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  • Military Knitters
    If you love fiber and are either in the military, a spouse or a dependant come join us! Knitters, crocheters, weavers, and spinners are all welcome.

  • Knitting Nurses
    There's a community for every other profession that knits so I thought I'd create one for nurses. Please join if you're a nurse or a friend of one and you knit:)

  • RRBloggers
    Private community for RRBloggers members only

  • Gay Teen Dudes
    Community for sites created by (or for) gay youth aged 14 to 25. No pornography!

  • winged
    What are your wings like? All community members are welcome to submit work to sci-fi, fantasy, horror art and literature magazine "Cosmic Dimension". All artists and writers are welcome to submit work. http://www.innerzed.com/sites/kosmic/

  • The UK Goths Community
    This is the community for goths resident in the UK. Good sites with plenty of content only. No vampire or teen stuff please.

  • TirNanOc
    Founded by the TirNanOc mailing list. Otherkin refers to people who believe they are other than human. Contains resources for finding other Elven/Otherkin on the 'Net, Otherkin mailing lists. In 2000 TirNanOc Community came up for adoption under the Adopt a community program. Gazer (silly thing) decided it would be a shame to lose this resource, and applied for adoption (never ever volunteer...) 8-).{;}Note: This is NOT a gaming or mythology related community. {;}Moved to CommunitySurf September 2000 when Community was bought out by Yahoo and the interface changed.

  • Consistent Life Ethic Community
    The Consistent Life Ethic Community includes sites that promote the consistent ethic or respect for life. Alternative and progressive sites are especially welcome. Visit the community's home page for site guidelines.

  • EtsyFEST
    EtsyFEST is the Florida Etsy Street Team! http://etsyfest.com

  • ~*Country Delights Members*~
    Community for Adoption Shop Members of Country Delights Graphics! Join us today - membership is FREE!

  • REMIX!: A Music Rotation Community
    This community is for music rotation sites that focus on a broad variety of music. It grew from the huge number of Asian music focused rotations on the web. Music rotations listed in the community can have Asian music on them but that can't be the *sole* focus.

  • Knitters UFO's Anonymous
    This is a fun team blog created so knitters who love to start projects, but have a backlog of unfinished objects, can encourage each other to complete their ufo's. You can also join a team blog.

  • Yarn Whores Unite!
    Defining a Yarn Whore

    yärn 'hOr - noun
    Someone who excessively collects and/or uses yarn-like fibers for various purposes, crocheting, knitting, weaving, etc. Some going so far as to make their own!

    Side Note: Yarn whores have been known to gather in Local Yarn Shops (aka LYS) curiously, sometimes feverously, feeling and sniffing yarn and dreaming up creations of a delightfully fibrous nature.

    Are you a Yarn Whore? Join us!

  • A Pride Community
    A community for everyone; gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, straight, and anyone that feels that we are all created as equals and are proud of who we are. No porn-only sites allowed, no heavy banner or ad usage allowed, no hate whatsoever. Other than that, we're open and friendly to all. Any adult-oriented material is required to be behind an AVS.

  • Members@TGE Net Community
    Non-Commercial transgender related sites owned and/or operated by members of TGE. Personal homepage and support group sites encouraged to participate.

  • i kiss boys
    part of the I KISS BOYS on-line community.

  • The Inkwell Community
    This community connects you to all the memebers of The Inkwell at The Site Fights. Just place it on your Party Page and it will bcommunity other members to you site to visit.

  • Knitting in Ontario
    Knitting is alive and well in Ontario. Meet other folks who share your passion for wool and needles.

  • Temenos Bisexual Community
    Connecting websites by and for the bi community.

  • TRS-80 Community
    A community devoted to TRS-80 and Tandy computers.

  • Bad Kitten
    For bad gals with attitude who need a spankin'! *purrrrr!*

  • BUFOD UFO Community
    The BUFOD Community is a site dedicated to the UFO phenomenon and related topics such as Area51 and Alien Abductions.

  • A.S.A.P.
    In the garden the Lord taught His disciples how to pray. Prayer is our communication between God and us.

  • Altered Art Obsession
    This community consists of the members of Altered Art Obsession, a mixed media, collage, and altered art group on Yahoo! with a focus on quality swapping of art pieces that are an extension of the artist's self. Membership into this group is not open to everyone as there is a review process.

  • The Ghost Stalkers Community
    A place for ghost stalkers alike to come together and share thier experiences or interests about the ghostly phenomenon

  • Knitting Episcopalians
    A community for Episcopalians who keep blogs and knit. The blog does not have to be primarily about knitting, but it should be updated somewhat regularly (i.e. weekly or thereabouts). Community code must be visible on the page to be in the community.

  • Kryptik
    Join the Kryptik community and enter into the darkness of truth...

  • Vampire Church Dark Sites
    The Official Vampire Church Community

  • Etsy New Hampshire Street Team
    A collection of New Hampshire artists and crafters that all ply their wares on Etsy, working together to promote each other.

  • Nettie's Quilting Blogs
    A community of blogs belonging to members of the (closed) Netquilters group. YOU CAN ONLY APPLY TO JOIN IF YOU ARE ALREADY A MEMBER OF THE NETQUILTERS EMAIL GROUP - CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS.

  • A year of Simple Things
    A community for members to post about the simple things in their lives that bcommunity them joy. or even just a smile to their face.

  • Jonas Armstrong Community
    Fansites and sites related to Jonas Armstrong aka Robin Hood in the BBC/Tiger Aspect Drama.

  • BiFems
    Community for bisexual women everywhere.

  • Impure
    This community is for the impure at heart. Beautiful, well done, websites only. I am very picky.{;}

  • C6-Seattle Memories
    This community links websites with photos taken at, and other memorabilia of, Convergence 6 in Seattle. Convergence is an annual gathecommunity of net.goths.

  • Temenos LGBTI Buddhists
    Connecting homepages by and for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Buddhists.

  • Wings of Fire
    A BDSM community dedicated to bcommunitying together like minded web sites addressing all aspects of abuse and the prevention of same.

  • Darkfear Dark Sites
    Darkfear Dark Sites community is a community for the best dark websites on the web.

  • Bi but not cheap
    a community for bisexuals who resent the many misconceptions that come with it.

  • Ladies of the Drafty Table
    A collection of refined, elegant ladies who meet at KnitNY to knit, sip hot beverages, and freeze their patooties off.

  • Zen's Vaguely Popular Tag Community
    Zen's Vaguely Popular Tag Community TagCommunity For those not quite popular enough to be distinguished.

  • The Sunday Sock
    Show us your sock progress every Sunday!

  • Fitter Knitters
    A community of blogs of knitters who are trying to get healthy through eating right and exercise!

  • Educación en Familia
    Blogs de familias que educan en casa

  • #quiltchat_bloggers
    For #quiltchat members that blog

  • Temenos Black LGBTI Community
    Connecting websites by and for the African American Lesbian, Gay, Bi, and Trans Community.

  • Asian and Pacific Islander LGBT Community
    connecting sites by and for Asian and Pacific Islander Americans who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender.

  • Latina Latino LGBT Community
    Connecting sites by and for lesbian, gay, bi, and trans Latinas and Latinos.

  • Gay and Lesbian Family Values
    We are a non-profit organization that provides support to gay and lesbian couples who have children or are thinking about having children. We also, would like to educate the world on what Family Values really mean.

  • The Boys in Makeup Community
    This is a community created by the Boys in Makeup Party (BIMP) for boys who wear makeup, those that love and/or support them and anyone in between. Your site does not need to be about boys in makeup to join.
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