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  • WIST-Etsy
    A blog community for the Wisconsin Street Team Members selling on Etsy!

  • Florida Knitters
    Floridian knitters, unite!

  • Spinning and Weaving Community
    The Spinners and Weavers Community is a community for... spinners and weavers. *vbg* This community is open to all who spin and weave. Retailers and wholesalers of spinning and weaving equipment, supplies and resources are all welcome too.{;}

  • Upstate New York Knitters
    A community for those who blog and knit in the Upstate, NY area. Cast on and join in our circle!

  • Yarn Pr0n Fridays
    A community for fiber artists that love taking pictures of their fibers. Members are expected to have pictures posted every friday on their blogs.

  • Thrifty Knits
    A community of knitters partial to bargain hunting, sales snooping, and being resourceful.

  • About Quilting Forum Members
    This is a web/blog community for the web sites and blogs of members of the Quilting, Art Quilts and Quilting Professionals forums on about.com's Quilting Site.

  • Alaskan Knitters
    Join us if you are an Alaskan and love fiber!

  • San Diego Knit Bloggers
    San Diego County knitting bloggers.

  • Wooly Wonder Blabbermouths
    Blogs of Wooly Wonder Forums members and regulars - knitters, hookers, yarn lovers all.

  • CommunitySurf: EB Sewing Buddies
    A blog community for the sewing girls on Essential Baby .

  • HeartStrings Quilt Project
    The HeartStrings Quilt Project makes and donates quilts to those in need. This blog community is for members actively involved in the project to share their HeartStcommunitys quilts.

  • Yarnaholics Unanonymous
    For people who are addicted to yarn and sincerely wish to stop the mad collecting and hoarding...seriously.

  • Modern Quilting
    Our Community for quilters inspired by Modern Art, Mid-Century Modern Architecture and Furniture. Bold, Graphic quilt designs with a Retro edge are what I love and I want to share my love of design with other quilters.......... The only thing I ask when joining our community is to put the badge code somewhere on your page so that everyone can link from it. Thank you, and enjoy!

  • Etsy Glass Artists
    EGA is a glass artist collective, comprised of glass fusers, glass blowers, lampworkers and stained glass artisans dedicated to fostecommunity an appreciation for the handmade glass arts.

  • Arizona Knitters Community
    This community is a place for arizona knitters and arizona knitting related sites!

  • Fiber Freaks Community
    A community for members of the Fiber Freaks message board.

  • Scrappy Latin Bloggers
    A community for all Latins or Spanish speaking scrapbookers, crafters, stampers from around the world. If you have a blog and want to share your passion with others, this is the place for you.

  • Village Swappers
    A community devoted to active members in the Crochetville message board swaps. The Swaps include Secret Pals, Crochetville Swap, Crochetville Yarn Swap, and Holiday Gift Exchange.

  • PhillyKnitters
    A community to bcommunity the knitters within the city of brotherly love together.

  • Mystery Stole 2
    A blogcommunity for people who are knitting the Mystery Stole 2.

  • PDX Knit Bloggers
    Knitters who blog in Portland, Oregon, and the surrounding metro area including Vancouver, Washington.

    this community is dedicated to reborn artists.

  • Spin Sisters
    Come join us if any of the following applies: You prefer to spin yarn on a drop spindle. You would love to learn to spin yarn on a drop spindle. You just love yarn in general and having the stuff run through your fingers is your daily fix.

  • Knitting Amys
    A knitting, crochet and general crafting community for anyone called Amy, Amie or Ami.

    This knitting community is open to knitters in Utah who have a blog mostly dedicated to knitting.

  • Cycling Knitters Community
    Visit the yarn loving cyclists around this community. Do you knit? Do you ride a bike? Join us! Knitters, mostly, but other fiber-related craftspersons welcome.

  • KnitList Vendors Community
    A Community for KnitList members and their commercially-oriented and knitting-related web sites.

  • Journal Quilts Challenge 2006
    The community for quilters participating in the Quilt Studio on delphi forums Journal Quilts Challenge 2006.

  • WeHo SnB
    Members of the fabulous West Hollywood stitch & bitch group.

  • Hand Quilters
    This community is for quilters that mainly quilt by hand. Blogs in the community should be quilt-focused or at least have regular posts about quilting. The size and style of quilts you make doesn't matter, so long as you stitch the layers together by hand. Feel free to recommend this community to your handquilting friends~

  • Rubber Stampers
    Community for the personal websites and blogs of rubber stampers. http://rubberstamper.proboards83.com

  • Embellish With Barbs
    This community is open to anyone that needlefelts, either by machine or by hand

  • Unsocialized Knitters
    Knitters who homeschool and homeschoolers who knit!

  • Kansas KnitBloggers
    A community for all those knitbloggers living in or originally from Kansas.

  • Etsy Steam Team Community
    A blog and community featucommunity the talented steampunk artists and crafters of Etsy's Steam Team. Etsy's Steam Team is home to the best in handmade and one of a kind steampunk, victorian, and neo-victorian creations. To find our members on Etsy, simply search the tags for "steamteam." What is steampunk? Think of: airships, brass, copper, cogs, gears, H.G. Wells, goggles, Abney Park, the Victorian era, neo-victorian design, steam engines, gothic, clockwork, Jules Verne, Mary Shelley, aviation, alternate history, Edwardian era, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Fullmetal A

  • Mid-Atlantic Quilters
    The Mid-Atlantic Quilters community is a forum to unite quilters in the Mid-Atlantic area including New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Deleware, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, North Carolina, and Virginia. We share quilting/crafting ideas and experiences and life's ups and downs.

  • Scarf Knitters
    This blog community is dedicated to blogs of knitters to who love scarves and knit way too many of them.

  • CommunitySurf: Oklahoma_Knitters
    This community is for anyone living in or from Oklahoma that is involved in Knitting, spinning, dyeing, chrocheting, and other fiber related crafts

  • One Sock Two Sock
    This is a community for all who love to make socks, either knitted or crocheted. It doesn't matter if you are making your 1st pair, or your 101st pair. All sock knitters and crocheters are welcomed to join.

  • National Capital Knitters
    A community for knitting enthusiasts in the Ottawa area.

  • Jennifer/Knitter
    Currently closed to new members due to massive spam. You may email me at jennanndavisATgmailDOTcom if you meet entry critera

  • Knit-London
    A group of knitters and crafters local to London, Ontario. Originally brought together by Ravelry, but we hope to grow to include any local knitters that care to join.

  • CT Etsy Team Blog Community
    Blogs from CT Etsy Team members.

  • Indonesian Rajuters
    This community here consists of Indonesian people who crochet and/or knit and blog too!

  • mini knits
    a community for knitters with mini's

  • High Desert Knitters
    Knitters, spinners, and hookers living in New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Nevada.

  • Sit & Spin!
    Sit & Spin! is a place for edgy spinsters to link up and share their handspun novelty/art yarns. To be accepted into this community, you must be willing to break conventional spinning rules. Yarns must be spun with wild abandon or major attitude. If you've ever looked at safety pins, pompoms, shredded lace or fuzzy little easter chicks and thought "hey! I could spin that into my yarn!" then this is the community for you.

  • Fabulous Blogs of the Etsy Plush Team Members
    Fabulous Blogs of the Etsy Plush Team Members

  • Pagans Of Etsy Bloggers
    The Pagans Of Etsy Street Team POEST - is a group of crafters and artisans on Etsy started on 11/16/2007 who all identify ourselves as Pagan. The main goal of the group is to network and support one another. In the member blogs, you will learn about sales, new items they have put up in their shops and projects they are working on.
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