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  • Knitting Debs
    This is a community created for knitters who are named Deb, Debbie, Debra, Deborah, Debby or other ways of spelling it....

  • Tejedoras Latinas
    Artesanas del ganchillo y las agujas de tricot, aunque también pueden abarcarse otros tipos de tejidos o artesanías de aguja

  • Hawaii Knitters Community
    This community is for the blogs and websites of Hawai‘i Knitters and Crochetters.

  • Gulfcoast Knitters
    This community is for anyone knitting, living and loving on the Gulf Coast.

  • Quilters Community
    Quilting ideas quilts and fabrics. Anything related to quilts and quilting. Lets share our creative quilting.

  • Lone Star State Quilters
    Texas quilters who blog.

  • The Mr X Stitch ThreadHead Collective
    A community for bloggers who stitch. Because stitching is awesome, and we know it!

  • Ceramics
    A place for people who enjoy the art and craft of slip-cast ceramics. This ring is overseen by the Ceramic Artist Guild.

    Since discovecommunity that the original community for knitting blogs is closed to new members, I started a NEW ONE for knitter's with blogs around the world. We will share ideas, patterns, inspiration, and MORE!!!

  • uKnitted Nations
    Welcome to the uKnitted Nations community. This community is designed for knitters who blog-- and any knitter who posts to their blog in English can join. This community is indeed open to all knitters, reguardless of location.

  • Knitting In Motion
    A community for people who knit while involved in some sort of self-propulsion, be it walking, running, jogging, exercising, pacing... even standing in line!

  • Blogging Grumps
    blog community of the All Things Grump blogging grumps!

  • Crafty Losers
    This group is for crafty people who are also working to lose weight and improve their fitness. The main crafts are knitting and crocheting, but all craft enthusiasts are welcome. All fitness/weight loss conscious crafters are welcome and encouraged to participate. If you love fiber arts and want to also improve the ol' bod, then join us!! You MUST be a member of the yahoo group to join this community.

  • Buddha Knit Community
    a community joining Buddhist knitters with one another

  • Knitting Sarahs
    A community for all those Sarahs out there who knit and blog!

  • iKnit
    The iKnitters of the iSchool at the University of Washington now have their own community to connect their blogs and pages.

  • European Crocheters Blog Community

  • Fiber Friday Community
    Everyone is working hard all the time on their wonderful fiber creations. Spinning, weaving, knitting, crocheting, quilting.....lots of beautiful things are being created all across the world. Show us your stuff! Join the Fiber Friday Community and post a picture of your terrific creations every Friday!

  • Beaded Knitting
    This community is for knitters who love to slide little beads between their stitches!

  • Color Line Design
    Listing all the wonderful blogs of people that visit our Digital Scrapbooking site and join in on the fun, games and challenges we have.

  • Sou Criativa - Patterns Originais
    Community para pessoas que procuram utilizar ou que desenham (criam)patterns originais. Participe com sua criatividade também!

  • ChoralKnitters
    For singers and other musicians, professional or amateur, who love to knit, crochet, weave, spin, or engage in other fiber-related activities:)

  • Virginia Knitters
    For knitters living in Virginia.

  • Partners In Crafting
    Partners In Crafting promotes handcrafted items of all mediums. If your specialty is crafting, this is the place for you! Join our community today and begin shacommunity a world filled with other people who share your interests...crafting!

  • Designing Women Blogcommunity
    Desinging Women members

  • KnittinStash
    The more websites, the more stash to look at!

  • Handmade ATC's and ACEO's
    For all ATC's and ACEO's Whether stitched, painted or whatever method, as long as they are handmade. They can be for sale or for swapping, or just for showing.

  • Southern Cross Yarners
    The Southern Cross Yarners is a mailing list for Australians and New Zealanders, or expatriates presently living overseas, who love to knit, crochet, weave and do all sorts of things with yarn.

