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  • The Injenn.net FDD Community
    If you own a Fictional Digidestined and Digimon site, you're welcome here! Let's see how many we can collect!

  • InuYasha Community BR
    Aliança de sites de InuYasha do Brasil!

  • Cosplay Resources Community
    A collection of sites dedicated to helping cosplayers with their creations. We accept sites with tutorials and do-it-yourself style resources.

  • Shounen Clique // Community
    Shounen Clique

  • Shinsengumi Alliance
    Shinsengumi Alliance is open to all websites and webmasters who are interested in the Shinsengumi in fiction. We are an anime, movie, game and manga community. As long as your site has a decent amount of Shinsengumi (even if it's just one character like Okita or Saitou) we will approve the link as long as it is not offensive. Join us!

  • hunter x hunter
    A hunter x hunter community containing any site related to hunter x hunter on the web.

  • Crest of Kindness' Communitys
    A community for shrines dedicated to digimon characters!

  • Vejita love
    A community for all dragonball Z fans!! fanart and fanfic sites too =) Vejita is the best tho! admit it =D

  • Vegetaholic
    Are YOU the ultimate Vegeta fan..?

  • Forevermore
    Magi // Forevermore.

  • The Ranma-chan Community
    This Community is for linking together sites that have fanfiction where Ranma lives as a girl, Ranko, or another name.

  • The CUTE Alliance
    A community for sites that are just plain CUTE!!!!

  • Fullmetal-Community
    Dieser Community verfolgt das Ziel, Fullmetal Alchemist Seiten untereinander zu verlinken und somit ggf. neue Freundschaften zu erschaffen.

  • No Otaku, No!
    A community to bcommunity awarness of the word, otaku.

  • The All Anime Community
    All Anime Community lets ALL anime sites join! (Excluding hentai of course!)

  • Eilonnwy's Yamato Community
    All about Yamato!

  • GD2K
    A community of sites dedicated to peoples charicters they use on and off of the online world of GD2K, art and stories, logs and fun stuff... enter the mad world of online GD2K madness.

  • Mitchell's Anime Community

  • InuYasha Dreams Community
    This is Inuyasha Dreams community!

  • Digital Connection
    Help support kekari!

  • Souless's DBZ community
    The ultimate DBZ community with all the best sites.

  • Soujiro
    community for fans of Seta Soujiro.

  • animoon.de anime&manga community
    Anime&Manga Community! To join is to become someone. Become someone and join!

  • Koishikawa Community
    This is a community dedicated to Marmalade Boy manga sites!

  • Geofront: Evangelion Community
    An exellent Site with many pictures, videos Bios and much, much, more! Also has a section of Original music videos.

  • Rurouni Kenshin Romantic Couples Community.
    A community that has links to pages of RK's couples. Like stuff like K&K. Even if only has a few stuff on it. Rurouni Kenshin Couples only.

  • Love to Miaka Community
    A community for all Miaka Yuuki fans!

  • Sprite adoption senter
    A community for those who have adoption centers for sprites or if they have adopted a sprite.

  • Blue Senshi
    A site that is a clique/community where you adopt kawii blue senshi made by the owner!

  • Cute -n- Stuff
    An elite community for the cutest sites on the web =9

  • Kaleido Star Community
    El primer community latino para la fantástica serie anime Kaleido Star, que incluye fansites en general, sitios de fanfics, fanarts y mucho mas!

  • The Psychofangirls Club
    The community for all you psych fan girls out there! (and boys ^.^){;}{;}fan art, fan fiction and lots of other random craziness!!!

  • Support S+S!
    It's a web clique supports the anime couple Li Syaoran and Sakura Kinomoto of Card Captor Sakura!

  • The Sailor Senshi Charm Bracelet
    A Sailormoon community that welcomes any page dealing with the series.

  • Cliquety Cliques
    A community for all clique owners.

  • Studio Ghibli Anime Community

    Community del Anime y Manga en español{;}Unete a la Familia OTAKU!!

  • dragon girl
    A community for the really web savvy Filia fans!

  • Dragonball Z - Saiyans Revenge
    The Best Dragonball z community on the net...for all Your dbz needs! To be a True saiyan you must join and become the greatest...

  • Nebula Saint Community
    The first and original Saint Seiya community, which wishes to join all Saint Seiya fans around the world.

  • Densetsuno
    Densetsuno. Legend, or tall-tale?

  • Savvy
    A community that focuses on the lesser known characters in anime, manga, and vidoe games.

  • Oekaki BBS Spanish Community
    Community para los usuarios hispanos del Oekaki BBS

  • Card Captor Sakura & more
    Dies ist der Community von Sakura. Hier können Anime und Mangaseiten zu Card Captor Sakura, Angelic Layer, Wish, Magic Knight Rayearth, Angel Sanctuary, Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne, Sailor Moon und Wedding Peach angemeldet werden.

  • The Lemon-Fiction Community
    Join the community of the net's largest lemon collection stories. (Or soon to be.)

  • The Aniverse As We Know It
    This community is for any site with anime related content in it. Join if you want I don't care it's your choice.

  • Eden's Rose
    This community is for all Kurama fans, and fans of Yu*Yu*Hakusho who find special traits in a certain kitsune thief.

  • Weasel Rules
    The community to Makimachi Misao from Rurouni Kenshin

  • Before Knight Hunters
    A community just for people who were fans of Weiss Kreuz BEFORE

  • ANIME+4+LIFE Community
    Ein Anime & Manga Community!!!{;}Für alle Anime & Manga Seiten, außer Hentai!!
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