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    This AdoptNAward community provides the best the www has to offer in high quality free award sets or single award graphics to assist any award giver who, for one reason or another is unable to achieve their own award design standard. Any active Award program owner is able to adopt n award for use within their own site, provided they meet the required Terms and conditions and provide a Family safe environment.

  • Awards In Humanities


    There are many different types of awards available to the Humanities student and the author of Humanities study guides, books and studies that are done in a manor of all different types and kinds of cities, cultures and societies. Traditionally a student will attend University and study Humanities by either completing a Degree, which is a full study and or a Certificate in Humanities which is a part study.


    A Degree course can last up to five years dependant on the level of study and thesis. The subjects that make up this award are; English, Art history, History, Art, Religion, Philosophy, Social Sciences, communications, Classical Studies and Law. There are many sub subjects within this type of study and the students immerge from the degree with a unique out look on life that enables them to apply themselves to almost anything.


    The Certificate in Humanities is a shorter course often lasting two years and is a more outlined study of the same subjects that the degree course studies. The students often progress on to the degree and are some say, at an advantage as they already have all of the general ideas grasped in most of the given subjects. The students immerge with a thirst for life that is then applied to many different areas and further studies. The Certificate in Humanities is often called a taster course and its students can after completing the course can go onto further education in any degree, as Humanities are seen as the foundation on which to build.


    Another form of awards is those given to authors who write study books and books of interest pertaining to Humanities. The awards are issued by the Universities and often used in conjunction with the course its self; these are called the Choice Awards.  Other awards are issued by other institutions that prize these works; The Elizabeth Dietz Award for the best book in Early Modern Studies and the Medieval Academy of America – John Nicholas Brown Prize are some of the more recognised awards that are available to a writer in this field.


    For those who wish to write dissertations on the Humanities subjects then the BSR (British School at Rome) offers residential awards for the substantial offerings that their researchers pursue. Also there is an award given by Washington State, which is known as The Washington State Award. The award was originally given in memory of Heather C. Frank. The award is given out every year to a student or company that excel in the field.


    The Governor of Missouri also gives out an award every year, this award which is called The Governor’s Humanities Award. The local council, that is the Missouri Humanities Council, shows their appreciation each year for all of the students and organizations who make outstanding contributions to the fields of Humanities. They hold an awards night at which several different awards are handed out.  The Community Heritage Award, The Book Award and the toast of the night, The Excellence in Humanities Education Award.