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  • MDC Knits
    To be part of this community, you must be an active member of MDC and also have an active knitting/crocheting/spinning blog which you update at least once a month. Welcome! We're glad to have you!

  • Knitting Friends
    This is a community of friendly knitters who just want to share their KNITTING HAPPINESS. Most of us are in Texas, but we can be from ANYWHERE!!

  • R U A CSSC?
    Cyber-Stamping Sisters in Christ - a community of stampers united by their passion for Jesus and their love for encouraging others through hand-stamped art.

  • Etsy Beadweavers
    This community connects the blogs of Etsy Beadweaver Members. This is a group of bead artists that sell their beadweaving work on the Etsy site.

  • Six Sox Knitalong
    A friendly, year-long Knitalong in which members will knit six different socks in twelve months. We think you'll have a great time knitting along with us

  • Blogs de Punto Cruz
    Somos un grupo de bordadoras unidas por la misma pasion, dispuestas a compartir ideas y experiencias en el maravilloso mundo del hilo y la aguja. Si quieres formar parte de este Community, apuntate!

  • European Fiber Arts
    If you live in Europe and are into Fiber Arts, this is the Community for you.

  • knitty fans blog community
    This community was created as another way fans of the awesome site knitty to share ideas, find each other, and generally to just show our support.

  • ~Creative Fashion Sewing~
    ~Creative Fashion Sewing~ is the place to find FASHION (Clothing) sewing enthusiasts of all skill levels. Beginners, Advanced and Professional garment/fashion/apparel sewists are all welcome here! BUT...NO E-Commerce sites (sites that sell stuff :) ...please!

  • I Made This
    Do you like to make things? This community is for anyone who appreciates homemade things, whether it be knitting, crochet, sewing, cooking, baking, photography, scrapbooking.... The list is endless. Shoot, I even include my children! Come on in and let's have a good peek round everyone's goodies, swap ideas and meet some new friends.

  • Knitting Secret Pals 4
    This community is for members of the knitting secret pals 4 program. To be moved from the queue to being a member, you must be in the secret pals 4 program, and have placed the HTML code in your page.

  • Librarians and Archivists who Knit
    This is a community for librarians, archivists, and other information professionals who knit. Going to ALA, PLA, SAA or another conference? Use the community to find out who else is going, and plan a meetup!

  • Fiber Femmes Community
    Fiber blogs, businesses, fiber animals, instruction, all sites fiber welcome.

  • More Quilting For Fun
    This community is for bloggers who quilt for pleasure. We make quilts because we want to. We follow patterns, or not. We use our stash, or buy new fabric. We do this because we love quilting and fabric and we want to show our passion to the world!

  • NJ Knitters
    Connecting knitters around the Garden State

  • Deutschsprachige QuilterInnen
    Dieser Community ist ein Zusammenschluß von deutschsprachigen Quilterinnen aus aller Welt. Ob traditionell, modern, crazy, ob Quilts,textile Postkarten oder was auch immer. Wichtig ist, daß deutschsprachige Quilterinnen, ohne Sprachkenntnisse, die Seiten lesen können. Jeder deutschsprachige Blog kann hier eingetragen werden. WICHTIG: Da ich momentan mit einer Flut von Spam-Anmeldungen geradezu überflutet werde, bitte ich - zusätzlich - zu der Anmeldung darum einen kurzen Kommentar zu hinterlassen, aus dem ersichtlich ist, daß Ihr deutsch schreibt und einen quiltigen Blog hab

  • Spindlers Members Blogcommunity
    Spindlers is a Yahoo discussion group for fiber artists who collect and use hand/drop spindles (and spinning wheels) to create yarn from various fibers. This "blogcommunity" consists of the online journals belonging to individual Spindlers members. You are likely to read about fiber arts including spinning, knitting, crocheting, weaving and felting at members' sites. You MUST be a member of SPINDLERS to join this blogcommunity.

  • Teje-teje
    Teje-teje quiere ser el lugar de encuentro de los aficionados al punto.

  • Vegan Team Etsy
    Blog Community for Vegan Etsy Team Members - We are an etsy team made up of vegans that maintain completely vegan shops. Many of us give a percentage of our sales to animal charities. Our focus is on promoting buying handmade items, supporting vegans and spreading vegan awareness

  • Fiber Art Friends

  • DUST: Etsy Down Under Street Team
    The Etsy Down Under Street Team (DUST) is dedicated to promoting online handmade marketplace www.etsy.com and member shops to the Australian market. This community has been established to provide a link between DUST member sites and blogs.

