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  • The World of Architecture


    Over the years, the world’s architecture has evolved to a point where we have gone from fairly simple structures to some of the most complex buildings ever seen in history. There is no doubt that it will continue to grow and change as our technology improves and new methods are discovered, that aid us in bringing cutting edge designs to the forefront of on the construction industry. Some of the greatest cities sport incredible designs that are not only beautiful to look at, but have incorporated some of the most advanced technologies in the world. Architectural design has gone from simply creating space for people to live, work or shop, to creating environmentally friendly buildings that are energy efficient, structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

    In the past, architecture has always been something of a marvel for most people, regardless of the time. Great architects were able to take the current technology of their time and use it to create some magnificent structures, many of which are still standing to this day. Creative individuals that put the designs together for the Parthenon, the Pyramids and even Stonehenge, managed to work around the near impossibilities of their time to create some of the oldest standing structures around the world today. If you consider this, you will see that the same things apply in today’s modern world.


    If you had to consider Dubai for an example, it has become one of the most popular destinations to build the latest and greatest in virtually everything. The country is renowned for the desert skyline being covered with skyscrapers, that are tall, built to be “green”, shaped like a yacht, or simply just big enough to contain the biggest shopping mall in the world! The Burj al Arab Hotel, a monstrous yacht shaped building that rests in the ocean on a man made island, is the only 7 star Hotel in the world. It also made use of some of the most advanced engineering, architectural designs and concepts known to man.


    Architecture has played an important role in, not only making buildings appealing, but has also been used to create some of the tallest buildings in the world. In fact, there is a new project underway, in Dubai once again, for a building that is twice the size of the empire state building, and thanks to the marvels of architecture, it is possible for these monsters to be built. Considering the weather conditions in Dubai, the strong desert winds, and the extreme heat have forced the architects to think differently in terms of the designs and stretched the limits when it comes to making the world’s tallest building a reality. They had to alter the design of the building so that it diffuses the effects of strong wind on the tall building, creating an elegant design that is structurally sound and safe!

    As you can see, by simply creating elegant designs, using the most modern methods available, architecture has become a well refined art, that requires an in depth knowledge of construction and design, to bring us long lasting impressions of beauty and grandeur.