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  • One Stroke OSCI Community
    This community is a community for the sites of One Stroke Certified Instructors! You will find a variety of quality sites featucommunity all that is possible with One Stroke painting, ranging from project ideas to handpainted creations available for purchase to listings of One Stroke classes.

  • Sockamaniac Sock Knitters
    This community is for all those who are so obsessed about knitting socks that they consider themselves maniacs. A sockamaniac when not knitting socks, that rarely happens, constantly thinks about the next sock they will knit long before the pair that they are working on is finished. And no matter how huge their stash is, it's never enough. They gotta have more. They are eager to share their love of sock knitting with everyone even if they are not interested. You will find a sockamaniac knitting anytime, anywhere, from park benches to coffee shops. You name the place, they've been there. Sound

  • Etsy EART Team Blog Community
    We are an eclectic group of artisans - painters, jewelry designers, needlework designers, sculptors..you name it...who have joined together for friendship, fun and Etsy promotion and support!!

    This is a site for you to proudly display your stash while drooling over other members stash! Check out Flash Your Stash Mondays! Swaps... sales.... trades.... gifts... can all be displayed and negotiated. Network with other fiber-a-holics!

  • FiberRAOK
    *********FiberRAOK community is closed**************** Please contact steph@knitsteph.com for info

  • Ontario Knitters
    a community for Ontario knitters

  • Knit PICKERS
    Continental Knitters: We "pick" rather than "throw", keeping our yarn in the LEFT hand.

  • Canadian Textile Artist
    Gathecommunity and shacommunity the Canadian viewpoint in textile arts.

  • Scrap Etc Bloggers
    Scrap Etc and Scrap Etc Events bloggers

  • Fine Embroidery
    A community for fine embroiderers, esp. those working traditional, classic designs in surface work, freestyle and stumpwork. Those interested in a more modern slant as well as crazy quilters are welcome too! No posting obligations, just a love for fine embroidery (if you're more or less exclusively a cross stitcher, other communitys might be more relevant for you as we're not really a cross stitch community). Tell others who may be interested too - all languages and nationalities welcome!

  • Say No To The Poncho
    This community is for anyone who knits, sews, crochets etc. and does not buy into the poncho fad!! Please...only blogs that are written in english only!!! The community code must be correct and visable on your blog before you can be added to the community.

  • Quilting Circle of Friends
    a way to connect the cyberquilters.No porn or explicit language. Keep it kid friendly please.

  • Selfish Sunday Knitters
    Don't apologize ~ KNIT FOR YOURSELF! Join us in Selfish Sunday Knitting and join this blog to share your projects, cheers, tears, tips and tricks. I'm Leah, and I'm your hostess, sitting on the couch each and every Sunday with my cuppa joe and knitting for ME!

  • Needlefelt Challenge
    Participants of the Needlefelt Challenge. A new challenge posted most weeks of the year

  • MetroStitchers Blog Community
    Community for all the MetroStitchers Blogs

  • One Stroke and Decorative Painting
    Community of One Stroke and Decorative Painting. Anyone that enjoys painting and crafts is very welcome here. We Welcome all Visual Artists, Crafters and Suppliers. NOTE: Your site must be family oriented!

  • Elle and Elle - a Designers Showcase
    A Designers showcase where all artisans, crafters and designers can showcase - and sell - their creations!

  • Knitting Martha's Vineyard Lovers
    A community for knitters (or other fibery-crafters) who love Martha's Vineyard

  • Knitters with Pugs
    A community for those knitters, spinners, and fiber lovers that have Pug breed dogs.

  • Artist's Way Quilters
    A community for quilters studying The Artist's Way book.

  • Crafty Sybermoms
    Showcasing the talents of our crafty hores at Sybermoms.com

  • Preemie Project Volunteers
    A community devoted to blogs by "Preemie Project" volunteers.

  • KnittingLinks
    KnittingLinks..... Thought it would be fun to have a community where All Links Lead to Knitting! So... if your passion is knitting, in any way, shape, or form... and Your site reflects Knitting... then link through KnittingLinks!

