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  • Jezebel's Jinx
    Jezebels stand up for their beliefs, don't conform, and are strong. We believe that to be different is to be charmed, because it gives us vision and insight. Every curse is a blessing... Poetry, pro-choice, art, any type of original site is welcome. {;}

  • A Gaggle of Witches
    A circle of sites owned and operated by Witches!

  • wandecommunity star

    Pixel Friends Forever
    Pixel Friends Forever Community

  • i'm not one of yr little toys
    you don't own me.

  • Glitter Whores
    This community is for us grrls (or bois) who love glitter and their quality webpages prove it!

  • In Love With the Pain
    ILWTP is a community for emotional masochists, those who thrive on emotional pain. Members' sites include self-expression through poetry, prose, artwork, a journal, music, etc.

  • Community of The Search for Self
    Community focus is anyone who is tcommunity to discover and accept themselves. Focus is on gay, lesbian, spirituaity, women, and survivors of sexual abuse.

  • Everything U Ever Wanted To Know About Me & Were Afraid 2 Ask
    If you have a 100 Things About Me page or something like it, please join us! Get to know lots of folks and have fun at the same time.

  • Crissy Wild's Transgender 2000 Community
    An International community for transgender related sites of excellence who offer resources, services or information to the transgendered communities

  • Synthesis
    A underground angelina jolie fan community.

  • RainbowStars Queer Astrology
    I hope to provide lesbians, gays, and others of our colors with a place where we can discuss astrology together. This specifically means astrology and how it affects us as lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and transsexuals. Questions regarding your chart and sexuality, or various astrological theories and "alternative" sexuality are welcome.

  • les agendas très gothiques
    the first community ever for the goth online journaller.

  • molkolicious
    swoon everytime u see that yummy body of glam? amazed at how damn good a boi can look in glitter an glam? be u a grrrl or a boi, join the community if u've answered hell yea!

  • Scorpion Dames
    A community for females who fall under the star sign of Scorpio!

  • Raver Girls !
    a community for raver girls! (the bestest girls!)

  • Florida Transexuals
    A web-community devoted to transexuals across the state of Florida. Transexuals are accepted, whether pre or post op, m2F or f2M, as long as they are in some stage of transition such as RLT living full-time, HRT currently on hormones, etc. Come on girls, join what I hope to be one of the largest and most popular communitys for the girls who love the sun & fun of Florida!

  • Community Of Unusual People
    A community for unusual people! Diverse, different? Weird, even? This is the place for you!

  • Connected Hearts
    Connected Hearts is a group full of fun and friendship. *Ü* We hope that you will stop by and join us today.

  • Fireflies & Lamplight
    This community is for sites who are dedicated to poetry, journals, blogs, art, and the like. We hope to see you as a member!

  • PiXie DuST SiTeS
    Websites of gothic/punk/raver/freak teens.

  • Glamour Dolls
    This is community for personal sites. Come to the community's home page to find out more.

  • Art Fag
    A community for people who were once Goth but no longer identify with the scene as it is presently.

  • I Got You
    And I Got You to paint the sorrow on my day...And I Got You to paint the roses on my grave...

  • GothKore
    Whats so beautiful about the dark?...Come and see!

  • Eclectic Collections
    A community for those of us who are slightly out of step and don't quite fit into the rest of the catagories,aging hippies,those without flashy websites or those of us who just want to put into their website anything they like,and share what interests them without having to attach a label to it.{;}{;}You join my community and I'll join yours because I'm getting sick of having only one member.

  • Hiding wings tattered and torn
    personal site, some information about wicca, gothic subculture,writings and self abuse{;}

  • The Truly Creepy! Community O' Doom
    Is your little corner of the web creepy, sinister or demented? Do people look upon your site and say "Dear god! The evil wont wash off of me now!"? Does your web realm have high quality and interesting innards? Then you might be one of The Chosen!

  • Zodiac Snake
    This community links together the sites of those who were born in the Year of the Snake.

  • Rochester Gothica Community
    Linking you to Rochester NY's goth scene and beyond...

  • The Darkgods dark sites
    A community for all dark sites including Vampire, Gothic, etc.

  • R.A.G.E. WEBRiNG
    R.A.G.E. (Ravers Against Glowstick-twirling E-tards!)

  • SoCalPoly
    For sites of members of the SoCalPoly polyamory social group and mailing list, and related sites.

  • venus plastic
    Are your eyebrows plucked, is your hair dyed, your extensions artificial?{;}Are your toenails painted, your tattoos colored and your skin pierced?{;}Are you an artificial dame, who's downright proud of it?{;}You are?{;}Join Venus Plastic.

  • The Vast Lands
    The Vast Lands, bcommunitying together D/s, BDSM, and Alternative Lifestyle Sites for the advancement, education, and promotion of all. We encourage active participation in a safe, sane and consensual manner.{;} {;}

  • geschmacklos
    das ist ja wohl der gipfel der geschmacklosigkeit!

  • Inner-Strength
    Inner Strength is dedicated to Survivors of Abuse everywhere. {;}This Community is the home of The Survivors of Abuse Quilt, which is housed at Inner Strength. Almost everyone has a story to tell. It can be childhood abuse, or abuse suffered as an adult. It can be physical, mental, emotional, verbal, or sexual. They are all equally damaging. Let's walk the journey of healing together.{;}

  • CommunitySurf: New Community
    The community for the Wranglers Team at the Wild Frontier Web Competition.

  • Hardc0reWh0re
    This community is for those people out there that are both glamorous and listen to harder music. Do you love to buy clothes/shoes, wear dramatic makeup and listen to bands such as KMFDM, Hocico, Feindflug, Suicide Commando, Siechtum, P.A.L., Hypnoskull, etc? If so, this is the perfect community for you.

  • slash attack!
    this communitys has only one purpose; to regroup the slash addicted

  • StarGazing
    This community is for those of you who love to Gaze at the Stars!

  • Blogdrive Graphics Designers
    This is the first official graphics community for blogdrive graphics designers. If you are a blogdrive user and are interested in some free graphics for your blog, look no further.

  • Flashers & Exhibitionists Community
    This community is designed to link together pages for Flashers & Exhibitionists from all over the world. Our only qualifications for membership are that you have a web site devoted to flashing or exhibitionism, are not hosted on a free host (e.g. geocities) and have a maximum of one exit and entry pop up per site.

  • CommunitySurf: Astronomy and/or science news
    Sites that focus on bcommunitying news items about astronomy and science to a broad section of people. The excitement and sense of discovery of nature is to be shared as much as possible.

  • I Love Skating Community
    A community for anyone who just loves to skate! For those whose year runs from October - March, this is the Community for you!

  • Midnight Musings
    We all do our best writings when the muse strikes us at the midnight hour. It is peaceful, it is quiet; we can record our inner most hopes, fears and dreams ducommunity the darkest night. The Midnight Musings community was created for all submissives/slaves/kajira who own an online journal/diary/blogger and wish to be share a part of themselves here. Join us.

  • .net-ish
    .net-ish - community for the .net domains on the web

  • Bifrost Fantasy: site community
    Bifrost Fantays is a collaborative group of Elfwood artists and writers. This community was established to give our members a way to navigate through the personal homepages of others in our group.

  • Furry Sci-Fi Community
    A community for all furries out there who have an affiliation with the Sci-Fi genre. Can include crossovers or orginal works much like my very own novel "The Rostok Empire"! ~V. D. T.

  • Canadian Bloggers
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