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  • Chilenos
    Un community para webmasters chilenos

  • CommunitySurf: New Community
    Clothing and accessories for the 18" doll, such as "American Girl" doll, Magic Attic", etc. We have everything from doll dresses to doll fur coats, doll shoes, doll hats, etc.

  • Freedom Communitys Community
    A web competition team that is for anyone who is a patriot! *S*

  • CommunitySurf: New Community
    all type of links

  • SeeD
    A semi-elite community for all Final Fantasy Related websites. Although the title (SeeD) comes from only Final Fantasy VIII, all FF sites are welcome.

  • CommunitySurf: uronchondi
    This is an exclusive fun group of Uronchondi.

  • Darlins Community
    This community is for members only of Battle of Another Time's Darlins.

  • Weird Art
    Weird [ weerd ] (comparative weird.er, superlative weirdest) adjective 1. Odd: strange or unusual. 2. Supernatural: belonging to or suggesting the supernatural 3. Of fate: relating to or influenced by fate (archaic) [Old English wyrd fate. Ultimately from an Indo-European base meaning to turn that is also the ancestor of English verse, the underlying idea being that which comes about.] art [ aart ] noun (plural arts) Etymology: Middle English, from Old French, from Latin art-, ars 1 : skill acquired by experience, study, or observation 2 a : a branch of learning: (1) : one of the

  • CommunitySurf: New Community
    It's back! Formerly from Community, now on Community Surf! A community about saving money and making the most of that you already have. Commercial enterprises allowed to sign up, but will be reviewed before approval. Please no porn or mature stuff. Another community will be made for that at an later date.

  • 白爛動物園
    白爛動物園。 感謝您的申請加入白爛動物園。 本動物園以白爛為最高指導原則,大家爽就好。

  • Magical Paint Shop Pro
    Any group that has paint shop pro dedicated around the magical world then you are most welcome

  • Bauchtanz Berlin ----- Bauchtänzerin in Berlin ------ !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bauchtanz / Bauchtänzerinnen in Berlin

  • hOMe
    this's my tiny 2nd w0rld im still learnnin' thnx 4 every 1 supported me 'n' thnx 4 all my on line friends let's begin

  • Caffieknitted

  • IMVU Comics/Manga fans
    This community is for comics fans on IMVU. Whether you like superhero comics, graphic novels, manga, BDs, comic strips, webcomics, or just those airplane safety manuals -- this is the community for you!

  • CommunitySurf: New Community

  • Berlin Bauchtanz
    Bauchtanz - Bauchtänzerin / Bauchtänzerinnen in Berlin

  • Heaven's Pixel Angels
    Pixel Community for members of Heaven's Angels

  • Avalon Faeries
    Avalon-Faeries A site for those with a desire to lend some sparkle to the world, and indeed some brightness. Sellers of Hand made items. Hand Made Unique Headdresses, Circlets & Hairbands each "One of a Kind". Anyone with an interest in the world of Faerie, Medieval Fantasy Role-Play will find a link to the marvelous Avalonchat.com.

  • 98Mamas
    Our crazy lives

  • Scrappin'Bloggers
    This is a community for bloggers who scrapbook. A one stop spot for inspiration! We will have occasional challenges to see what all of us can do when presented with the same goal. Your blog doesn't need to be focused solely on scrapbooking. It just needs to share the occasional layout. I reccomend that you have a category on your blog dedicated to scrapbooking so people can access the scrappy portion of your blog quickly.

  • CommunitySurf: New Community
    Community for Celestial Magyk Team.

  • scribe
    this community is for those who express themselves through writing.

  • Carmen Sandiego
    Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? Here are some locations...

  • Victorian Best Sites
    The finest Victorian shopping sites on the internet offecommunity Victorian and Edwardian era reproductions - many of which are hand crafted.

  • CommunitySurf: New Community
    All free to join membership and Earn money deposited into your paypal and e-gold account!!!

  • 3D Cafe
    3D CAFE'S Community is a community made for any graphic sites. 3D graphics, bryce, textures, 3D animation, Digital images, digital art, webdesign, digital illustration, photography, graphic design or any computer generated images.

    Childrens sites full of fun stuff for kids to do. Links to free online games, color pages, puzzles, screensavers, etc. that pertain to major cartoon characters we know and love. Childrens stories, childrens books, mystery books, child literature, kid literature, christmas story, ghost story, halloween story, color pages, free games, mystery, adventure, action, humor, funny, jokes, thrilling, scary, preschool story, online story, free story, reading, writing, child safe site, survey questions, website awards, Christmas, Batman, Blues Clues, Care Bears, Dexter, Dora, Harry Potter, Hello-Kit

  • Knit Geeks
    We knit, we game! DPS, DPNs, THAC0, k2tog. This is the language we speak. Get your geek and your knit on.

  • AstoriaBloggers
    A place for Astorians to see things, say things, and collectively air their dirty laundry.

  • Celestial Magyk
    Community for the Celestial Magyk team.

  • Metroplex Knitters
    A community for knitters who live in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.

  • Jonas Armstrong
    Fansites dedicated to the actor Jonas Armstrong

  • In Riley's Honor
    This community is intended for those who have been touched by loss through miscarriage or a still born baby.

  • Price Family Community
    This is a community for anyone researching the Price Family and related names

  • All About Crazy Quilting
    If you have a passion for crazy quilting and all that is related to it this is the community for you.

  • Online Shopping Deals
    Calling all BARGAIN SHOPPERS. Shop for toys, clothing, electronics, household items, grocery items, and anything else that is a GREAT DEAL. Every family loves a BARGAIN.

  • Shakespeare in the Park Quilt-Along
    We are a group of people who are each working on making a Shakespeare in the Park quilt this year.

  • Surrealism
    This is a group that deals with Surrealism, either writings about the Surrealist Movement, art or writings derrived from methods initiated or utilized by the members of the Surrealist Movement, or the combination of the two.

  • CommunitySurf: New Community
    Anyone who enjoys the comraderie, fun, love, and promoting the art of quilting, as the Wacky Pac Quilters. Want to be a member of our group? This is as close as you will get. Join in and support us!!

  • FurPorn United
    The very best in Furry porn galleries and Collections from around the internet.

  • Accionarte
    Porque no hay arte sin la lucha, ni lucha sin el arte como fuente de inspiración liberadora y proposito de emancipación social.
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