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  • Ring of Teddy Bears
    The Community of Teddy Bears was created to unite all teddy bear related pages. It is open to teddy bear related sites only --- artists, collectors, bearmakers, or teddy bear retailers. Sites must offer teddy bear content in order to be considered.

  • Imprint Knitting Pattern Community
    A community for authors of hand and machine knitting patterns and content who sell their publications directly to the consumer

  • Stationery Creations Community
    This community is for those who offer free email stationery or incredimail,tutorials for stationery backgrounds or sigtags. Or stationery help on their websites

  • I Love Tubes Community
    This community is for sites that offer Paint Shop Pro Tubes for download, or tutorials for creating/using tubes.site must be family friendly. Sites Must be in English! no nudity or hate. For those who love to use tubes to create.You must save and upload the community logo to your own server and have the community point to your saved logo. please do not hot link.thank you.I do not accept site that are all pay.I MUST be able to find the Logo

  • PSP Tutorial Writers
    A community for writers of PSP tutorials

  • Wire Artist Community
    This community is currently closed to new members. Do you enjoy weacommunity or making unique handcrafted jewellery made from precious metal, gold-filled or artistic wire? Do you prefer to buy one of kind pieces or limited editions? Then this community will introduce you to a group of talented artists who work out of their homes or small studios continuing the ancient tradition of making jewellery out of wire. Each of the websites in this community will feature an artist who personally handcrafts their jewellery in their own unique and distinctive style. These are not hobby sites, but rath

  • Australasian Bear Artists
    Tucked away at the bottom of the world, there is a small community of dedicated artists creating unique and exciting Artist Teddy Bears. These people create Bears not just for their friends in Australia and New Zealand, but for bear lovers all over the planet. This is their Home on the Web!

  • Nordiska Mailmallar
    Em webbcommunity fr medlemmarna p Nordiska Mailmallar

  • PSP Nutters
    This community was created for those who are nutty about PaintShopPro. We're all learners who help and support each other in our quest to learn PaintShopPro.

    Community de sitios dedicados al diseo con Paint Shop Pro y photoshop. Tutoriales, firmas,material y foros de diseo grafico, blogs o websites dedicados al scrapbooking.

  • My Boutique Space
    Blog community for members of MyBoutiqueSpace.com

  • D i g i t a l i a
    Exposing our digitalia....

  • Globes and Quilts
    Dies ist ein internationaler Community fr alle Leute, die Globes und Quilts lieben. Wenn du eine Homepage hast, die Globes zur Adoption anbietet oder du bastelst und sammelst Flicken, dann bist du hier genau richtig.{;}This is an international Globe-and Quiltcommunity for all people who love creating globes and quilts.{;}Wie bietn einen bersetzungsservice, damit sich alle gut verstehen! Herzlich willkommen

  • International Jewelry Designers' Guild
    The International Jewelry Designers' Guild is a small group of jewelry designers handcrafting wonderful and unique jewelry for the discriminating collector and jewelry enthusiast.

  • Mix-N-Match Community
    The original Mix-N-Match Community! Create your own triple layers web page within a few clicks and receive the graphics and the html code! Linkware backgrounds! Travel the community for more wonderful backgrounds!

  • CreativEnergy
    A community for exceptional webpages.

  • Dragon Artwork
    This community is for all the dragon artists out there. Dragons are the most limitless creatures for creativity, and there are many ways poeple portray them, this community is for those dragon lovers who like to do more than just take dragon pictures from anywhere, they let loose their imagination and create them!

  • Nordiska Mallcommunityen
    En nordisk community med sidor dr medlemmarna erbjuder stationerys - mailmallar fr nerladdning.

  • The Pixel Zone
    The Pixel Zone is a small group of designers who have come together to share their skills, talents, resources, and love of web design. Our members are interested in a wide variety of art and design, including web graphics, photography, 3D, animation, programming, digital art, and more. The group is limited to 30 members, and membership, at this time, is by invitation only. Anyone may visit the public forums, however, and we invite you to join us there. You will need to register in order to post in the forums.

  • exquisite community
    This community is for anyone who finds anything exquisite - or just likes the word. It's that simple. On your site you just write (whatever you want) is exquisite, like

  • Quilting
    The Quilting Community is for quilters who display their work at their sites, and for sites with information on quilting.

  • Mini Snow Globes
    Mini Snow Globe Collectables for Guenivere and Lancelot's Forest in the Site Fights

  • Aragorn Fans
    A community of Aragorn fans.

  • Circle of Style
    Circle of Style is a Graphics Community for anyone who has free or linkware graphics on their site. Our goal is to learn and grow in the craft that we all love. There are no age, gender or skill level requirements. Only a desire to grow and to share what you know with others so that they may grow also. Participation is not mandatory burt we hope all our members will want to share in the fun of membership.

  • Webdesign -made by touch of romance
    Webdesign - made by touch of Romance. Websets, Stationaries, Backgrounds....

  • The Graphics Groove
    Welcome to The Graphics Groove, a new graphics group where you can learn, expand your knowledge, and have fun.

