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  • The PetShop of Horrors Community
    A Community for all the PetShop of Horrors fans and websites on the web. Part of the Contract: Broken Clique Collective.

  • DBZ Fangirl
    Are you a fan of the awesome anime, Dragon Ball Z? Well, then, this is the right community for you! Show your fandom... girl? guy? Doesn't matter! Just join! ^^

  • Gold Digger
    A community for sites supporting and related to the Gold Digger comic and animation series.

  • The Crossover Fanfiction Community
    This community is dedicated to crossover fanfiction sites both large and small.

  • bon-bon
    mahou shoujo sprite adoption community.

  • Gohan's Web Community
    A community of the best Dbz sites on the net. We beleve in bcommunity you the best and only the best.

  • The best sailor moon sites on the net
    this is a fun site with communitys, fan clubs, and lots more.

  • TheStreet
    Deep in an unknown city on the peek of disaster is a single street where Monsters, Daemons, and Jobseekers roam... Watch your back as you,

  • I Love ME!
    For people with love for your self ^^!

  • Cannon Fodder. Beware of Zekes.
    A Community dedicated to the collaboration of Zeon loyalists and fans! All pro-Zeon or Gundam websites welcome.

  • Beblogs
    A community for Cowboy Bebop fans with weblogs or other types of online journals.

  • Hamha!
    A community for fans of the super-kawaii anime, Hamtaro! ^^

  • FanArt PL
    Polish fanart community - manga & anime

  • Sweet Magic
    Sitios de Ojamajo Doremi en Español! Shrines, Paginas Generales, Multimedia, Mp3, aqui!

  • The Balance Challenge
    A community for those who stuggle with balancing schoolwork and managing websites or webdesign.

  • InDividUalitY
    A community dedicated to unique sites ^-^

  • Paradise Logs
    A community for people who love the manga Paradise Kiss!

  • Sailormoon Webmistresses United
    A community for all girls who own a Sailormoon site.

  • Pretear Logs
    A community for Pretear fans with weblogs!

  • El Don Oscuro community
    Para todas aquellas personas que poseen un Don Oscuro, ya sea en el dibujo o en el relato.

  • .:Inuyasha's Well:.
    This is a community for all who just love Inuyasha!

  • Forever Manga Artist
    A community for all those who have made sites to their anime/manga styled artwork.

  • Bishounen Harem Yaoi Community
    Sites featucommunity yaoi and/or shounen-ai in some form or another with plenty of bishounen to spare! No blogs, please.

  • ++Kimi Ni Todoke Northern Lights++
    un directorio de paginas de shaman king yhecho x la grandiosa Anna , mwa hahahahaha.

  • #1 Anime Community
    This is one Community all anime sites needs to be apart of!!

  • Trade with Me
    A community for online TCG card collectors.

  • Apo/0 Logs
    This is a community dedicated to unite all Apocripha/0 fans that have online journals or blogs ^_^

  • *My*Friend*Shishiwakamaru*
    A community/clique/fanlist of people who love Shishiwakamaru

  • Youkai Community
    A community for all sites that support 'youkai paicommunitys'.

  • The Goth Potion Community
    How do you cast your spell on the world? Are you a chemical? A pill? Perhaps you are a magical elixir or herbal soak? Maybe you’re a nice serum or killer poison! NOTE: It is NOT limited to grrls, either. Guys (or bois) can be down too.

  • Kita's Community of Unsane Anime Lovers
    this is a community for all anime lovers old and young.

  • Kawaii Free Hosted Sites
    This is a site for all those people who have their sites hosted on free web servers like angelfire, freewebs and geocities. This is for those who have cute website or cool anime site and want to join and view other cute or cool free site. You bearly see them anymore on search engines right so here is your chance to browse and join join join!!!

  • Sparks: A Berserk Yaoi Community
    A little community for all your Berserk Yaoi needs. Come and join us!

  • Of Another World's Romance
    This community supports the romantic relationship between Kurama and Kagome. Join in on the crossover community!

  • Inuyasha
    An Inuyasha Community/Clique.

  • Run With Me
    We are a community dedicated to all things Wolf's Rain! Fan sites Shrins, Fan listings you name it we want it!

  • Awe-Inspicommunity Anime Sites
    Any anime sites that are hentai free and have lots of cool anime/manga content. Sites that leave you breathless. AWE-INSPIRING sites.

  • AnK: A GS/GSD cosplay community
    For Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny cosplayers! Be it Japanese, Chinese, Eurasian, American, Taiwanese or anything else! So long as you have a cosplay site and love cosplaying characters from Gundam Seed and/or Gundam Seed Destiny just sign up now! ^o^

  • Hokuto no Ken Seikyoukurin Holy Community Surf
    The Hokuto no Ken Seikyoukurin Holy Community Surf honors all Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star, Ken Le Survivant, Ken Il Guerriero, El Puño de la Estrella del Norte, Tinju Bintang Utara, Book Doo Oui Kwon, Bei Dou Zhi Quan) websites in any language anywhere in the world! It's all about the love of Hokuto no Ken, the greatest Anime and Manga series there ever was and ever will be! If you love Hokuto no Ken, then your site belongs in the Holy Community Surf!

  • We Don't Walk Alone
    You are a Gundam Wing fan right? Well of corse you are or you wouldn't be here! Well I have a community for YOU! Let all us GW Fans UNITE! Let the world know that Gundam Wing Fans "We Don't Walk Alone".

  • Kaiba Family Tradition
    The Kaiba Family Tribute is for sites that focus on the Kaiba Family, whether it be one indivudual of that family, or brotherly love. All relationships welcomes.

  • P-chan's Community
    A community devoted to Anime/Manga/Video Game/Graphic fansites! ^_^

  • Fruits Basket Fans Community
    Fansite dedicado a Fruits Basket, anime y manga,info, descargas y más para informar al fan más exigente.

  • H4CK the Upcoming TV Show!
    This is a community for my new tv show, H4CK! It's gonna be awesome so check it out!

  • D.Gray-man Unity
    If you love D.Gray-man, by Hoshino Katsura, then this is the place to come. List your website here whether it be for the Exorcists, the Noahs and anyone in between!

  • Anime Cosmo Community
    For all anime, video game, manga, Jpop/rock, Kpop/rock, and graphics sites.
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