  • EtsyRAIN Seattle area Street Team
    Browse the blogs of EtsyRAIN street team members from the greater Seattle area. In the studio and in our lives. Get to know the artist. Buy handmade!

  • Sewing & Crafts
    A community for sewing & crafting blogs.

  • Handmade Soap and Candles
    Handmade Soap,Bath and body products and all kinds of Candles

  • Fiberblogin' Susans
    This Community is for anyone named any form of Susan (Susan, Suzanne, Susanne, Sue, Susie, you name it) who does some form of Fiber Arts. Knit, Spin, Weave, Crochet, Felt, whatever! Please have had your Blog for at least one month and update at least once every two weeks. If you have not updated for a month, and no explanation is given on your Blog, you will be dropped. Please go ahead and add the community code to your Blog, I will not add you unless it is there.

  • LDS Fibercrafts
    LDS Fibercrafts is a community for bloggers who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, who knit, crochet, spin, weave, and engage in embroidery or other forms of fiber crafts.

  • Secret Pal 5
    home of the 5th secret pal exchange... the first 4 went so well, i figured i'd try my hand at one!

  • The Knitting Circle
    The Knitting Circle is an Online gathecommunity place for all knitting clubs, meetups, gettogethers, etc. Let us know about your Knitting circle. 1. Be it Knitting/Crochet or crafts, if a bunch (2 or more) of you get together to knit, crochet, or craft, you qualify for this community. 2. Your group must be featured in a website or blog. 3. Let's form a Virtual Knitting Circle joining all the Knitting Circles!

  • ChicagoGuerrillaStitchers
    This community is for Chicago bloggers who stitch covertly or ducommunity stolen moments. ‘Stitch’ here is widely defined – any textile crafter (knitting, crocheting, sewing, quilting, spinning, weaving, etc.) is welcome. ‘Chicago bloggers’ also has a loose definition, but you must have recently lived there, will be moving there soon, or visit so often that you’re practically a resident. I’m moving back to Chicago after a long absence and am trying to get my stitches in a row before I arrive. Wanna learn more about me? My blog lives at amandamonkey AT blogspot DOT com. Thanks for joini

  • Sexy Knitters
    Are you sexy? Do you knit? Then this community is for you!

  • Scrap Blogs
    Scrapbook? Blog? Join us!

  • Knitting Carpetbaggers
    The knit-community for all "damn yankees" currently living in the South (u.s.).

  • Digging Knitters
    THE community for knitters (and yarn artists) who spend their days digging in the dirt for a living.

  • Knitting & Crocheting Moms
    This community is for moms who would love to be in touch with fellow knitters/crocheters.

  • MoreKnittingBlogs
    New community for knitters with blogs from all over the world. Share free patterns, favorites, ideas, inspiration and tips with fellow bloggers.

  • Knitters of Virginia
    A knitting group for those that reside in the good old va =)

  • Material Mamas
    Sewingmamas who blog.

  • Silicon Valley Knitterati
    You are one of Silicon Valley's Knitterati if you: * Are a discerning, discriminating knitter with a palate for fine yarns (read: you would only be caught in a craft store for findings & fasteners!) * Love the process & the product in knitting * Enjoy couture knitting and the designers who create the patterns * Wouldn't mind the occasional IRL get-together to exchange fake "mwahs" on the cheek and compare knitting projects, dah-ling

    For people who know its all just stcommunity and like to share their love of the NeedleArts no matter how they choose to bend their stcommunity or what that stcommunity is made of (oh, did I mentions, beads are lumpy stcommunity)

  • CommunitySurf: Rug Hooking
    This community specializes in sites that promote the hooking of rugs, both with yarn and fabric strips. We hook in the traditional style, with a modified crochet hook, pulling loops through a burlap, cotton or linen backing.

  • Barbed Needles
    A community for needlefelters, with or without a machine.

  • Rocky Mountain Knitters
    Site dedicated to connecting with fellow knitters in the Rocky Mountain region who enjoy blogging and knitting. If you are interested please join!
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