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  • Josef Originals Community
    This is a community for those of us that love, love, love, Josef Originals figurines. Let's share out collections with each other!!

  • Antiques
    Art is a collectible. Many objects of art can be appreciated throughout the centuries.

  • The Phonograph Community (Migrated)
    Tentative new home for the Phonograph Community I founded on community.com back in 1998, since a migration appears desirable. We welcome sites dealing with early phonographs, gramophones, 78s, cylinder records and recorded sound in general -- information, pictures, dealers, auctions, sound files!

  • All things vintage or repurposed
    For those people who love vintage and retro

  • Antiques

    This is a very interesting topic for anyone who is interested to welcome the oldies that are still goodies. There are number of different styles of antiques depending on when and where it was made. All you need to know is, where to find it and what to look for in it. They are believed to be at least 100 years old and yet there are still many more things to look at.

    Antiques are usually the objects where you can see some degree of craftsmanship. We are attracted to these pieces for their unique and stunning workmanship that has gone into their creation. We are always being taken to amazement constantly at the skill that is put to produce such stunning works. We need to find caretakers for such treasured possessions.

    There are various channels that showcases different fine arts made of Bronzes, Carvings, Drawings, Paintings, Photography, Posters, Prints, Sculptures, Silhouettes and other art items. Works of art featured in these channels range from original antique pieces to reproductions and contemporary art that are usually created by the artist. If you enjoy visiting museums of Art or Art exhibitions, we think you will enjoy these channels. Their prices vary to accommodate everyone from decorators, the enthusiasts up to the sophisticated collector.

    It is all about caring for, cleaning and storing your antique and collectibles. Old cast iron can serve you well if properly cleaned and seasoned. You will have to find out how to tackle the job of caring, cleaning and storing your antique in the right and proper manner. But in order to keep its value, it must be taken care of properly.

    Antiques have over almost 1,450 dealers from 29 different countries approximately. They have filled the warehouses with their collection of antiques and antique reproductions. It is a multi-generational hobby that has been growing in popularity for several decades now. Millions of people join in the hunt for something valuable, something historic and something antique. But all of them are not equal.

    Some co­llectors think that articles made before 1830 are the real antiques. These items were hand-crafted by necessity in those days. Later with the ind­ustrial age having kicked in, many items were manufactured by machines. You need to spot the real antiques. Your visual inspection is the first step in detecting a restored, faked or reproduced antique. If you have serious doubts about an antique there are scientific high-tech methods like X-rays, microscopy and ultraviolet, CT scan and infrared analysis to authenticate their age and manufacture methods. Different cutting and sanding tools leave distinctive marks and give clues to the era during which a piece was made. ­

    The popular zeal for antiques, or antiquities have risen from excavations.

     The antique that was originally well-constructed with high-quality materials, excellent craftsmanship and design, will have high value even today. The originals are highly valued than well-crafted antique reproductions. Pieces in good condition with original finishes are preferred to those that have been restored, repaired or refinished.