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  • Spookylicious
    A dark, gothic, vampire community from the spookylicious.net site.

  • Sassy Bitch
    A community for sassy bitches who aren't afraid to show their true colors.

  • Two Hearts One Soul
    Two Hearts One Soul's community is designed to bcommunity together Lifestyle sites to educate and inform the BDSM Community in an educational, positive and spiritual manner. Couples sites, slave sites, submissive sites, Dominant sites, Domme sites, et. al, are all welcome to join and participate.

  • Alchemist Winner Community
    This community is only for the honorable winners of the Alchemist Top Level at Mystickal Realms

  • TagWorldArtists
    TagWorldArtists is a community of Artists from Tagworld and beyond. We represent Visual Artists of all Genres including but not limited to Painting, Writing, Mixed Media, Photography, Digital Arts, Collage, Pottery, Jewelry Making,

  • Blog Fiction
    A community for fiction bloggers. Join the community to rule all communitys and make new contacts, increase your blog traffic and enjoy the stories!

  • CommunitySurf: Nevada_Knitters
    The Community for Nevada Knitters and Fiber Artists!

  • EtsyOwls Members
    This is a blog community of all of our EtsyOwls members :)

  • Twenty Something Gay Men
    Connecting sites by and for gay men.

  • UK TG Girls Community
    A Community for UK Based transgendered individuals or for organisations and companies

  • disturbing
    indescribable anything but disturbed/ disturbing

  • The Anathema Society

  • DragonCommunity
    Pagan, Druidic, and Magical sites that offer, either individually or collectively, a viable alternative to the materialistic and ego-centered paradigm of the 21st century

  • Farscape
    The Original Fascape Community

  • Mystical Creatures Community
    Community for the Mystical Creatures Team @ the Rumbles

  • CommunitySurf: New Community
    A community for sites relating to Tanemura Arina and her works.

  • CommunitySurf: New Community
    A Surface Design Community for those using or wanting to use Natural Dyes, Pigments, Clays, Ochers, Pigments and More. Topics include Rust Dyeing, Compost Dyeing, Shibori, Discharge Dyeing, Screen Printing, and Painting, for Flat Surfaces. Surfaces would include fabrics such as Silk, Cotton, Wool, Handmade Flat Felt, Paper, Leather and More.

  • Tarheel Knitters
    This community is for knitters,spinners, or crocheters from North Carolina or currently living in North Carolina.

  • veteran
    A community to show the veterans that we are thankful for our freedom. All that's needed to join is a page showing support of the veterans. pow/mia etc.

  • Mystical Realms Pagan Community
    A Community for all pagans to come together. Accepts both personal and commercial pagan sites.

  • BMORG doesn't speak for us : A ring for dissent in the Burner subculture
    A community for burners who are tired of being told how to rebel, who are tired of seeing the individual's right of free expression being trampled by certain members of BMORG and their friends. Negativity ahead, offered without apology. You can't fix something, until you're willing to admit to yourself that it's broken. Note : Burning Man is a clothing optional event. If you travel this community you might be exposed to pictures of naked people and other material not suitable for younger and more sensitive viewers. If that offends you, this and other Burning Man communitys are places you'd pro

  • ILoveJesus!
    art, poetry, pictures, journals, music, lyrics, and much more from real people that love Jesus and want to bcommunity His love to others - Jesus heals pain

  • slackers
    Do you slack off all the time? Are you so lazy you procrastinate like hell? Have you got a weblog? And most importantly: can you even be bothered to join this community??

  • Gay Brits
    For all you bent Britons

  • Sara[h]s Knit!
    Sara, Sarah, Sera, Serra was a popular name in the eighties. We all grew up. Lots of us knit. Why not band together to take over the world? Wait, I mean let's have a blogcommunity.

  • Knitting Parrotheads
    For knitting Parrotheads everywhere! Knit but not a Parrothead? Go out and buy an album or two! Parrothead who doesn't knit? Head to your nearest yarn shop and learn!

  • Comedian Blogs
    Linking together the Blogs of professional comedians.

  • Anti-IdiotariaKnits
    anti-idiotarianism and knitting, a mighty fine, rare blend.

  • Etsylux Street Team
    An easy way to navigate to the blogs and websites of members of the etsylux street team.

  • Shuttles and Needles

  • I Under Her Black Wings I
    .:Seeking high quality sites from unique, dark, goth, alternative, artists using words and pictures to express emotions, desires, pain or pleasures all hidden beneathe their black wings:.

  • ____I will not go down
    A place for people who don't take any shit and have no problem telling them all to fuck off. journals, poetry, good site design, and writting are nice. the open minded and nauty are wellcomed

  • Gay Youth Homepage Community
    This is a community for gay youths to share personal homepages. No organizations allowed.

  • Submissive Women Think
    The Submissive Women Think community welcomes websites created by submissive women who believe that one does not have to lose their creativity, ingenuity, or individuality to have a successful and satisfying power exchange relationship.

  • Devilish
    Hell's hotter here...

  • Writing Pop Culture
    Blogs maintained by members of WRTG4381: Special Topics in Writing, Spcommunity 2008

  • See More VStores
    List of Vstores

  • The Art of the Ex Libris Community
    Gathers web sites which have as main theme ex libris or bookplates (artists, collectors, museums, libraries, exhibitions, societies, thematic ex libris and others without commercial nature.

  • Caffeiknitted
    Linking together the Boston North End Knitting Bloggers...

  • The Fiber Connection Blog Community
    A community for The Fiber Connection members' blogs. You must be a member of The Fiber Connection to join this community. The Fiber Connection is an online fiber and art quilting group.

  • Losin' It!

  • Remote Viewing Blog Community
    Blogs that are fairly specific to remote viewing, a type of psychic functioning.

  • Enchanted Spirit Metaphysical Community
    ESTcommunity is dedicated to gathecommunity and linking superlative metaphysical websites offecommunity information and services on alternative therapies and holistic healing, occult sciences, metaphysical thought, mystical and spiritual disciplines, and various related topics of interest. The purpose of ESTcommunity is to teach, share, and make available outstanding examples of metaphysical and spiritual work for the purposes of education and enlightenment, and to promote excellence and wisdom wherever we find it.

  • Pissed Off Teens
    This community is for teenagers with a point of view, who often feel labeled by their age. We know what we're talking about, and we're going to make our point clear.

  • Anneau Nature 2

    go barefoot.

  • Glam Bitch
    Have you got attitude? Do you love Glam in all forms (music, era, etc)? Got a fabulous website? You just might be a Glam Bitch..{;}

  • My Self Hatred
    Are you your own worst enemy? Do you hate everything especially yourself?

  • Sisters of Divine Darkness
    A Community to bcommunity together gothic, pagan, and other like minded women.. is an active group..

  • Not A Pretty Girl
    Community for girls who relate to the song by Ani DiFranco called "not a pretty girl"
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