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  • Enigmatic Dollers
    For all those Enigmatic Dollmakers out there.

  • Young Animators Guild
    The Young Animators Guild is home to sites belonging to the following: animators, people who want to BE animators, and people who draw well in animation styles. We encourage diversity, and have sites with styles ranging from anime to Disney to totally off-the-wall art, and some with all of the above! Animators, join today and get hits for your site!

  • The Magic Dolls Community
    A community for cartoon doll pages!!!

  • 'Cartoon Doll

    Share, find and order cartoon dolls here [Silents, minis, skaters, punks, preps, goths, divas, wonderkins, couples, You name it, we have it] Join it and share with us! or just browse around, request a doll, submit a doll..etc..

  • Atlantis: The Lost Empire
    A community for the fans of Disney's Atlantis: the Lost Empire!

  • Z?
    A community for fans of Johnen Vasquez's work. JTHM, Invader Zim, Squee, and I Feel Sick websites welcome.

  • The Disney Fanlistings Community
    Disney related fanlistings approved by thefanlistings.org are welcome to join this Disney fanlistings community. (Must not be adult).

  • Emma's Dollhouse
    For people addicted to Cartoon Dolls

  • I luv Winnie the Pooh
    Hallo an alle Winnie Pooh Fans! Kaum einer kann diesem niedlichen Bren widerstehen... ich auch nicht. Komm einfach vorbei und lass dich in seiner kleinen Welt, im Hundert-Morgen-Wald, verzaubern...

  • ~ Darlin'Dolls ~
    A cool community filled with lots and lots of cartoon dolls and so much more!

  • Pooh and Friends
    A community for Pooh and All his Friends, join us today. You don't have to have a pooh page any kids or cartoon page will do. As long as you love pooh and the gang.

  • Care Bears Community
    A community dedicated to the cute and fuzzy wuzzy Care Bears of the 80's.

  • Comic & Doujin Community
    Community ǻѡ ٹ Ҩ comic original , doujinshi , fanarts , fanfic , etc.褹 Ҵ or ͧѡ

  • The Evil Doll Dungeon
    a community for dolls - not smelly preppy dolls tho kewl alternative dolls like goths and punks! KILL THE PREPS!!

  • logs of DOOM
    A community for fans of Jhonen Vasquez and his fantastic works, including Invader Zim and Johnny the Homicidal Maniac.

  • The Best Disney Websites
    Come one, come all, join the Best Disney Websites on the Web!! Any child safe Disney Website is allowed!

  • Cartoons of the 80's community
    A community dedicated to bcommunitying people who love the 80's cartoon together!

  • Dream Dolls Community
    The Dream Dolls Community{;}Visit us and find out all the special things about dream dolls...{;}you can also create your own {;}dream doll by us *smile*{;}We wish you allot of fun!!{;}

  • The Dollhouse
    A community of cartoon doll artists and creators.

  • Proud Fairy Tale Member
    A close knit group of fairy friends, who all share one common interest and that is AFT ( A Fairy's Tale)dolling Forum! AFT is a place to unwind, have fun and share your interests with others while making new and everlasting friendships...

  • My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic
    A ring for all sites that have something to do with FiM on them now.

  • Garabatos Online
    Community para comics online en espaol

  • Black and White: Manga Fan Connection
    grep Sailormoon club community for the manga-fan team Black and White. All members welcome.

  • the Irken Invaders unite (IIU)
    irken invaders unite!

  • The Dib fans
    This community is for all Dib fans. I you love Dib as much as these people you should join.

  • Hello Kitty 4Ever!
    A community for grown women who aren't ashamed to admit they still love this cute little kitty.

  • All About Dollz
    This community is all about dollz!

  • The Den Community
    Hi there! Welcome to The Dollers Den community! In order for you to become a member of this community, you MUST be a member of the Dollers Den forum. Visit us here at: http://www.dollersden.emeraldeyesdollz.com/forum. Thanks!

  • The Haven
    This community is dedicated to original and hand drawn dolls. We promote unity and creativity within the doll community

  • The Nuka & Vitani Community
    The very first Nuka & Vitani Community!

  • Forces of Darkness
    This is a community for those of you in the MD fandom whose characters are thieves, assassins, spies, or other semi-criminal masterminds.

  • Owenite
    Community devoted to Owen Burnett (and his alter-ego, the Puck) from Disney's Gargoyles.

