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  • A Little Piece of Me
    This community is a collection of little pieces that make up the whole of our dark existence on the net. Let us celebrate our dark creativity through writing, music and art.

  • Ice Blue
    Bohemian. Dreams. Lust. Beauty. Darkness. abstract.

  • beautiful.GARBAGE
    This community is for sites that look amazing, but sadly lack brilliant content, or vice versa.

  • The Perkigoth Community
    A site community for annoying, hideous perkigoths! Perk on!

  • Convergence 7 Memories
    A community for sites featucommunity photos, anecdotes, and other memories from Convergence 7 in New York City.

  • Convergence 7 in NYC
    Convergence 7 - A community for sites featucommunity photos, journals, and memories to induce C7 NYC nostalgia in us all.

  • Cornflake Girl
    an elite community for dark beautiful site and tori amos elite sites

  • The Infamous And Scandalous Society...
    This community consists of websites (or websites that have a page or two...) dedicated to the infamous and scandalous... (Examples: Lizzy Borden, Ted Bundy, Jack The Ripper, Charles Manson, Bonnie and Clyde, etc...)

  • .m.o.d.i.f.i.e.d.
    For those that love to make their body pretty.

  • Reflections Meet
    A collection of websites featucommunity Lord of the Communitys RPS (real people slash) fiction and pictures.

  • Freaks Are Parents Too!
    A community designed specifically for freaks and their children, as well as all the people who support freaky parents or have friends who are freaky parents...After all when will people finally figure it out that freaks are parents too???

  • UK Spandex Guys
    A community for UK guys who wear spandex for sport, fashion and leisure.

  • Paper Dolls
    This is a place for anyone who feels ignored by the rest of the world...for people who love to write...for people who can stand up for their individuality...for people who know about true passion.{;}

  • Country Chatterbugs
    Community for Country based webhomes who also love to chat!

  • organsandorganists
    Organs and Organists Online is an eclectic community of organists, and organ enthusuiasts. Download mp3 files of members pipe organ performances. Forum, discussion group, live chat.

  • Superstars
    Private community.

  • zinester blogs
    a blogcommunity for zinesters » perzines » art zines » pop zines » lit zines et al

  • We Believe You Can Fly, Sandee!!
    Sandee, We all Believe you can fight this. You are strong, amazing and definetly an inspiration. You have touched us in so many ways and we know YOU CAN KICK CANCER BUTT!!!!!!!!

  • Prestigious Dames
    This community is for anyone who loves to make and share graphics.

  • Disco Ducks Community
    This community is for members of the Battle of Another Time Disco Ducks team.

  • cold turkey knitters
    knitters who are kicking the habit

  • Boat Heartlanders
    This community is only for Boat Web Competitions members of the Heartlanders team.

  • 9 to 5 Team Community
    This community is for members of 9 to 5 team in Battle of Another Time.

  • Crafters of Color
    Community to connect craftspeople of color to one another. Whether it\'s fine, culinary or academic, this community is home.

  • NSYSU 中山外文邦
    中山大學外文系任何一份子都可以加入喔! 可以的話, 請寫系級, 謝謝! If you are a member of the Dept. of Foreign Languages and Literature in NSYSU, please feel free to join this blog community! If it's possible, please note the year you're in!

  • Best Blogs
    A club of well-written blogs.

  • CommunitySurf: New Community
    This community is for members of the Magical Realms,meet others on the team,& make new friends

  • UE community
    A community for UE websites, particularly in the northeastern United States.

  • CommunitySurf: New Community
    A Wonderful place to find and make new friends. For Everyone over the age of 16.

  • Unemployed Bloggers
    A blog community, for blog addicts who spend way too much time on their computers.

  • Professional Creative Designers
    The community is to assist in the marketing efforts of professional creative designers by providing a link to one another.

  • Blog Of A Feminist
    Are you a feminist? Do you have a blog? Join our community!

  • The Gathecommunity Place
    This is a community designed with the specific hope that those who may be from diffecommunity faiths and religions may be able to gather and post their thoughts, hopes, commonalites, differences, and questions. Whatever your religions affiliation, all those who seek peace and friendship among the religions of the world and are willing to share in dialogue with others are welcome to join.

  • Pooh and Piglet Corner
    A community for Pooh Bear related websites.

  • Lottery Syndicate Directory
    Lottery Syndicate UK National Lotto Euro Millions Lottery, play online massively increased chances of winning play for free earn residual income home business

  • Taggers 4 Snaggers
    A wonderful group of people who love to share everything including fonts, graphics, tags, backgrounds, quilts, and what ever else we can snag or share. We offer tags for members, as well as tag tutorials every two weeks and we love to have you snag your little hearts out.

  • Attention Deficit Knitters
    A community for knitters (and crocheters)who can't knit just one thing at a time. Are known to knit/crochet several projects at once, even within one sitting.

  • BalkanKnits
    Knitting people of Balkan - unite !!

  • The Christmas Time Community
    This community is for men and women who have a page or pages, on their web site about Christmas.

  • Coca Cola Web
    coke collectors with pictures, some recipes, tubes and other coke items. for fun not sale

  • The IOT Community
    A Community for websites of Sections, Temples and members of the Illuminates of Thanateros.

  • Paranormal Connecticut
    the Paranormal Connecticut community is made up of Connecticut investigators and researchers.

  • TalksoapTalk
    A community about TV shows, like Sopranos, CSI, NCIS, House, Deadwood, Discussing the shows, Talking about the best shows on TV, and the worst shows on TV.

  • Garden Gratuity Community
    Sites that provide helpful tips pertaining to gardening, and the various aspects of the hobby. From organics, to hydroponics. Gratuity = Tip.

  • Mathew Horne
    Community for fansites and related sites dedicated to Mathew Horne

  • Studebaker
    Join a community related to Studebaker car and trucks and find everyything you ever needed to know as well as sources to get your hands on one of these babies!
    Even though these classics have been out of production for years, fans and collectors can still find them for sale online or at auctions which is why this community dedicated to the Studebaker is here. Use it to find Studebaker used cars and trucks for sale as well as Studebaker parts and manuals too!

  • enemy
    A community for the best of the best.

  • Baggie Brigade
    The Baggie Brigade consists of members finishing any project located in a bin, bag, or box.

  • Etsy Dog Mafia Bloggers
    Community for Etsy Dog Mafia Team Members Who blog.

  • *ethereal_goddess*
    community for the cool grrlies out there who dont give a fuck what people think of them. they know they're beautiful on the inside as well as out.
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