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  • Boys' Heaven Yaoi Community
    Boys' Heaven is a long standing community for webpages dedicated to some yaoi anime or manga theme, couple, or series.

  • Inuyasha Collection Community
    A community for all sites that fall under the Inuyasha anime/manga series to join. Fanfiction, fanart, and shrines are welcome!

  • CLAMPlogs
    A community for those blogs/logs to join if you like CLAMP! So please come join at once to show the love!

  • boygasm
    A community devoted to those of us who get our undies in a knot at the thought of beautiful anime boys fucking

  • FDD Community
    The first ever Digimon FDD Community! Open to anyone, and contact Finni-chan if you want a fragment with your own character on it!

  • Gundam Wing Fans
    If you're a Gundam Wing fan, then this is the community to join ^_~ Doesn't matter what your website is about - as long as you love Gundam Wing, you're in, baby. It's all about the love, isn't it? ^__^

  • Arte Manga en Espaņol
    Anillo de artistas y arte manga en espaņol

  • Shounen-ai orG
    community sponsored by shounen-ai.org, intended to bcommunity together shounen-ai lovers online

  • Harry Potter Anime Fangirls Anonymous
    A community for HP fangirls to gather and join together!

  • Masquerade - A Series Blog Community
    This is a community dedicated to those who love to pretend to be a character in their favorite series! o^.^o

  • Fangirl
    A community for fangirls. Blogs, domains, fanlistings, shrines, and personal sites all welcome. If you're a fangirl and you express it, this is the community for you!

  • The Ghost Guild
    The Ghost Guild is another name for the Yu Yu Hakusho collective- the only one of its kind, GG bands together all YYH sites on the internet community.

  • Shoujo's Italian Sites
    Qui vengono raccolti tutti i siti italiani dedicati agli shoujo manga e anime!

  • Fancomic's Corner
    A corner of the web where aspicommunity doujinshi artists can show off their skills. We want to be THE place to go on the web for fanmanga and anime-style comics based on original ideas.

  • Lemon Log
    A community for those who support yaoi with there blog!

  • Boy Sluts
    A community for love of the slutty yaoi boy ^.~

  • Anime Artists
    Community for Anime/Manga fan artist's Galleries.

  • Yami Logs
    a community for Yami no Matsuei fans with weblogs.

  • NARUTO!community
    A community for all Naruto-related websites.

  • Gravi Logs
    A community for people with blogs who are Gravitation fans.

  • mew mews
    a community for tokyo mew mew fans.

  • The Doll House Calendars
    Cute hand drawn calendars to display on your pages.

  • X Logs
    A community for X or X/1999 lovers with blogs ^_^

  • shoujo.lover
    a community uniting weblogs of shoujo anime/manga fans everywhere!

  • The Xellos & Lina Community
    A community dedicated to the paicommunity of Xellos and Lina, from the anime Slayers.

  • +-- AbNoRmAl MaNiAc --+
    for abnormal webmaster only

  • Beyond Time: an Otaku Senshi Site Community
    This is a community for sites dedicated to Otaku Senshi.

  • The Community of Thailand Art&CG Community
    Thailand Art&Cg community is dedicated to bcommunity together web site of all Thai {;}artist that contain personal art work, CG, Manga, and any kind of fine art

  • Face It
    A community for those of us obsessed with using those lil faces! XDDDD

  • UK Anime Fan Artists
    A community for anime fan artists and doujinshi creators based in the UK. Show your anime-inspired artwork to the world!

  • ANTI-Anti-Anime
    A community to protest ANTI-ANIME group.

  • Himura Kenshin Community
    The Community to Himura Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin

  • Clamp Community
    Any sites relating to Clamp's works is welcome to join.

  • Digimon Tamers Community
    Digimn Community

  • Obsessive Obsessions
    A little community to celebrate obsessions, especially of the 2D manga kind.

  • Kanji Logs
    A community for weblogs that has anime, manga, jrock, or any other Japanese content.

