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  • Glitter & Goth
    A community for perky glittery goths!

  • Dot Write
    A community for writers over the age of 18 who have a substantial amount of works posted on either their own domain or someone else's. Blogs don't count.

  • Masturbate

  • AlternativeBellyDance
    The Alternative BellyDance community is an online gathecommunity place for those who like their bellydance a little bit edgier... dancers, musicians, dj's, and vendors representing the alternative/gothic/fusion/neo-tribal/ATS/urban tribal style bellydance genres are all welcome here, as well as instructors, troupes, and venues.

  • Ecniecs Community and Banner !
    The purpose of the optional Community for Ecniecs, (an RPG Realm in yahoo’s Science Chat) is to combine a web-community with a random banner rotator. Only sites dedicated to some form of Role-Playing will be allowed to join this community.

  • World of Darkness Community

  • The Internet Writers Circle
    A Place for writers to meet, shar{;}691{;}e ideas and present their works to the internet community.{;}A True Circle of Friends shacommunity their art.

  • Unknown Chronicles
    Expressions of imaginations, & realism wrapped in a book, a book of endless feelings, endless thoughts, a book of poetry ...

  • Wolfrunners
    Wolfrunners is an online community for women writers and artists working in the genres of science fiction and fantasy.

  • Tattoodled
    A community for anyone who is proud to be tattooed!!

  • Element
    A community based strongly on art and fan stuff, will allow anime, manga sites...death, beasts, and demons will be allowed...fantasy and sci fi, original characters except for fan stuff...

  • Nature Elements - Earth
    Element of Zodiac - Earth.

  • Original Slash Writers Guild
    The official Original Slash Writers Guild community.

  • Writopia
    A community for amuture writers who just love to write and want opinions. Your web page does not matter, only your story, so any writer can join!

  • Muse of Divinity
    this is a community for anyone who has a site containing but not limited to anything artistic. be it drawings, poetry, music ect.... all muses welcome!

  • Anything Jhonen Community
    Anything Jhonen Community contains sites about Jhonen and his works. Please join this community!

  • :: Shounen ai Art ::
    This community is about to unite all shounen ai/yaoi manga/art drawers :>

  • Perfect Shining
    This community is a reunion of peapol who wants to exprime their feeling and what they think. Best values lead to best community.

  • Danse Orientale - BellyDance
    Anneau regroupant des sites sur la Danse Orientale

  • The Loathsome Dragon Community
    Multifield message board on the origins of the Loathsome Dragon

  • Opinionated
    A community for anyone with an opinion. There are no restrictions to sites that you can add. They can have a blog, diary, poetry, rants, whatever.

  • The New Republic Community
    A great community for all those members of the New Republic on SW-1 MUSH. A fabulous way of joining the NR together in new and interesting ways.

  • !~The Artcorner BBS Community~!
    A community exclusively for Website owning members of the Artcorner BBS. {;}{;}http://www.artcorner.org/{;}:)

  • Quit for Good
    We are a bunch of great girls just trying to have a friendly place to chat and pray for each other , have a little fun.

  • PraxisPad
    A community for grad school bloggers. To see what others go through, how they deal, what different programs mean to different people, how you are not the only one slacking off and reading web journals right now. {;}

  • Worldwide Wetfelters
    A community of wetfelters around the world. People who enjoy the fiber arts and have a special interest and talent in felting with water.

  • Cuntalicious!
    A community for opinionated women.

  • Fanlisting.co.uk Community
    I started up this community for fanlistings that are`nt in the http://thefanlistings.org/. I thought it`d be nice for there to be a community for those who were a little slow off the mark. But any fanlistings are welcome. All I ask is that the Community graphic be on the first page to your fanlisting (so is one of the first things people see)

  • Spirit Realm
    Creative site done in flash of the Native American Crow

  • The_POTW_Community
    This is the POTW community. If you have A non-commercial website, and would like to join us,Please feel free to do so. We welcome everyone with open arms and friendship.

  • Babies United
    This community is especially made for parents (to be) who are keeping up a weblog (babyblog) for their newborn or yet unborn babies.

  • Swedish Anime & Manga
    A swedish community for swedish owners of manga and anime sites. Please join if you're swedish and own a manga and anime site.

  • Fantasy Online RPGs
    A community that bcommunitys together rpgs based on online roleplaying. Whether it be PBEM or Messenger... to highly structured RPOL or PBW message board styles.

  • Young Moms of Faith
    The Young Moms of Faith community was created to link together the personal homepages of moms who believe. Moms who are spiritual and celebrate their spirituality in any way are welcome here, whether you are Christian, or follow another world religion. Even though we are young mothers (under age 25 when we had our first pregnancy), we find strength in each other and in our faith in God, in the Creator, or in whichever higher power we believe in.

  • FlyLadyBloggers
    For bloggers who are following the FlyLady!

  • Femininine Xpressionz
    Women of strength, beauty and courage. Women who have had adversity in their lives and have come through to the other side. We are a community of women who through our love of creating Graphics,Photography, poetry and other forms of expressions, have come together to form this Community. To support each other in shacommunity our artistic expressions , showcasing and/or selling our products. From Web Designs, to Paint Shop Pro Signature Tags. Poetry and Photography to our stories and much more. Join Now and become part of " Woman who Dare to be Different"!

  • The Artists Spot
    Artist with unique and unusual art work who enjoy showing and shacommunity their work with everyone who loves art. Come on join the community and let us have some fun!
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