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  • Artists who Sculpt
    This is a ring of sculptors hosted by http://www.ladyartisanltd.com

  • BBESTBlogs
    All the bloggers in this ring have a shop on Etsy and are members of BBEST (Boomers and Beyond Street Team) on Etsy. The ring showcases the wide variety of arts and crafts offered by the BBEST Team.

  • ABPECO-A Community
    Community for Artist of Alt.Binaries.Erotica.Original-Art{;}

  • #poetry diaries
    the diaries of dalnet's #poetry's regulars.

  • Landscape Artists
    A community for landscape artists to exhibit their works. The site must be of top quality to be admitted to the community. The final decision on admitting member sites and/or removing sites remains with the communitymaster.

  • Affected Scribes
    Affected Scribes is a community for those who are passionate about their art. Art can be anything from writing to drawing to digital art, and anything in between. It is a community designed to promote friendship, as well as giving added exposure, to budding artists and writers.

  • Fine Art Doll Community
    Within this community are sites featucommunity primarily original fine art dolls, or figurative sculpture. Hand-crafted originals, small limited-editions, and one-of-a-kinds are the focus.

  • Subdued AsthetiK
    join the ever dreaming, in an artistic forum, devoted too all who seek a further meaning to life, and a deeper undestanding of all the rocks that people fear to turn over. a Calm. Within Chaos. a passion. life.

  • Art Quilting around the world
    Art quilting has become so popular these days. Anything to do with Art Quilts will work here..

  • Drawing Arts
    Sites devoted to the drawing arts.

  • Pixel Shading Paradise
    A clique for those that love pixel shading or pixel art!

  • Art's Friends - Arti in rete
    We love every kind of art, and you're welcome on the community if you want to show your artistic talent. This community accept every site that features one of these contents: music, visual arts, poetry, literature, philosophy, artistic photography and avantgardes in every kind of art.

  • Intuitive Artists
    A group of sites that consist of intuitive artists with interests that include spirit drawings, mandalas, art therapy, tai chi, psychic awareness, synchronicity, Indigos, Crystal Children, and angels. People in this group are interested in creating positive, energetic, healing experiences for the world around them.

  • Women Artists

  • shutterbugs
    a community devoted to amateur photographers who express themselves on film. This community includes all types of photography - from historical to artistic.

  • The Body Art Web
    The Body Art Web's would like to introduce to you another new community of theres. We have decided with the change over of yahoo/community to create a back up community for anyone who is interested in any form of body art. It can be tattoos, piercings, body paint, liquid latex, henna and more. Remember your site must have to do with body art to become a member!

  • abstract art
    a community for people that aren't afraid to experiment with their skills, whether they're musicians or graphic artists.

  • New Anthro Art Community
    This community is a spot for furry artists to show their stuff. Primarily for drawing and graphic anthropomorphic art, it isn't limited to 'just' those with drawing talent: Those furry fiction writers and those who are furry at heart and have stuff to show are more than welcome.

  • Candy Candy's Community
    A community dedicated to promoting new Candy Candy fan sites.

  • Art on Me
    Community for people with art on their lives !

  • Obscured Artists
    A community devoted to those artists that have not recieved extensive recognition for their works. Are you not well known and need exposure? Is your work of the quality to be considered fine art? If yes then submit your site to Obscured Artists for consideration.

  • Pastel Artists
    A community of artists using the medium of pastels to create their works of art. Any of the pastels (soft pastels, hard pastels, oil pastels or pastel pencils) may be used. The site must be of top quality to be admitted to the community. The final decision on admitting member sites and/or removing sites remains with the communitymaster.{;}

  • discourse
    a community for review sites that want hits.

  • The Pagani Press Community
    Are you a pagan artisan, be it author, artisit, or musician? We want to help you advertise! (Please not that being in the community does NOT make you

  • Vintage Pin Up Art
    This is a community devoted to Pin up art of the 40s and 50s, such as Gil Elvgren, Fritz Willis Alberto Vargas, Pearl Frush etc. It also includes magazine covers from the same time period. There is also a section on my original artwork.