  • Dark Passion
    Ein deutscher Yaoi/Shonen Ai und Yuri/Shojo Community

  • Slayers Logs
    This is a community for fans of Slayers that have an online journal or blog.

  • Bleach Domain Community
    A community for Bleach domains! If you have a domain named after Bleach characters, items, songs, or anything else, you should join!

  • End of Violence
    A community to those who believe that Subaru and Kamui were meant to be together. u.u

  • CLAMP Web
    This community's purpose is to link all quality CLAMP Related sites!

  • Shoujo Manga Artist Community
    The purpose of this community is to link together shoujo manga artists who either produce online manga or have a website dedicated to their printed work. Shounen ai and yaoi sites are also welcome, as well as shoujo doujinshi sites.

  • After Colony
    A community dedicated to linking all Gundam W related sites!

  • Hero
    A community for sites dedicated to anime and/or video games, and the heros within them.

  • Collect
    A community to join together the headquarters for all card trading sites.

  • Kaitou
    Lovers of KKJ, apply here!

  • Angelic Logs
    A fan of the CLAMP anime/manga Kidou Tenshi Angelic Layer? Have a weblog? A journal? Then join!

  • CLAMP fanlistings
    THE community for Official Fanlistings about CLAMP World!!

  • Got Usagi?
    A community for all of you Tsukino Usagi fanatics <3

  • Rei & Asuka Community
    The community to Ayanami Rei & Souryuu Asuka Langley

  • Bringing New Perspective with Modern Japanese Anime

    Entertainment is considered an important aspect in the life of the society. Generally, entertainment exists as a way for relaxation and recreation for the people to achieve a healthy balance against stress and problems gained from their lifestyle and activities. Naturally, people who are burdened with worries and problems resort to entertainment to relax and the most convenient and effective way for this is media entertainment.

    For this reason, the field of media entertainment has largely developed and expanded over the years creating new mediums and way to promote entertainment and relaxation. In this trend, a new culture in the field of entertainment is rapidly gaining popularity and preference from the modern society. Indeed, the Japanese Anime culture is becoming one of the most favored choices of media entertainment for the modern people.

    By definition, Japanese anime is their culturally-coined term for animation. Basically, this type of media entertainment uses animated figures and styles to create motion-based picture and presentation to establish entertainment. Traditionally, the foundation of Japanese anime is somewhat similar to the western form of animation such as Disney, Hanna-Barbera, and others wherein they are made through a series of hand-drawn pictures correlated with a single transitional series to create a motion simulation. Though, this process has develop in the present through the aid of modern technology, the concept is relatively similar only that the production process has become faster, efficiently, and more advanced.

    But what makes Japanese anime exceptionally favorable to the modern population making it an outstanding new culture in the field of media entertainment. The answer simply lies in the story that Japanese animation brings. Generally, Japanese anime is presented with a new taste in the art of media entertainment wherein they depict new motifs and categories in the field. This new choice in entertainment culture makes Japanese anime among the most famous media trend in the present.

    Most of the stories in the field of Japanese anime bring a new taste in the media entertainment culture. Generally, among the common storylines of modern Japanese anime include depiction of alternative reality wherein the present condition of the society is altered in way caused by chain reaction of events in the society. From this scenario, Japanese anime present a story wherein the characters must struggle and compete with various challenges to survive their condition. Another common storyline of anime is the exploration of science fiction whether having a setting in another universe, alien invasion, or creating a story in distant future with a touch of space voyage such as the infamous Voltes V, Voltron, and Sol Bianca. Another common storyline is the use of advance mechanism such as giant-sized robots modeled in the characteristics of human soldiers such as the Gundam series. Also, religion and culture are also common themes in most Japanese anime series wherein human beings must battle with evil forces for the prevalence of their survival and morality issue. Even real historical events are also common topics for modern anime production such as the movies The Day the Earth Move and Graveyard of Fireflies.

    Indeed, these new views and storylines have made modern Japanese anime one of the most influential entertainment choices of the present society.


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