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  • Blue Dragon's Community
    Welcome to my realm! Browse around for gifs, images, and grapics for your website. HTML help pages are here for you on my links page.

  • HipSnip Community ~ for scrappy young mommies

    Surf the HipSnip community to find other scrappy young mommies! Need scrapbook layout ideas? Want to share yours? Join the community to show your talent as a young mom who knows how to scrap! We share layout ideas, journalling tips, cropping advice, and everything in between!

  • Carissa's Paranormal Community
    This community is open to anyone with a website dealing with the paranormal, angels, supernatural occurences, ghosts or spiritual beings.

  • Café Satan's Ring of Eternal Damnation
    This is not a place for the Jeffrey Dahmers of the world, but for those who know the difference between sensible outrage and anal retentive indignation; a place for good spirited irreverence and for any questioning of the accepted wisdom that some may find offensive, for no particularly valid reason. Pages which discuss Satan, Hell, the Gnostic demiurge or related topics in a more scholarly religious, philosophical or literary context, either Jewish, Christian, Islamic or other, are also most welcome, as is reasonably sophisticated black comedy. Not a good place for Fundamentalists, and New Ag

  • Young Moms
    A community for young mothers and moms to be! Find other sites just for you, or add yours to get more traffic.

  • charmed
    For those pages that have art, poetry, prose, journals, photography or other artistic endeavors, and for people that have a trait that fascinates, allures, or delights other people's minds.

  • Multiple Views
    This journal collab is open to all multiples

  • Jazz Babies on the Web
    An eclectic collection of 1920s culture. Your site must be appropriate to the period. If you like to read Dorothy Parker while listening to Gershwin, play mah jong or watch silent movies, this community is for you.

  • Star Trek Artists' Community
    A community for everyone who{;}creates

  • Player
    A community for theater fans

  • .o0 Paris Cafe - The Community of Fire 0o.
    The Original Geocities Paris Cafe Chat Community Member Community

  • self disgust is self obsession
    {;}{;}turn self disgust into self obsession/expression.{;}show your disgust in ways constructive{;}instead of: destructive.{;}imagination, give birth to creation,{;}bleed words onto a page{;}paint/pain, sculpt a way out of sadness.{;}

  • Fair Horse Art
    This community is for all horse lovers who have a passion to draw horses. Join this community and increase your web visits!

  • Waterhouse Art
    For all lovers of John William Waterhouse if you have some of his art than join the community{;}

  • For The Girls
    This community is for all women with family safe websites on the internet. Unfortunately, you need a website as this is a community only. If you are a women over 18 and have a family site on the net, then please come and join us.

  • Role-Playing Online
    Role-Playing Online is a Community designed to link all Role-Playing sites together. As long as the content is clean, then the site is welcomed to join. Managed by the Community of Realms.

  • The Lake, Snow and Special Effects Community
    This community is open to anyone currently using, or would like to learn how to use, "lake", "snow",or other special effects applets or other image enhancements such as animated .gif's, etc. If you have a nice site or would like to make your site nicer, join this community!

  • The Raven's Community
    This community is devoted to poetry, stories, essays, anything literary, and fantasy. We also welcome sites on witchcraft, paganism, magick, shamanism, etc. All those with a creative heart are welcome to join. Check out www.theravenshaven.com.

  • driven like the snow
    another cute community for tori sites

  • Entwined Hearts
    A V.C. Andrews community for Entwined Hearts.

  • child care forms to help run your homes or centers child care
    This community is for any one who has a child care or anything that can help the providers and the parents of our children we car for.

  • Bards of Fortune - School of Shakespeare
    Bards Fortune Literature Site Competition, Shakespeare Team

  • Dancing Into Freedom
    This is a community for all those who really want to live their lives. It is inspired by the many songs which compare dancing to living and freedom.

  • 30 plus journallers..
    Journallers of 30 years and older, can join this community, we started out as Diary-x only members, but other journallers are welcome to join as well!

  • Paint Shop Pro Graphics & Tubin'
    This site is a paint shop pro club.

  • WebTasticWomen
    "THE" community for creative (webtastic) women around the world!!!!


  • I want to delete this acct
    Garden Swap is a great place to meet new people, exchange plants and flowers, recipes, secret plant exchanges, pet pages, water and bog plants, group chat room, craft pages, favorite gardening sources, exchange lists, helpful hints, money saving tips, games, perennial & bulb discussions, discussions about annuals, houseplants, photo gallery, vegetable gardening, fun pages all of this and more.

  • Christian Communitys
    A Community for Christian Communitys. There are so many communitys who want to join as members of other communitys and so this one is for them rather than for individual ministry sites.

  • Santee_Cooper Catfish
    This Community is dedicated to Cat Fishing. Anyone with a web site about Catfish is welcomed to join. Also any sites pertaining to fishing in general are also welcomed. NO PROFANITY ALLOWED And NO ADULT MATERIAL.

  • Web's Most Haunted
    Webs most haunted

  • U.S. History
    A community for U.S./American history web pages. No sites promoting hate or prejudice allowed.

  • Dementians of the Teenage
    A collections of sites authored by the teenage population. Features original artwork, photography, prose, memoirs, philosophy, and original thought. Come check us out, or join!

  • The Community of Amateur Photographers
    A community dedicated to photographers of all genres.

  • Milady Adoption Shop Community
    Adoption Community for members only

  • poisoned lips
    Layout unimportant. Sites which are obsessive, poetic, pretty, personal, deep, shallow, emotional.

  • somewhere i have never travelled
    the first time my eyes touched him, i threw my head back and laughed. the second, they seemed to want to linger. the third time, they began to look on him in a different way... and the fourth, his eyes met mine and the world seemed to explode into a million dancing colors. {;}{;}i changed, then, realized how wrong i had been to judge him without knowing, before understanding how he would inspire me so. {;}{;}*** {;}{;}somewhere i have never travelled is a community for individuals who have experienced a similar awakening. has some person, some book, some poem, some word touched you in a way yo

  • Net Sister's Artistic Committee Community
    Form members of the Net Sisters.Org Artistic Committee ONLY

  • Christian Country Community
    If you have a love of the Lord and countryt things, join us!

  • Steele's Harem
    For fans of Type-O-Negative's Peter Steele

  • G.R.I.T.S. Girls Raised In The South
    Girls Raised In The{;} South! A community for southern{;} gals, shacommunity life and{;} wisdom in a southern{;} tradition.

  • War Poetry Community
    This website is dedicated to all war veterans who fought for democracy.{;}They are always Remembered and never will be forgotten!

  • Bruno's Craft Mall
    A community for craft related sites and malls.

  • WatchIndieActivism
    A community for people of all ages who are independent thinkers, and wary of main stream media. get pissed that corporations have more control over the direction of our government than it's citizen's. it's about issuses that are important to the non-mainstream, freedom of speech, privacy and choice. if this sounds important to you join WatchIndieActivism

  • Beautiful Liar
    This community is a collection of personal web pages, which may or may not be gothic-oriented, but express creative thinking in the form of stories, poetry, and the like.

  • Revolutionary Poetry
    This community is for trenchant, hard-hitting contemporary poetry (or poetry from the past from any culture) which questions the false assumptions, lies and horrible hypocrisies which are at the core of

  • Global Groovism gathers great groups
    getting the globe to groove toghether will be a miraculous moment

  • Show Me the Way Community
    Bcommunity colour back into this grey world.

  • where good girls go to die
    community for personal as well as london after midnight websites
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