  • Raw Jewelry
    This site is open to jewelry artists of any media, who create jewelry as opposed to assembling it, ie: handmade beads, one-of-a-kind pieces, creative materials and techniques.

  • Objects by Artists
    Three dimensional pieces in a variety of materials and media. Artists and designers showing and selling their wares.

  • Art Glass
    Glass artists showing and selling their glaas work such as kiln-fired slumped and fused glass, pate de verre and hot glass, and exceptional cold glass work.

  • Table On
    WebTV Table Artisets

  • Alizée Community
    Alizée Sites

  • dIFfident artistry
    Definition of "diffident": showing modest reserve, lacking self-confidence. If you have a site with SOME of your artwork on it (not all of it, as you are hence diffident to do so)...and you are perhaps using a pseudonym (because of your diffident attitude towards being really and truly discovered), AND you KNOW that you really like your own work, then THIS would be the community to join.

  • Belongs_2No1 Sig Community
    A Community for the imaginary Pre-Made Sigs. People with Signature Pages only are welcome.

  • The Seventh
    The community unifies those with the need to express themselves creatively.

  • Unified Awareness
    Uniting Tori Amos fan websites through respect, awareness, and positivity.

  • Recovecommunity Christians
    Tori Amos community

  • The Graphite Arts Community
    A community for all graphite artists to come together and support each other.

  • Blasphemous Delusions
    A collection of websites with a common theme. That being the use of free thought and expression.

  • OnLine Fine Art Paintings · Pinturas en la Red
    For all those artists who have a fine art paintings website. Any media or style are welcome. (oil, acrylic, pencil, ink, mixed media, watercolor, gouache, pastel). Para todos aquellos pintores que tengan presencia en internet con sus obras. Se admite cualquier estilo o medio. (óleo, acrílico, carboncillo, tintas, mixtos, acuarela, gouache, pastel)

  • Atmospheric Dreams
    A community that makes a link between musicians, writers, designers and others creators, people who like strange atmosphere and love dreaming and shacommunity...

  • Redneck, Outlaw, and Southern Community
    Anything Outlaw, Redneck , or Southern Links to tons of freeware and free stuff

  • Mixed Up Media Artwork Exchange
    To join this community contact the owner with a link to your existing website or online gallery. Once confirmed you will be asked to install three to four images from another artist on your website and your artwork will appear on someone else's website. This way we all get advertising and hits to our websites. Printing deals etc for all members!

  • RDK- Find A Reborn Artist
    Reborn Doll Kits (tm) Limited Edition Artist Reproduction Vinyl Doll Kits Created Especially For The Reborn Artist. Reborn Artist Listing, Find a Reborn Artist.

  • Etsy Hawaii Street Team
    Blog community for members of the Etsy Hawaii street team. Active participation in street team events a must!

  • AAA Original Art Oil Paintings & Reproductions
    Art Hand Painted Originals & Oil Paintings & Reproductions on Canvas, Van Gogh, Monet, Abstract Art, Cafe Scenes Floral, Landscape, Paul Cezanne, Seascape Beach Scenes, Boat Scenes, Snowscape, Still Life Scenes, Books on Art.

  • EtsyFAST
    Blogcommunity for Etsy's Fiber Arts street team. If you're interested in joining the team, visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EtsyFAST

  • Creative Diva
    A supportive and resource group for women who make unusual art, music, words, and craft with an individually eclectic flair.

    Bigiotteria, borse, sciarpe, orologi e tanto altro...tutto fatto a mano

  • Drasko Klikovac - Contemporary art prints on canvas
    Drasko Klikovac, an artist of mystery, presents to you his astonishing, exotic contemporary and figurative artwork.

  • Art Quilters
    Art Quilters share our blogs to show our work, our studios, our lives. Inspire and unite.

  • Mixed Media Blog Community
    For mixed media artists.
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