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  • Costumes – Not Just for Halloween


    Who says playing dress-up is just for kids? Costumes don’t just have to be reserved for the juvenile or Halloween anymore. In fact, costumes are sold year-round these days for people who find that the need for them arises beyond October 31st. And for those that don’t have the need, there are costumes readily available simply for your desire! Intrigued? Then read on…


    There are some celebrations that actually require guests to wear costumes, such as Carnival or Mardi gras. If you plan on getting the most out of this awesome party, then a costume is a must and the more over-the-top the better since it’s all about being noticed! Partying in masquerade is also becoming quite the wedding trend with people opting for unique and off-the-wall themes for their big day. Costume parties are also forever a fave among the college crowd…when they’re not busy partying in togas a la Animal House.  There’s no denying that costume parties are becoming a year round occurrence.


    Now that we’ve covered the needs, we can get to the desires, i.e. the naughty reasons that adults like to have access to costumes all through the year. You can probably already imagine what the costumes are for…or maybe not, but I’ll explain it either way. Costumes are sold not only at costume shops but also at adult novelty stores as well as online on adult toy sites. The costumes, while also worn to adult clubs or parties are also used for role play which is exactly as it sounds; dressing up and playing the roll of someone or something that you are not. This type of role playing is not only popular among open-minded adults who like to experiment but it’s also commonly recommended by sex therapists for couples who are finding things a little stale in the bedroom. By dressing up and playing dirty doctor and nurse or cop and burglar (stop laughing!) couples are able to take their sex lives to a whole new level. This type of play is also a great way to get the creative juices flowing in your marriage and open up the lines of communication.


    If you’re looking for a costume outside of Halloween, you’d actually be quite surprised to see what an incredible selection some of these adult shops carry! They’ve got the classics that you’d expect in an adult shop, like the naughty nurse, sexy policewoman, trampy candy-striper, etc, but they also tend to offer a great selection of humorous costumes with a naughty twist, like a life-sized condom! You certainly wouldn’t have any trouble finding something unique at one of these shops!


    Regardless of your motive for going incognito with a costume, you can get your hands on something fun at anytime of the year now. Maybe consider making your next soiree a masquerade affair! Why not give you and your adult friends the opportunity to laugh like a bunch of giddy children out for a night of trick-or-treating! You’ll be the talk of the ball…or at least the next PTA meeting.