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  • Ribbons and Roses Craft Mall
    This is a community to unite many crafters who sell their wares, and to any crafters with webpages on the net.

  • Touches of Joy
    For all sites that have mouse drawn E Cards - Greeting Cards - Greeting Pages

  • Star Trek Creators Community
    Lcars Web-Community Star Trek Creators

  • The Memory of Time
    A community for those with FF8 sites or shrines.

  • Cartoon Dolls Forever
    This is a community for all of you Cartoon Doll lovers!! As long as your site is based around these cute little dolls, your welcome to join!!

  • Vedette
    that girls 'une vedette', she's a star, she's gonna go far. The community for talented girls who know what they want

  • kitty's home
    just any cute stuff i find and put it up also has pix of me and my friends.

  • Designers Realm
    This is a community of graphic artisits who enjoy making web sets, layouts, dollz and other graphic arts.

  • The Witchcrafters Community
    The Witchcrafters Community is to show support for all of those who are artists of the pagan and witchcrat belief. We are the ones who choose to create our wares and share them with each other. We take pride in knowing that we can create works of art that will bcommunity happiness to those who buy from us and support us.

  • Life Quilts
    Create a Life Quilt on your website, each quilt depicting a moment/event in your life. Build it as you live. Then join this community! For tips, go to the homepage.

  • Needle Things
    All things about needles, sowing etc

  • Anitas Quilt Community
    Här finns mycket att hämta för dig som är intresserad av lapptäcken.

  • Beads, Beads and More Beads
    We cover all aspects of Designing Jewelry,Trends & Fads or What is Here to Stay. The Art of Bead Making & Techniques. Seed Beads, Vintage Beads, Charms,Promoting eBay Buying and Selling. Just about anything you can imagine.

  • Future Fashon Week Designers
    this is the Community for designers of clothing...designers who have dreams of going to fashion week.

  • Gimp Blogcommunity
    A blogcommunity for Gimp Users.

  • Knitwear
    This is a group of knitwear designers who are actively selling via an online shop.

  • Mule Stubborn
    Just having some fun on Zazzle! :) See my store at Zazzle

  • Quiltfriends
    Webring der Quiltfriends.de

  • Jule Tid - Christmas Time
    Isn't it Christmas all year? In Denmark it is a tradition to have a Christmas Calendar starting 1st. December and last day is 24th December. Don't miss the opportunity to get a Christmas card as Pippin Graphic © Academy has an online Christmas Calendar. Check in each day to see the Calendar - Start 1st. December Pippin Graphic © Academy is the best place to get Christmas fun and to get web graphic.Do you want to join Pippin Graphic © Academy, you will find it also has tutorials for Christmas time - You will find some of the tutorials online ready to use right away. Do you want learn a
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