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  • Support AIDS Vaccine Research
    Connecting sites that address HIV Vaccine Research.

  • DykeWrite
    DykeWrite is a one-of-a-kind community community for dykes who like to write.

  • Assholes
    This community is for webloggers who do not believe in the lovey-dovey 'fluffy kitten' approach to 'blogging. We're sharp as tacks and refuse to ass-kiss- and proud of it!

  • Convergence 8: Montreal
    A memorial to the 8th Convergence, an annual meeting of net.goths. Photos and memories can be found in abundance here.

  • Faceless Friends Community
    This community is open to anyone who collects Facless Friends or offers them for adoption.

  • Apocalyptic Decoy
    A community connecting a bunch of friends' sites together.

  • Xotic Dancer Xchange
    The Xotic Dancer Xchange Community is for sites related to the hicommunity of exotic dancers, strippers, nude dancers, burlesque performers, go-go dancers, lap dancers, private dancers, table dancers and topless dancers. As well, this community is for employers of strippers, such as; strip clubs, adult night clubs, gentlemen's clubs, and entertainment agencies. Also included are sites of interest to dancers, such as; costumes, equipment, props, music, choreography, contests, competitions, etc. DISCLAIMER: This Community is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18. Under the penalty of

  • The Hat City Scissor Circuit
    A loop-d-loop for the blogs of the members of the Hat City Scissor Squad.

  • Ugly Art/Ugly Shyla Community
    Subculture and Alternative Artist,Music,Models and People.

  • Cocteau Twins Community
    A community linking a variety of Cocteau Twins and related websites together.

  • Photoshop Brushes
    This is a community for websites which contains adobe photoshop brushes.

  • understand
    this community is for anyone who feels misunderstood, or as though they do not understand.

  • The Nite Owls
    The community for Night Owls and Insomniacs. Mature Content allowed but NO pornography or extreme violence. Come to the Nite Owls Home Page for more detailed Content requirements. A new community in need of interesting members! Come on, I know you're out there. :)

  • Capricorn Goddess
    A community for females (or males) that fall under the star sign of Capricorn!

  • .snow white blades.
    a community for fans of edward scissorhands, with beautiful dark-inspired sites (preferable).

  • Almost Gothic
    If you have a dark sexy allure and mysterious beauty, your almost gothic! A community for beautiful dark websites.

  • The Celibate Community
    For all sites having to deal with celibacy and/or antisexualism in some shape, way, or form!

  • Sod Off
    pointless. for björk fans and those who just want certain people to fuck off

  • Thelemic Merchants Community
    This community is for websites selling items of interest to Thelemites.

  • Magic Underground- a Magicians' Community
    This is a community dedicated to the art of magic and those who perform/study it. By 'magic' I mean the craft of theatrical illusions. Whether you have a fansite up of your favorite magician, you're an aspicommunity/already established magician yourself, or you have a magic-themed website (some exceptions apply), this community is for you. {;}Not big on rules or limitations, but this community is specifically for sites that have a magic THEME to them- not a personal site with a tiny section on magic within it. If you're not sure if your site qualifies, please submit anyway or email me, Phi

  • Magic Schools Rpg
    Let everyone know about your Harry Potter site. Join and put this on your site and let members come to you.

  • venomous
    a community for vixens who possess that elusive mix of style, attitude, brains and a backbone. Some might call it bitchiness.

  • Orange County Blogs
    A community for Blogs in Orange County, California

  • Little Angels in Heaven
    Little Angels in Heaven Community is for child abuse and memorial's.

  • KaleidoScape
    A community for sites with more than average content, with information, literature art and/or entertainment. Especially to link all my own projects

  • Super Sigtags Creators
    Sigtag-community for the creators of sigtags all around the world.

  • CommunitySurf: New Community
    This is the community of Hugs_N-Dollys. the wonderful group where Women from all over the globe, can meet and share fun and friendships. We will share what we know, and learn what we don't

  • Pan Historia December Holiday Community
    A community tour to show iff the Pan Historia holiday decorated homes.

  • Seireitei
    A community for websites that are Bleach related: character shrines, fanlistings, sites, etc.

  • Town Criers Community
    This community is for any member of WebTown's town criers group.

  • MLFB bloggers
    For bloggers of similar minds, inspired by the likes of Mark Lee, Randy Elrod, Hugh Hewitt, CS Lewis, Madeline L'Engle, life, and each other. AKA the Mark Lee Fan Base.

  • Day Care Circle
    Our community purpose is to connect day cares across the world, and provide information for those who wish to start their own day care service.

  • ~~~Spui je hart~~~
    Op deze space kan je kwijt wat je wilt. Zit je wat dwars...vertel het in het geheim of in het openbaar. De keus is aan jou en aan jou alleen...

  • RE[volution]
    A community for collectives and domains of high quality with above cookie cutter information.

    A community for all lovers of ASCII art!

  • FiberCasters
    We do stuff with fiber - knit, crochet, spin, etc. - and then we talk about it. Rinse and repeat.

  • PUC Blogs
    Blogs by PUC students, sponsored by the Campus Chronicle.

  • Pagan Parents Community
    A community of sites dedicating to raising Pagan children.

  • Transgendered Friends
    A community that unites the transgendered

  • you'll never people me, i'm not defenceless
    the line from the song insect kin by bush says it all. this community is for dissidents who don't like to be told how to act, etc.

  • goth x of the x
    a community to link together

  • Aquarian Princess Community
    This community is for Aquarian females!{;}Are you an Aquarius?

  • Littlespryte's Community
    Welcome to Littlespryte's community. Formally known as Spryte's Imagination Realm. This community is for Larpers, Chainmaile artisans, Fantasy and Sci-Fi artists. Littlespryte.com is down for now, but this is a temporary community hub till I get it running again.

    Education about sexxx

  • CMNCommunity
    CMNCommunity, el community alternativo para todos y con todo. Además, servicio de correo gratuito, buscadores, y mucho mas gratis y como tú.

  • Strangely Surreal
    A writing community.

  • *fuck me i'm lonely*
    this is for all the girls and boys full of glamour and poise. lonely or not you'll find a home with me.

  • black halo
    for those who are or have been bruised, broken, or damaged emotionally and wear a black halo from the hurt inside

  • Blinding Darkness
    Dark and Gothic sites that outshine the light, and show the beauty of the dark

  • Beautiful Girls
    The community for young beautiful transgender girls.
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