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  • Cherish all Things Good and Beautiful
    Dedicated to loving life and each other!!

  • Operation Pillowcase
    Operation Pillowcase is a grassroots movement sewing pillowcases for the soldiers in Afghanistan. Any blogger is welcome to join the ring! Any level of sewer is encouraged to make pillowcases.

  • CareMoms
    Learn how you can make a difference in a child's life :) If your site is family-safe then you are welcome to join us no matter what your site is about :)

  • Angels For Hope
    Any site that is child friendly and would like to be a part of this community is welcome to join. Angels For Hope makes Angels, Butterflies, and Smileys free of charge for people in need of hope.

  • Blogs of Etsy's HoneyBee Helpers
    Blogs of members of the Etsy Team "HoneyBee Helpers"

  • The Imperial Courts Community
    Linking the world wide family of the Imperial Court together.

  • Elysium Gates Volunteer
    Elysium Gates Chironians strive to tutor new members in building great web sites and healing all their difficulties.

  • Team EFA - Etsy for Animals Community
    Blogs owned by members of Team EFA

  • Using Art to Benefit Your Favorite Charity


    When we have a charity that we feel passionate about, we’ll stop at nothing to be able to help the cause in anyway we can. Most people opt to simply donate money but for those who don’t have the money to donate or are looking for a new approach to fundraising, maybe you should consider how art can help you raise some money for your favorite cause.


    Art can be a great choice for a charity because it’s a way of giving the person donating something that they can actually ‘see’ for their money. No matter how much we want to help, people work hard for their money and in today’s economy are less likely to give to charity, so by offering some type of incentive, you’re upping the chances of having someone part with their precious pennies. I bet you’re thinking that this sounds like it’s gonna be expensive for you, but there are great ways to use art for your charity fundraising that will not cost you one cent! As a matter of fact, here are three easy ways to do this:


    ·      Get those involved with the charity to use their creative talents to draw, paint or sculpt items that can be auctioned off or sold with the proceeds going to the cause. Better yet, if you can have those who use/benefit from the charity to create the art that would add extra meaning to each piece. Example, if your charity helps underprivileged children, have them create the art that you will use.


    ·      To further expand on the suggestion above, you could speak to a local printer about having the art copied and printed onto cards or calendars that can be sold as well. Many local and small businesses are happy to donate some of their time and effort to a worthy cause for the sake of doing good as well as the opportunity to have their good deed lead to more exposure and hopefully more business thanks to a mention in the calendar or back of the cards or even just the charity newsletter or local paper.


    ·      Enlist the help of local artists by asking to use their works to display in a gallery (or any venue you can get your hands on) and ask for a donation for admission. While the artist won’t get paid for the event, it will give some local talent the opportunity to showcase their work and maybe even sell a piece or two. An event like this is also something that a community newspaper would likely be interested in covering which in turn would lead to more exposure and donations.


    All it really takes is a little bit of imagination and the desire to help. And since art is something that can be so subjective, even a lack of talent won’t stop you! Not everyone gets Van Gough but that doesn’t stop people from wanting to get their hands on it! Even the most unusual scribble could be art in someone’s eyes. So, if that can make someone happy and help a cause, then it’s definitely worth a try isn’t it?