contended directory services’ which would probably give any possible information, be it essential services, the doctors on call, the local grocery shops, call-on cabs, local public phone booths, the pet veterinary, that specialty gourmet restaurant or the community plumber; all are listed out there. Even today, netizens would vouch that all web searches are simply possible because information are indexed in form of directories where any specific search, results in the respective directory/s to be invoked and we get the data in relevant structured form, easy to decipher and simple to use further. Even technically if we look at how thee vast ocean of information or data banks are maintained in the invisible repository in the world wide web (www), it is needless to say that the databases of the search engines (like google or yahoo say for example) are categorized into specific directories and libraries where the search criteria are designated into various filtering and sorting methodology that when any search commands are executed, the particular indexed directory/s are triggered and pops us the requisite search results to our immense conveniences.


    Thus ‘directories’ are just inseparable from our very existence in today’s life, be it personal, professional, education or otherwise. Just imagine keeping away from ‘these’ for a day, you would possibly be raking your head as where to where to find the exquisite dealer of ethnic arts, who probably has the rare collections of the equally obscure artifacts, which your boss wants you to find out in a jiffy!