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  • Nail-Art : Le cercle des stylistes ongulaires
    Ce cercle regroupe tous les passionnÚs de la peinture sur ongle ou nail art

  • Inked
    This community is for people who have permanent tattoo(s). Would be nice if you had picture(s) of your tattoo(s) on your site :). No business sites, personal only.

  • Body Art: Finally Getting the Kudos It Deserves


    Yes, there are still some who don’t consider tattoos to be body art and can’t even begin to see them as artful at all, but thanks to the positive attention that tattooing has gotten in the media over the last couple of years, those who practice this art form are finally getting the props they deserve. Body art is no longer viewed mainly as a drunken mistake or something only enjoyed by out-of-control teens and rock stars thanks to shows like Miami Ink and LA Ink who have really brought tattooing to the mainstream…and prime time.


    As hip and now as tattoos may seem, they’ve actually been around since long before the days of Judas Priest! For centuries different cultures have practiced the art of tattooing for various reasons. As well, body art served more of a purpose than to just make some look different and was done for reasons ranging from medical to a way to show status or skill—almost like a resume if you will! A tattoo on the forearm was a way to indicate your skills as a woman in Borneo which helped a gal present herself as a good catch for marriage! Imagine if it were that easy today!


    Tattoo artists have never really been given the praise that they deserve until now because for years tattoos were considered something that only criminals did. Thankfully all of the positive attention as of late is finally allowing the world to see the art for what it is: a talent. We’re quick to sing the praises of those who draw or paint as though their medium is more worthy than tattooing, but the reality is that being a tattoo artist requires talent, creativity, patience AND a steady hand…did I mention people skills and a tough stomach?? Designing the tattoo and then being able to translate it flawlessly onto skin—surely harder to draw on than paper—requires incredible skill.


    Shows like the ones mentioned earlier also allow the public to be privy to the reasons as to why people opt to get tattooed in the first place which has no doubt helped to curb people’s misconceptions about body art. Turns out that tattoos symbolize more than just a criminals stint in prison or a drunken Vegas mistake; having very sentimental reasons for many of the people that get them. For some it’s a way to honor the memory of a lost loved one while others use it as a way to profess their never-ending love for their kids, spouses or parents. The designs are usually chosen after much thoughtful consideration and are a reflection of the person being tattooed. This makes that ol’ saying “never read a book by its cover” ring even more true.


    Body art is exactly that—an art. Whether on a canvas or on skin, a beautiful image is something to be in awe of. Consider that the next time you walk past someone sporting tattoos or speak to someone who makes a living as a tattoo artist. They really do help make the world a more beautiful place in their own way.