  • Entrecard Arts & Crafts
    For bloggers who use Entrecard and have blogs which are related to art, crafting, handmade, and discussions of the same. You must have the Entrecard widget on your blog. Also, blogs must not contain pop-up ads, autoplay music or videos, auto downloads or any malicious software. I'll be using this community as a drop list and hope you will too!

  • Finnish Cross-Stitch Blogs
    Blogs related to Finland and cross-stitching. Suomalaisten ristipistoblogien lista.

  • Crochet Dudes
    This community is for all the crochet dudes out there, and friends of crochet dudes. All are welcome to join!

  • I Cheer for Crochet, I CrochetWithDee
    ICrochetWithDee is a community for those who are passionate about the art of crochet -- from beginners to designers and wish to share it. It's a place to visit to be inspired, to learn, to teach. A Place to Cheer for the Art of Crochet! Crochet Cheerleaders agree, as part of being a member of this squad (community), that they will keep their blog/website at least 80% about crochet, and do so in a clean and positive way so all ages/tastes will be encouraged to give crochet a go. Inappropriate language/images/topics are grounds for instant removal.

  • Svenska stickcommunityen
    För stickare i Sverige med text på svenska. A community for knitters in Sweden or others with text in swedish.

  • Scrap Happy Bloggers
    This blog community is for quilters who love to make scrap quilts or admire scrap quilts. Please be sure to post monthly about life as it may or may not relate to quilting

  • HP Knitters
    This community is for everyone who loves Harry Potter and loves knitting or crochet!

  • The Sisterhood of SABLE
    Do you have more yarn than you can knit in your lifetime? You have attained SABLE status. Our community lets you visit the blogs of others who share the same tendency to buy too much yarn

  • 2007 UFO Challenge
    This community is for the members of the 2007 UFO Resurrection Challenge.

  • etsyFAST
    This is the blogcommunity for members of the etsyFAST street team. We are bloggers who sell our fibery creations at www.etsy.com.

  • I blog ITALIANI di Scrapbooking
    Il primo circolo di blog ITALIANI sullo Scrapbooking ed affini! // The first Italian blog-community about Scrapbooking!

  • Scrapbooking Bloggers Community
    The best scrapbooking blogs, news and tips.

  • CommunitySurf: Mamas a Crafting!
    Mamas who love the homemade side of life! A group of Crafty Mama's blogging about their various creations.

  • Etsy Texas Crafters Blog Community
    Community for blogs by members of the Etsy Texas Crafters team -- dedicated to promoting Etsy, the Etsy Texas Crafters team, and team members.

  • PittsburghKnitophiles
    This community is for folks who live in (or otherwise have web sites, including but not limited to web logs, or read about) Pittsburgh and have (or otherwise have web sites, including but not limited to web logs, or read about) knitting.

  • Scottish Knitters Blog Community
    Calling all Scottish knitters! Haste Ye Back! A blog community for those who are, who once were, or whose ancestors were... Scottish :-D

  • Aran Knitting Community
    Community for those who love aran knitting.

  • Scrapbook Artists
    This community will combine a range of talented scrappers who value their craft and memories they preserve.

  • Fair Isle kitters
    For those who seek to loose themselves among the joy that is Fair Isle Knitting

  • Crafty Threads 'n' Yarns
    This community is for members of the Crafty Threads \'n\' Yarns message board

  • !! Cercle des calligraphies !!
    Le cercle des calligraphies réunit des sites calligraphiques amateurs et professionnels francophones animés par la même passion : la calligraphie !

  • SBA Blog Community
    Bloggers from the message board at ScrapbookAddict.com The Main Board is at http://www.scrappertalk.com.

  • EtsyNJ
    Open to all EtsyNJ members! Do you live in the state of New Jersey? Do you have an Etsy shop? Do you have a blog or website? If you answered yes to all three, then join our Yahoo group at: http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/EtsyNJ/, fill out the membership questionarre and then pop back here and join the community! Do NOT join with your Etsy shop link - your application will automatically be deleted.

  • Mystery Quilters
    Mystery Quilters Community - Wonderful Quilt Stories and Journeys. Enjoying the Mystery of where it leads us!

  • EtsyVeg Blog Community
    EtsyVeg is an Etsy Street Team for vegan and vegetarian sellers. This blog community links our members' blogs so you can find all the coolest veggie artists in one handy place!

  • Etsy Twitter Team Community
    The members of the Etsy Twitter Team, the authority on Twitter for all things handmade

  • London Knitters
    A community to join together knitters in London.

  • FLAK
    A community for those knitting the FLAK from the Aran Knitting Yahoo Group

  • CommunitySurf: New Community
    This is a community for all of us lawyers out there who love to knit.
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