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  • UKScrapper Bloggers
    A community for scrapblogging UKScrappers

  • Mystery Shawl Bloggers
    This community is for members of any of the Mystery Shawl Along groups.

  • Crafting Ferrets

  • Sci Fi KAL
    Knitting plus Science Fiction!

  • Arts & Country Crafts of the USA
    This ring connects arts and crafts fairs, galleries and malls together. Anything handcrafted such as, but not limited to, special events, dolls, quilts, wood items, ceramics, jewelry, glass, leather, floral arrangements and anything country are most welcome to join! All members of the Community-based Arts & Country Crafts community are most especially welcome here.

  • Nederlandse Handwerkers
    Community voor de Nederlandse Handwerkers

  • Marin Fiber Arts Bloggers
    This is a blogcommunity for members of the local Bitch 'n Stitch group that meets at the store, Marin Fiber Arts.

  • W.E. Etsy Street Team Blog
    A blog community for the Women's Empowerment Etsy Street Team. A team formed by women and dedicated to helping other women succeed. Independent crafters, artists and designers coming together to support womankind!

  • Etsy Sellers
    This is a community for crafters and artists who sell on Etsy. Check out each others' work, learn from each other and promote yourself!

  • Clown Knitting
    This is a knitting community for Clowns who knit. Or strange people who knit. Or people who are into Humor Therapy who knit.

  • rubber stampers
    Community for rubber stampers! If you have a blog or website dedicated to rubber stamping this is for you. Whether you make greeting cards, home decorations, memory pages, scrapbooks, or any other paper art.

  • Hat Headz
    This community is for crocheters and knitters alike that have a fancy for making their own hats.

  • creative knitters

  • Christian Knitters and Crafters
    A community for Christian knitters and crafters.

  • BitchKnittaz
    BitchKnittaz are putting the "bitch" back in "stitch 'n bitch" and changing the face of knitting one stitch at a time. We are the Knittaz with attitudes and we are having fun. Join our party!

  • Crochet Self Published Designers
    A community for Self-Publishers of Crochet Patterns. Website is required but it can be a blog. The patterns must be for sale on the site. We cannot list sites who do not add the community code.

  • Quilt Blogs by Men
    A community of blogs by men who quilt.

  • Polymer Clay Art and Miniatures
    This community is for artists and miniaturists who use polymer clay as part of their media.

  • Thread Crochet Bears
    This community is for miniature thread crochet bear artists and collectors to display their bears.

  • LI Knits
    A community for Long Island Knitters

  • FiberU
    A community where members interested in the universe of fiber can show the results of their art - spinning, knitting, weaving, crochet and embroidery, with occasional forays into beading, papermaking and others of the arts.

  • Jersey Hookers
    "What exit do you live off of?" Does that sound familiar to you? Do you live your life a certain amount of miles away from a Jersey exit, or find yourself stating, "Hey, I'm exit so-and-so?" And, do you love crocheting? If all of the following is true, then you are a Jersey Hooker! This community is for anyone who is from Jersey (or anyone whose heart lies in Jersey) and crochets. Join us as we surf through Jersey blogs and find out more about each other than just "What exit do you live off of?"

  • The Simpler Times ~ Everything Primitive
    Everything Primitive is just that!! If you love the primitive, simpler times way of decorating and handcrafting this is the place! The sites on this Primitive community have many wonderful primitive and folkart items to offer. Please browse through the sites listed here. You won't be dissapointed.

  • Military Crocheters
    This is a community for all those military members and family members that are avid crocheters. Any family member counts: mom, dad, sister, brother, cousin, aunt,... you get the idea! Moving around alot and being away from family can be hard, but crocheting helps keep us sane!

  • Knitting Rachels
    A community for knitters named Rachel, Rachael, or any other spelling of the name.

  • Pay It Forward
    This community was started as a result of one fibery random act of kindness from spinner to new spinner. Knitters, fiber-philes, spinners, artisans alike are all welcome here!! Pass the kindness on! Give a Pay It Forward today!

  • KW Knitters Guild
    A community for members of the Kitchener Waterloo Knitters Guild.