  • IceAngelzDollz
    This is a Cartoon Dollz Community so if you don't like Cartoon Dollz I advise you NOT TO JOIN!!!

  • Girlz Can Like DBZ Too!
    A community for members of the Girlz Palace (http://envy.nu/girlzpalace)

  • Edie's Rainbow Brite Community
    Its for any site about rainbow brite!

  • FLICTONIC:FLCL Community
    Promotion leaflet reads:{;}{;}

  • Mickey Mouse Club
    This community is for all the Mickey Mouse lovers in the world.

  • BabyBlueCrew Cartoon Dollz Community
    My site has all sorts of dollz! I have preps, ethnic, wonderkins, dollmaker, wonderkin maker, mini maker, games, awards, contests, sista sites, communitys, site maker tools, adoptions, featured dollz, sets, buttons, backgrounds, chat, tag board, links, and much more! You won't be disapointed!

  • Invader Zim Fan Logs
    Community for fans of Invader Zim who have weblogs.

  • Cauldron of Dollz
    A place for Pagan Doll Makers...

  • The Freakin' Community of Furry Twisted Things
    It's The Freakin' Community of Furry Twisted Things. What more can I say? Things are furry. Things are twisted. Say no more.

  • Tea Kettle
    Just another cute clique for the lovers of Takahashi's beloved series: Ranma 1/2!

  • Abigale's Poohbear
    Winnie the Pooh and friends. Graphics, animations,links, and backgrounds for anyone to use.

  • ElfQuest Catelf's Community
    A community for all ElfQuest holts that have or allow Catelf Characters. Elves that bond with cats such as Lions, Tigers, Cougers, Lynx, Bobcat, Cheetah, and others. Also character pages for catelf characters.

  • Proud Aussie Dollers
    It's pretty simple, this community is for Australian and New Zealand doll and graphic makers.

  • Dollie Central
    THE PLACE for the dollers of the internet!

  • Cartoon Builders
    If you make your own cartoons join in.

  • Ben10
    Dedicated to the cool kid's cartoon series, Ben10. Also the next series Ben10 Alien Force!

  • AMV vlogs
    These are blogs or just site with mostly amvs (Anime Music Videos).

  • The Sheer Genius of Some Retro Cartoons


    As you sit watching cartoons like The Simpsons or Family Guy, I bet you can’t help but think of how genius their creators and writers must be to come up with some of the stuff that makes me keel over in hysterics, but if you stop to think for a minute, you may remember that there were some other cartoons that you grew up with that are strangely familiar and definitely paved the way for the cartoons we watch today.


    It’s hard to believe that the cartoons we grew up with are considered ‘retro’, but it’s true; all of those gems that we watched in the 70’s are indeed considered retro…soon to be vintage! What many forget is that while those cartoons may have been created over 3 decades ago, some of them were way ahead of their time if you look at what’s so popular now. Do you remember Wait Till Your Father Gets Home with the dad whose voice was played by Tom Bossley? How about Bill Cosby’s Fat Albert? And everyone remembers watching The Flintstones – especially seeing as how many of us still watch it today. These cartoons all touched on matters from our daily lives including some very serious topics but always with a humorous and sometimes dark or snarky edge. Their sublet jabs at everything from celebrity to politics always funny in that way that makes you stop and think for a sec.


    Thinking back and remembering these cartoons that you may not have thought about in years is not just a nice trip down memory lane but also makes it clear that they did indeed set the course of things to come in the cartoon world and helped give adults a cartoon fix that was otherwise lacking. Thanks to them, we get to enjoy cartoons filled with ‘adult humor’ during prime time hours so we can unwind with a good belly laugh after a hard days work and let out the occasional ‘ooooooh’ as the animated characters say the things that we all wish we could.


    Feeling for Fred Flintstone as he got grief from the man – a.k.a. Mr. Slate or watching Alice—the daughter on Wait Till Your Father Gets Home—struggle with her weight and appearance and come to the realization that a summer at fat camp is what it took to get her dates; these were all just entertainment to us then, but kittle did we know that we were pretty much watching history in the making! The issues they dealt with and the wit, humor and even sarcasm that accompanied was all a platform for the Matt Groenings and Seth MacFarlanes of today. So the next time you cringe at how long ago it was that you were sitting in your polyester outfits and North Star shoes watching your parents wood-paneled Hitachi, remember that you were a little part of cartoon history. Yeah, it may be “retro” now, but it’s still damn cool, ain’t it?!