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  • HQ's Scans BR
    Community dedicado às páginas que disponibilizam Scans de HQ's em português do Brasil

  • Online Comics
    A community for online comics that are updated regularly. Includes all types of comic series. This is for ongoing comic series, including strips.

  • ElfQuest Community of Unusual Bonds
    This is a community for all those elfquest holts that have unusual or what would be considered in ElfQuest canon to be non-standard bonds. These include, but are not limited to: Horses, most large cats, Hawks, Falcons, Owls, dolphins, sharks, sting ray, and a variety of other sea creatures, as well as mythological or fantasy creatures such as the Unicorn, Alicorn, Pegasus, Dragons, Gryphon/Griffon. There are any number of other critters that fall into this category, but I don't have a complete list.

  • CommunitySurf: Octogon Heroes
    Five friends with websites.

  • The furies fanclub
    This ring is dedicated to anime based on greek mythology. we welcome fanart blogs and other websites that deal with anime exclusively based of greek myths. preferably "the furies"

  • Ridiculous Webcomics!
    Just a place to be if you have or are a fan of ridiculous webcomics of anytime! Share yours! XD

  • Comics: A Classic For Kids and Adults

    Comics are often read world wide by adults and children alike. The history of comics as we know them today in their current form date back to the nineteenth century but they really took off in America in the early twentieth century when they were included in the newspaper within their own columns. The sole purpose of comics originally was to make you laugh with the drawings having a short but humorous story to them with small speech bubbles that had witty quips in them. Today comic books have evolved from comic strips to comic books. Comic books are collected and read throughout the world and have been written by some of the world leading creators of super heroes like marvel comics. In Japan the craze has evolved even further with Manga comics taking the world on by storm. In China the comic books are called Manhua and they are just as popular as its rivals.

    Comics is an art form in its own right which sits happily between films and animation which are all similar forms using the unique mixture of pictures and words. These narrative illustrations owe their developments to further back in history than you think. In 113AD Rome’s Trajan’s Column is the earliest surviving example of narrative illustration. The Egyptian’s also used sequential pictures and words; the Greek’s in their friezes and during the medieval period narrative illustrations also became the standard medium to tell stories of the events that happened in their tapestries and manuscripts which were also pictures and words together. In the paintings of the era there are also examples of this where images are shown several times within the pictures showing you the story. These were often biblical in nature. Most of these outlets did not capture their target audiences at the time they were created in the same way comics are today.

    The invention of the printing press in the 17th century enabled a further medium to express the written word and pictures to the public in the 18th century speech bubbles were created by the writers and artists of political pamphlets to enable their readers to not only see but read the story. This was another step on the evolutionary ladder for comics. The biggest rung of the ladder was taken during the industrial revolution as the printing techniques that were developed created magazines and newspapers which were the first homes of comics. Comics were begun to be published in the 1840’s but were known at the time as cartoons. They often made light of political and life issues that were both social and criminal.

    In the 1920’s the comic strip really took off as a form of comic relief for the reader from all of the seriousness of the news being reported at the time. Jokes made through these comic strips during the world wars were a great source of fun for all and a small but good distraction for those both left at home and those on the main front that were able to access newspaper from home from time to time.