  • CommunitySurf: Wesh Knitters Blog Community
    This is a blog community for fibre artist who are Welsh or reside in Wales

  • Nikko's Red Scarf Project
    Community for those who are knitting or crocheting at least one red scarf for Nikko's Red Scarf Charity Drive.

  • Beaded Knitters
    Grab your 0000's and explore the world of beaded knitting!

  • Cruelty Free Etsy
    A group for those who might not be vegan or vegetarian but are trying or create using cruelty free items and a nice additional group for the vegans and vegetarians who are already part of some of the other great vegan/veg groups on etsy.

  • Tapestry Crochet Blog Community
    Blogs about Tapestry or Jacquard Crochet

  • Crafty Homemakers Community
    This is a place for all those homemakers out there who have creative tendencies. Not only can they keep house, prepare the meals, and tend to the kids but they can also spend time on doing artsy things too. Whether you love paper crafts, crocheting, knitting, crosstitch, painting, altered art, ect. then this is the place for you.

  • The ChalkDust Knitters
    This is a community for accepting, easy going, tough cookies who work in education (teachers, administrators, nurses, para professionals, administrative assistants, social workers, etc).

  • Quilters and Fabric Lovers
    A place for people to share the love of their families, fabric, quilting, and of course chocolate!

  • Southeastern US Etsy Community
    A community for the Southeastern US Etsy Street Team blogs.

  • Maya's Nederlandse QuiltCommunity
    Een nederlandse Quilt, Patchwork en aanverwante hobbies community; A Dutch quilting and patchwork community mainly in Dutch

  • Texas Knitters & Crocheters
    This is for anyone who lives in Texas and loves to knit and/or crochet. Let's see how many Texas Knitters & Crocheters that we have on the internet. You just might be surprised at how close we all are together.

  • CommunitySurf: Knit Together
    This is a community for anyone that is in a knitting group, SNB, etc. If you have a blog and are in a group or if your group has a blog please join. This is just a way to find out what other groups and SNBs are up to and let others know about what your group is doing.

  • Newfoundland & Labrador Arts and Crafts
    All members must be current or former residents of Newfoundland and Labrador and must love to share their creative sides! If you have a webpage or blog devoted to crafts, knitting, fiber art, painting, or any related areas, then join up and see what other people from your province are up to!!!

  • North East Knitters
    For knitters living in the North East USA.

  • the knitters for kerry
    a community of kerry supporters who knit. can you find a better combo out there? didn't think so

  • Socksters
    Socks, socks and more socks!

  • Knitters & Crocheters under 40
    This community was created to see how many knitters and crocheters there are under the age of 40. I'm a twenty something knitter and would love to meet ladies who are close to my age and are in the "same boat" as me in the knitting world.

  • Knitting Karens
    A community just for knitters named Karen!

  • Yarn Recyclers
    A community for sites and blogs about recycling yarn. Do you buy wool sweaters only to take them apart and unknit them? Do you laugh when you see prices of $15 to $35 on cashmere and angora because you know that you have two sweaters of similar yarn at home, waiting to be frogged? On Dollar Bag day at your local thrift store, are you buying bags of wool sweaters even though it's 90 degrees outside? Do you blog (brag) about recent unravellings? If so, this community is for you.

  • Self Centered Knitters
    Knitters committed to making less for ungrateful friends and family and more for themselves.

  • KnitHappenings!
    KnitHappenings! Community - Add your site to be on the community of Knit Happenings! - Knitting Events - Let this community take you wherever there is something happening that involves Knitting! Such as Fiber Festivals, Fiber Fairs, Knitting Classes, Wool Sheacommunitys, and more. Anything that's a Knit Happening!

  • Witting and Speaving Members
    Community for the members of Witting (The act of knitting while walking or in public) and Speaving (spinning and weaving or other fiber artists). Please copy the button found at the group site homepage onto your own machine and upload it to your site or blogger and link to it from there. Insert the URL of the image into the space occupied by the text "INSERT IMAGE URL HERE" in the community HTML code.
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