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  • Animated Signature Dolls
    for sites who have adopted a animated signature doll graphic to get together and show off there signatures!

  • Duality: A Sano and Megumi Community
    A community for all supporters of the chicken head and the fox lady!

  • Anime Christian Art
    A community for anime art, comics, and other various items.

  • Get Genki!
    you're different. you're fun. your domain isn't foreverdepressed.com. you know what you are? you're genki! and you love to show how happy + energetic you can be. :)

  • Fanjo
    This community was specifically made for good quality online shojo manga! I am looking for as many good quality shojo manga out there who would like to be part of a community. This community is just a way to gather some great comics together so readers will be able to find your site easier. It doesn't take a lot to get into this community as long as your manga is of good quality and is shojo. I would prefer if your manga had a fantasy kind of background in it, but if it doesn't that's all right.

  • Otaku
    Community for anime related fanlistings.

  • Partido Shonenaiesco Yaoiero
    Anillo para apoyar el yaoi.

  • Rp Sites!

  • Kumagorou Fans
    If you are a fan of Kumagorou then you can join. Your site doesn't even have to be about Kumagorou. You just have to be a fan or love him or even Have one. And if you have one you are so COOL!

  • the Time Stranger Kyoko community
    The 'net's first Time Stranger Kyoko community ! Yah ! XD *calms down again o_o;*

  • Glomp
    For those who would love to glomp CLAMP characters and tell the world ^.^ (currently searching for host)

  • I LOVE Dragonball
    A community where you can can say that you LOVE Dragonball!

  • Digital Girls Community
    a community for all female webmistress with talent and love for the Digimon Girls!

  • Anime-Manga Finland
    Tähän voivat liittyä kaikki, joilla on jokin anime/manga -aiheinen kotisivu

  • Open Book
    A community for open-minded writers and/or readers of fanfiction, who believe that the quality of a fic shouldn't be judged by how perfectly it fits into canon, but by how much they enjoy reading it.

  • Dreaming Gravitation
    A community of Gravitation fan sites.

  • Jump Blog Jump
    A community to link together bloggers who read and/or obsess about manga series that run in Shuueisha's Jump series. While the blog focuses on Weekly Jump, fans of other Jump series and anime based on Jump series are welcome to join.

  • MARS Logs
    A community for fans of MARS with blogs.

  • Nii Jyeni Clique
    Are you a psychotic Nii fan? Lord knows we are. Show your love. Do it.

  • Paradise Logs
    A community for people with blogs who love Ai Yazawa's talented Gokinjo Monogatari and Paradise Kiss mangas!

  • Inuyasha And Anime Forever
    A Community for Inuyasha and Anime Lovers Alike!

  • El anillo de Kai Kai
    Anillo dedicado ah las paginas de fanfics...

  • German Manga Artists
    This is a community only for german manga artists. If you wanna know more please visit the main site of the community! ^^

  • Daisy's Web Petals
    Get to know the friendly world of anime, with sites that relate to Anime. Site styles include but are not limited to, design sites, blogs, fanlistings, cliques, shrines, and listings of anime sites.

  • I Love Kumagoro
    The sister community to the Kumagorou Fan community. Same rules. You must be a fan of Kumagorou some kind of way. You dont have to have a site devoted to him, though it would be cute :) Personal websites/blogs are welcome here also.

  • Evangelion Fanfiction Community
    Neon Genesis Evangelion Fanfiction Community

  • Kenshin & Tomoe Memorial Community
    The community opened to all Kenshin & Tomoe supporter/ fans

  • Shota Friends
    shota lovers this is our community!!!

  • Anime and Video Games FanFic Archives
    A community for all fic archivists, no matter the genre or series.

  • The Original Community
    for more info about this community, visit: http://studioy.popuri.org/community.html

  • The Outlaw Star Community
    The first Outlaw Star community. Probably 'cause I started it before there were really any sites on the net... All Outlaw Star sites welcome.

  • Ichiban
    Di Gi Charat ~`

  • The Watase Yuu Community
    A Community to unite all Anime/Manga of Watase Yuu

  • Open your Mind Open Your Heart
    This community to tell ppl that Yaoi Yuri and Het r Ok. That you don't have to put some down becouse there not Hetero

  • Member Community
    For artists who like to hang out on web boards. A community of sites with gallery pages for their own artwork and fanart.

  • Yu-Gi-Oh communitys
    this is a community for sites that are a Yu-Gi-Oh community. :)

  • Community of Fruit
    Fruits Basket community for those who own sites about the anime/manga series and love it.

  • HanaKimi Logs
    A community for Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (HanaKimi) fans with blogs.

  • Creativity!
    Un anillo para todas las webs dedicadas a crear gráficos y layouts para webs!

  • To Heart Community
    A Community for everyone that have a site with something to do with To Heart

  • Animeplanet Community
    Uno dei fantastici siti su cartoni e fumetti!Qui puoi trovare tutto ciò ke ti serve ;)

  • Latin Mangaka Community
    Community made specially for those Latin artists and writers out there.{;}Si eres latino, y te gusta dibujar o escribir, suscribete! ^_^

  • xellos and filia
    xellos and filia together, forever!

  • Steel Bonds
    A community for all sites related to the series Fullmetal Alchemist.

  • Anime Cel Creation Alliance
    For artists which offer cel painting services or materials.

  • Seeing Red
    a group for those addicted to bishonen with red hair.

  • Yu Yu Hakusho's Crystel Eyes
    for yu yu hakusho sites of any kind.

  • Saber Marionette Logs
    A community that reunites Logs from Saber Marionette Lovers

  • Shards of Yukina
    best place to find sites for the small koorime.

  • Galactic Swoop League
    Star Wars MUSH -- {;}The Galactic Swoop League (GSL) is the entity which organizes and runs the {;}official professional circuit of swoop racing in the galaxy. {;}{;}GSL consists of anyone who participates in sanctioned racing and wishes to be a member. Membership is categorized by levels of participation which grant privileges and responsibilites respectively. It is possible to be a member at more than one level and only active participants may join the GSL.
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