  • Pagan Artists Community
    This community is designed for individuals who follow the path of Paganism or Wicca who are also artists. Your site does not have to contain any pagan art, you just have to be a pagan artist. :)

  • Avatar Artists Community
    A creative neutral environment for dedicated Avatar Artists,Painters and Gallery Owners. Featucommunity the most progressive and best websites online.

  • Pan Historia Holiday Community
    This is PanHistoria's official Community to show off our holiday decorated homes and Dust Jackets.

  • Artists' Books and Book Art
    Featucommunity books created by artists and artists creating books featucommunity book art. To join you must have photographs of your work online.

  • Simple Passions
    A community for webmasters with a simple passion for design and expression.

  • visions of the damned
    a community for dark & visualy stunning websites on the net. . .{;}{;}poetry, goth, erotic, photography, men, women, bondage, art, digital, communtity, community, best, punk, dark, cuture, creative, writing, evil, good, sexy, gay, forign, bad, black, blood, exchange

  • :::ITALIAN BERRY GRAPHICS RING::: Il circolo ciccioso!!
    Siti di web grafica gratuita made Italy!!! Tutto il materiale rigorosamente realizzato dagli stessi web master dei vari siti!!!Dai Kaoani alle Dollz, dai fondini ai bottoni, banner, icone e molto, molto altro ancora!!=^^=

  • CLOSED!!!

  • *Flash*Flash
    Anillo de foto blogs en espaol.

  • Primitive Artisans & Designers
    A gathecommunity of primitive artisans and designers shacommunity what they do.

  • Pixelators Anonymous
    A membership site for Web Designers of all levels, from Newbies, Graphics Enthusiasts, to Professional Designers.

  • YES!
    the best designed sites on the WWW

  • the dream.
    This community is for personal sites, journals, domains, and the like.. for expression..

  • ::snap::design::
    This community is for the {;} ::creative and original::

  • Kandee N Roses Community
    We deal in everything to do with Paint Shop Pro!

  • Modern Art
    modern art by international painters

  • imbibed -home of the muses.
    At least we'll be able to say...{;}We've lived.

  • Get ready to blend
    The first community for all belnd challenge sites!

  • Mooseville Fan Club Community
    Welcome to the Mooseville Fan Club community. The community is open for members that purchase and display graphics purchased from Mooseville. They do not have to be just the moose either.

  • Clothing Designers Community
    This Community is for clothing designers, big and small. Even if you just design t-shirst you are welcome in our community.

  • Aphrodite
    A community for talented webmistresses.

  • Tie Me Up. Tie Me Down [industrial/fetish website community]
    gothic, industrial mainly fetish community!

  • [insomnie noir]
    when all your best work comes at 4 am with a fresh pot of coffee by your side..

  • Abstract Design
    community for design that's different. Whether it's through simplicity or through exceptional design. it's for those sites that stand out from the rest.

  • Understanding How Design Affects Modern Art


    In the field of art and design, several designs of forming the expression of a painter’s idea of a certain thee is present through the history arts. Several painters have been involved in presenting their ideas through the utilization of many artistic styles. Among the artistic styles widely used in the field of painting are the International Gothic Style and the High Renaissance Style. Both types of painting display different forms of expressing art as a form of communicating their ideas to the society.


    The International Gothic Style is characterized by the elegant design art and graceful figures, which enhances the images and the message being presented by the paintings. However, using several media effects, the images at times appear to be a bit artificial in form. The forms and figures become a little brighter than the works based upon pure manual work of art. Although this is the case, it is still obvious that even though media effects are incorporated within the art pieces, the message is still clearly sent to the viewers of the painted art.   Meanwhile, the explosion of creative genius ideas on art characterizes High Renaissance Style. This style has been used through the stretch of years from 1450-1520. Now, the same style is being redeveloped along with the mixture of painting style with the latest media effects available through technology and computer application. The High Renaissance Style is known for its technical competence and its rich artistic presentation of imaginative design. The heroic composition of the images presented through this style is indeed shown through the use of harmony and balance of the figures featured through the produced artistic pieces.


    Certainly, the arts, including poetry, music and painting, are in terrible shape, and the outlook for any improvement is dismal. Many ordinary people who see what passes for art in paintings, music and poetry would agree. Yes, the art world is in a dither over the surprising threat facing many paintings by contemporary artists—they are disintegrating. Paintings by such artists as David Hockney Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko are discoloring or cracking, while the artwork of others is flaking and falling off the canvas. Acrylic paint used in the 1960’s is blamed as the main culprit.


    Indeed, with the presence of media and technological advancements, the art of manual painting has been considered by many as an outdated profession. This is the reason why among many museums, there are already only a few highlighting classical painting creations during the first century development of arts. Design is now based in the contemporary capability of painters to use modern art media.


    Yes, arts and painting is a great part of the human society. Through the pages of history, painting has been the ways by which people communicate either literally or symbolically. However a person views painting, it could never be denied that many are still attracted and amazed by the art of putting colors, figures and now media effects together in creating a meaningful output. Yes, painting lives on and will continue to develop through the years of human progress.

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