  • Knitting Stephanies
    A community devoted to knitting Stephanies of the the world... nuff said

  • Kansas Knit Bloggers
    A community for bloggers who are current former or future residents of Kansas with an interest in knitting, crochet, weaving, spinning, dyeing, fiber arts, and yarn shops in the state of Kansas.

  • Dear Baby Jane
    A community for members of the Dear Baby Jane blog

  • Balkan Creative Blogs
    Krug kreativaca koji zive na Balkanu ili su poreklom sa istog, bave se kreativnim radom i bloguju o tome. Povezimo se! ---------- Blog community for people who make something creative, blog about it and live on Balkan or have Balkan origins. Let's connect!

  • Montana Knitters
    This blogcommunity is for knitters who live in Montana, those who used to live in Montana, and those who just WISH they lived in Montana! Montana is a wonderful place full of inspiration, lets share it!!

  • Sewing Mamas Community
    WAHM sites that are run and owned by members of the Forums, Sewing Mamas.

  • MaryJanesFarm
    Connecting Farmgirls across America and the World

  • Austin Knitters
    This community is for knitters that live in and around the Austin, Texas area.

  • Rubberstamps
    En nettcommunity for medlemmer av Rubberstampsforumet og andre kjente stemplere. :)

  • Kumihimo Braiders
    For bloggers who Braid, Kumihimo, Peruvian, Seafacommunity, Any type of braiding

  • Knit Your Bit Along
    This community is for members of the Knit Your Bit Along, knit along group for some very special patterns that have been offered for sale in effort to raise funds for relief efforts in Southeast Asia. All the proceeds from the sale of these patterns are generously being donated by the designers.

  • 2 Peas Bloggers Community

  • Hoppy Knitters
    We are a group of knit/crochet bloggers who own, breed, or just love rabbits. A whole lot of bun fun!

  • Operation Fiber Force
    This community is intended to bcommunity the unique blend of fiber artists and the military together. Whether you knit, crochet, spin, or all three, and are a dependent, active duty, or just have a loved one in the military, we want YOU. Come join us and see what each other is doing and let's support each other while we are at it.

  • Mothers Of Purl
    We're Mothers - We Knit (and crochet,felt,dye,spin)

  • Christian Crocheters
    We are all crocheting for a cause we are Christian Crocheters

  • Queen City Knitters
    A community for all Knit bloggers who live in Cincinnati, OH, or nearby.

  • Poppet Creators Community
    A community for blogs or websites to link creators of the Pretty Poppet Doll Together for easy access and viewing.

  • Mermaid's Cove
    For artists who love mermaids!

  • Down South Kniting
    This is a Community for all Australians and New Zealanders (who knit), in fact, anyone who lives in the Southern Hemisphere, near Australia or New Zealand.

  • CalmingSeas
    C is for Crochet was how it started and it have evolved into Calming Seas. Great place for links to patterns and so much more

  • Scrapbooking NetRing
    The "Scrapbooking Netring" was established to bring together websites about Scrapbooking and crafting Scrapbooks and Memory Albums. If you have a webpage about Scrapbooking, you are invited to join. If you have more than one, you may add them all.

  • Knitter's Review Secret Pals
    Knitter's Review Secret Pals blogs and websites. Check out some of the things that our secret pals have given each other beginning June 21st.

  • Yarn Yogians
    This is a blog community for members of the Yahoo group Yarn Yoga and other who feel that knitting is their form of yoga.. We strive for excellent in everything we do. We love all things yarn, needles, knitting and crocheting. Chatting and showing off our current projects so jump on the ship because the cruise line is heading to the warm seas of Jamacia!!

  • Addi Hos Unite!
    Would you prostitute yourself for Addi needles? Get nude for Naturas? Be a tart for Turbos? Addi lovers of all varieties welcome, even squares!

  • knit 'n fit !
    this community is for members of the knit 'n fit group
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